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Small Hours

Novel By: Riley

New York City has done nothing but grow and grow, to literally become the city that never sleeps. Drugs have become more dangerous, laws are now being enforced with cruelty to the human race, and nobody sleeps anymore. Everybody is afraid of the odd people, the ones with powers that nobody else has. The law enforcement and private detectives all fear Whitewash Inc. because of the weird beings who lurk within it’s hallways, and the oddities that have begun emerging from it. Avery E. as the boss of it, is one of the most feared people in all of New York, and how can you blame the people; he’s dangerous. James Edward Daniels has recently been murdered within his large home, previously the captain of the NYC Police Department, and his daughter was left the entire fortune, though she’s spending it on drugs, alcohol and whatever else she can get her hands on to numb the pain of losing one of the only important men in her life. Jason Matthews, Mr. Daniels right hand man (though much younger) has stepped in to take care of both of his kids, to watch out for them, but the childhood fantasies that Nessa had about the twenty-some-odd old man have not gone away, and he’s beginning to notice. Now that Nessa is eighteen, she’s allowing her old wanting of attention from Jason to return, and she’s getting exactly what she thought she wanted, though it’s not all going how she planned. View table of contents...



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Jason Alexander Matthews

One, two, three, four, five, six..

He was counting the sideways lines in the crosswalk as he crossed the street, his icy blue eyes partially closed as he did this, despite the oncoming traffic which was now moving steadily his way. His once crisp blue shirt is wrinkled and distraught against the lighter wind rustling through the city on his way to the park, where he's going to meet a good friend of his, if he could call her that. She'd always been an interesting one, and hard to get to the center of. A manipulative little thing she'd been as a child, and she hadn't changed much since. More layers of personality to peel back, and it seemed that nowadays, whenever he tried to peel one back, two would seal up. He was considering giving up for her own sake, but knew that if he didn't somehow get to the middle of her being, that she'd simply shut down. He runs a hand through his dark blond hair as he walks down the sidewalk, trying to keep himself busy. He didn't want to let her consume his thoughts, though it was seeming as though that just might happen soon.

And there she is, the pretty little thing that she is, with a cigarette propped between her index and middle finger, casually taking drags as though it's air she's breathing. "Nessa Marie Daniels, you're barely old enough to smoke." He was grinning by now though, as the younger woman stood to give him a hug. "Jason, what're you doing here?" She asked him, and he could only shrug. Truth be told, he'd asked one of his buddies over at the precinct to follow her, and see where she hung out on Saturdays, just so he could 'bump' into her. He'd known her since they were both younger, though he'd always been eight years older than she was, and he hadn't minded. He'd been born into the position of 'close friend of the family', and it suited him quite well. "I was just taking a stroll-" "You were not, you asshole. I saw Croones follow me from home. What do you want?" She practically snarled at him, and he could barely stifle a laugh. She was always acting so tough, despite the fact that her father had been murdered only a couple weeks ago.

"It would seem I've been found out. I came here to see you - see how you were doing." Jason sighed heavily, his eyes dark underneath, blotched purple and blue from lack of sleep. He'd been working non-stop to try and find one of his only friends murderer. Obviously, it wasn't going so well, and he wasn't quite sure where to go now, but Nessa. She'd known more about her father than his wife did, so he figured that if anybody could answer his questions, she could.


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