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Dragosia-Book 1

Novel By: Rhensis

A war is closing in on the world, and only a select few can stop it. Life is changing in every moment, and unexplainable things are happening all over. But can four teenagers change the destiny of a world soaked in bloodshed, magic and war? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 16, 2010    Reads: 43    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

Lauren Fletcher
Coundon, Coventry, West Midlands, England

"Sire! Sire!"
"You had better be here with good news, Hacona. My patience with you has almost run out." The Commander was set aback by this statement and waited a minute or two before speaking again.
"Y-yes Sire! We have him in custody..." A crash interrupted the Commanders victory statement, and he swiftly turned, swords in hand. His surviving scouts and warriors, as well as mage or two, stood behind him, ready to be the King's armed defensive force. The King himself raised his grand sword with both his hands. Etched on the blade was the swords name, Alcedonia, a word which had scared generations of elves, dwarves, gnomes, cathams and humans that did not agree with who stood holding it. However, it did not stop a buy of merely seventeen years of age and his small group of forces, walking straight through the hall, swords raised; ready to engage in combat if necessary. A mage much older than her leader surrounded her side of the battle ground with an impenetrable force field, allowing the boy to negotiate without fear of attack.
"King Gonmo. Allow us to leave, now, or my forces will launch an attack big enough to flatten Pacis Quod Merisicordia once and for all." The mage who had set up the force field had her back turned to the King, so was safe to show her concern at the statement. She knew full well that the group they had with them, in this grand castle hall, was the biggest pack of warriors within their arsenal, and that the boy was taking a huge risk. They had neither the numbers nor resources to even attempt to touch the city. The king was not pleased. He was not about to give into a seventeen year old amateur though, and gave to order for Hacona's men too attack. The boy also gave the same order, and the hall soon became a battlefield. The mage who had once held up the force field had now abandoned the position of defence and was working strongly on the offensive side. Her fire set back the enemy but did not stop them. Her leader slashed his way to the king. He was red with anger and lashed out at the unsuspecting monarch. They parried and dodged blows in a world of their own, absent of the scene next to them. King Gonmo knew that the rest of the city would not have a clue of what was going on in the palace, but also was assured that he could never be beaten by a child. Sure enough, the king managed to place a deep slash in the boy's arm, but it did not even slow him down. But they were no match for the foe, as they were double to size, and the boy soon retreated back into his forces. He nodded toward the mage, who was more than happy to conjure a portal. But by now, her side was reduced to only five warriors, and she knew that her leader would take this too personally. She was the last to leave, but not before setting a fire that would burn their corpses, a final sign of respect...

King Kocure paced up and down his throne room. He seemed extremely restless as he almost ran along the hall. But a knock at the door interrupted his thought process and he quickly sat down.
"Enter," A human walked into the room, and he was recognisable as General Milriat. The general made a quick bow, before conveying why he had come to see the King.
"They have left, sire."
"Excellent. If they bring back the news I wish, then we may have a chance here, Milriat!" The general seemed doubtful, and the King saw it in his eyes straight away, "You do not think I shall get the result I wish for,"
"Forgive me sire, but how do we even know the creatures even exist? There is no solid evidence! And the children you have sent on this mission, do you believe they are up to the task?"
"For the first question, I answer you with a yes I am sure, and for the latter, my response is that they will not be alone. They will meet others and they will succeed."The Kings aura of pride grew stronger when he spoke, and the General hurried out of the room.

Rhen awoke, startled to see Amie looking down on her.
"Rhen? Are you ok?"
"Yes...ummm..." Rhen got up and saw Samsoon on a hill in front of her, and she went to join him. Rhen was transfixed by the scene before her. The land was barren and charred, and the shells of huts and settlements were all that remained of the once massive trade community that was right outside of Malwrym. Even Samsoon felt the effect of the terrain. Nothing had touched the landscape surrounding Malwrym for centuries, and they had not known the war that many of their friends had been drawn into was going this badly. If Rhen was right, the last time that Malwrym had been hit was centuries ago, when King Damien Emerald Saunam had been on the throne, and that was during a time of civil war and utter destruction, before the alliances even existed.
"Amie, Samsoon, keep your weapons at the ready. You never know what we could encounter he-..." Rhen dropped off when she spotted some creatures rushing towards them at tremendous speed. Kobolds. The filthy creatures were too uncivilised to hold allies for long, though they had once been allied with the orcs. This had fuelled their hatred for elves, and they tried to breach through Malwrym whenever the city was venerable. But for all their disfigured appearances and brutal traditions, Kobolds were a worthy foe. They would not stop till they were killed. Amie had already drawn her bow and was waiting for Rhen to be ready before firing. Samsoon's choice of weapon- two axes, were already in his hands and he was ready for anything. Rhen had her hands raised, and on her nod, Amie fired...
In the horizon, the leader of the rebellion against Pacis Quod Merisicordia stood and watched. He saw a group of Kobolds descend upon three children of around his own age. He watched in amazement as they fought their way through the kobolds, but the boy knew the battle was not going in their favour. Faced with a tough decision, the boy debated what he should do. He was on his way to Malwrym to find new followers, and he could either complete that mission, or he could join the trio. But his choice was already made for him. The Kobolds were now winning with a clear advantage, and he only had one thing he could do. He ran at top speed toward them, and bashed in the skull of the first beast he came upon with his mace. His old mail tunic was immediately covered in blood and brain matter, but he did not care. He fought his way toward the elfin girl, who he presumed to be the leader. She looked upon him with an uncertain face, but she nodded. This boy may be their only hope for victory...
Rhen fought alongside the human who had joined them. She had abandoned casting as they were too close to her, and was now thrashing her two daggers at them. After a particularly difficult encounter with a kobold, she swiftly cut his throat. As the monster fell to the ground, Rhen saw a flashback of the first dream that had frightened her. But she shook her head before carrying on. Within minutes, thanks to the new addition to the party, the Kobolds were all either dead or dying. Before the boy even had a minute to breath, Rhen asked him a quick and blunt question.
"Who the hell are you?" The two of them laughed at each other. Amie and Samsoon exchanged quick glances, before joining in.
"Well, let me see," The boy began, "I am a paladin; I am the leader of the rebellion against Pacis Quod Merisicordia, and did I mention, my name is Avey!"...


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