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Here's what I think Should've Happened In My Little Pony's Rescue from Midnight Castle.

Novel By: RomanceLover2016

I don't Own Any Of The Names.

The Fallowing Chapter Might Have Some Sexual and Violent Content That May Not Be Good For Children Under The Age Of 2. View table of contents...



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After Tirac ordered's the baby Pony, Ember taken away from, Bubbles, Cotton Candy, and Moondancer, He then ordered's Scorpan and the two guards to leave them, after they leave, Tirac gets up from his throne, stood about a few feet from the three Pony's, he pushes a button, and the throne, mysteriously moves back to reveal a statue of a sitting Demon-Pony.

Tirak: Oh Great Demon Pony, Hear Me, I have Three Little Pony's For You to take Their Vitality and their life essence.

Demon Pony: Good Work, (looks at the three pony's)Now Which One Of You would be First?.

Suddenly Cotton Candy (the pink colored-pony with the pink mane and tail)spoke-up.

Cotton Candy: Me, I'll go first.

Demon Pony: Very Well.

suddenly the floor started to move, as Cotton Candy (The Pink Colored Pony with the pink mane and tail)was seperated from Moondancer (the white colored pony with the red mane and tail), and Bubbles (The yellow colored pony with the blue mane and tail), The Demon Pony opened it's mouth, and strange white smoke was coming out of it's mouth, the strange white smoke turned into a male pony, it was walking toward Cotton Candy (The Pink Colored Pony with the pink mane and tail), until it stood in front of her, starred at her, until she became hypnotized, the male pony leaned over, and touched it's nose with her nose, it began sucking her Vitality and life essence out of her, MoonDancer and Bubbles watched as some strange grey color was slowly moving up to her legs, all the way to her head, Until Cotton Candy was turned to stone, The Demon Pony did the same thing to Moondancer, and to Bubbles, The Demon Pony told Tirac to find him a fourth Pony, so that he can take it's Vitality and life essence.


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