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The Sexual Beast & The Innocent Boy (BoyXBoy)

By: Roadk4ever

Chapter 1, Raven is the tall, deep voiced, sexual cross dresser while Dominic is the short, sweet, shy young boy. They\'re madly in love with each other even though there\'s a 6 year age difference. But there\'s something more to Raven than Dominic knows.


Chapter 1

Ok guys here is a new story. I recently created a new OC who is a male cross dresser but still very manly and beautiful. I then held a contest to see who will become his boyfriend and Raven now has a boyfriend named Dominic. Dominic is an albino and he dressed normally but loves to experiment with makeup.

This story will be pretty sexual just so you know. :3 (and most likely some horror elements too..heehee)

The cover is the 2 main characters.


Raven's POV


"That's it Raven just keep being your beautiful self!" The photographer shouted yet again.

I was at yet another photo shoot. I'm a corset model. You don't see many male corset models do you? No since they really only make corsets for girls sadly. Oh well.

I admire the woman's figure. I just love the hourglass figure that that have and I acquire it through corsets. The smaller the waist the better is my motto. Don't think I've only just started though. I've been corset training for about 5 years now. I started when I was still growing so I guess it helped train for the really tight ones.

This shoots theme is Heaven. Ironic right? Usually I'm the dark punk beast that your parents say to stay away from. But give me white clothing, hair, and no eye or lip makeup and I can actually look like one.

I was wearing a white corset with about a 20 inch waist. Attached to it is a long white skirt with many different layers and covers my feet. They gave me a white haired wig also. It's longer than what I'm used to though. My hair just barely goes past my shoulders while the hair on this wig goes past my bit oh my god. The part around my face is cut to frame my soft Asian features that both guys and girls are jealous of. My bangs are a fringe that covers more of my right eye than my left and blends with the hair framing my face.

Instead of the usual black makeup and lipstick they took it all off. They only put on the usual foundation and such.

Also attached to my back are huge beautiful white angel wings. They're longer than I am in height so I have to be careful. I tripped over them at least twice now.

While I'm here acting like a beautiful innocent angel, my lovely boyfriend Dominic is standing off to the side watching. He says he would love to model with me but they said he doesn't have to beauty needed and he has never worn a corset before in his life. And to be in a photo shoot with me he would have to wear one with the same sized waist.

And I don't what they mean that he isn't beautiful enough cause to me he's the most beautiful boy ever. He may look a little sickly with his white skin but I don't care.

After about an hour of doing different poses on a very heaven like set we finally finished up. Pictures from this shoot are going to be in a corset magazine. I have my own 2 page spread.

Finally I walk over to my lovely boyfriend and hug him nice and tight. He's a few inches shorter than me but I don't care.

"You ready to go home?" Dominic says in small sweet voice that I just adore.

"I just got to change then I will." I reply.

"Alright." He smiles. "Just don't put any makeup on please. That always takes you like an hour."

I chuckle. "Don't worry babe. I'll meet you by the entrance in 10 minutes k?"

He nods and walks away.

I just chuckle again at his cuteness an walk to my dressing room.

We really are complete opposites. He's the short and sweet innocent boy while I'm the tall sexual one with the deep voice.

Some people at first glance may think I'm feminine since I only ever wear punk women's clothing and corsets but then they realize with my deep voice and the way I act I'm just a sexual beast. I honestly don't care what people think about me. As long as Dominic loves me I'm good.


That's it for the first chapter. What do you think?



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