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Eye Of Death

Novel By: Rina13

"...it got to a point, where life considered me his other, Destiny made two paths, and fate showed us the way..."
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Submitted:Sep 2, 2011    Reads: 7    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

forward (intro)


He looked down at me, a tear in his eye, so pure and clear, you would've never suspected the story that lay behind it. But I knew, and of course he knew that, otherwise we might not have been here. The moon shone above me, and as the night grew cold, so did my corpse. A final shudder ran through my fingertips, and at last I could feel myself break free of my icy, dead shell.


As I hovered above my grave and thought back to the distant memory, I could almost feel it all over again. The light autumn breeze, the warmth of his arms holding me, unwilling to let me go, though he knew I was already gone. I replayed it over and over again, missing those human sensations that I knew, I could never have again. A light, cool hand touched my shoulder and I looked over at its owner, Ivan stood behind me. His sweet blue eyes looked back into mine, his thick blonde hair just shy of his shoulders and perfectly tousled, he could've been a dream to anyone else, but to me, he was just him. The best friend I'd ever had, but, that's the thing, friendship wasn't always enough for everyone, this was one of those cases. If I hadn't died, I'd probably still be with Isaak, but that's not how life is, and although Ivan knew where my heart laid, he'd never give up. He moved closer, pressing against my back, seeing what I saw, until finally I turned around and gave up. My arms moved to his back as I felt his embrace. I rested my head on his shoulder and let the memory go, knowing I could never have it back, for real. I'd died over 200 years ago, most of the time since, I'd spent truly dying; letting my mind go numb, floating just out of reach from everyone one else. About 125 years later, Ivan had come in. Pulling me out of my ocean of sorrow that I'd built around myself. I don't regret it, but sometimes, I feel that staying broken would've been the easier option. I knew Isaak wouldn't be dead; I had left because he wasn't mortal. He was, well, there's no good way to describe it. They say that you can cheat death by killing your other, and if you do this too many times, you cheat life as well, and get stuck in the middle, undying, but never truly able to live either. That's where he was. His soul was thousands of years old, his body forever young, and his life forever sorrowful. Imagine watching everyone around you die, over and over again. All of your friends passing on, while you stay put. Some go insane, some live in sadness, and some try to kill themselves; a futile attempt to break away, although they know, they are trapped eternally. When I moved to Colorado, and Isaak found me, and for the first time ever, he got away from the loneliness and sadness of it all. But, it got to a point, where life considered me his other, Destiny made two paths, and fate showed us the way. If Isaak hadn't killed me, he would've died. Because his soul was so old, it would've been damned. He'd of been what we call a ghost walker; trapped in the human world, never to be seen, but forever to remember what sins you'd committed, crimes you'd done, people you'd hurt. He had refused to kill me, so I did it for him. I put a blade in his hand, and put it through my heart. Ending my life, saving his, and now, I'm left to wish for him back. Wish for the life I had once had.


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