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Harry Cleese and the 3 green beans

By: Rusty Cobuzzi

Chapter 1, This is the somewhat creepy start to my new book- the rest isnt as creepy

Martha woke with a start as the phone began to ring. "Who calls at this time of the night?" she thought to her self as she glanced at her alarm clock. The red numbers glowed back at her in response: 1:43. She grabbed her robe,wrapped it around herself and hurried down the carpeted stairs. The phone continued to call out to her from the kitchen, at its place next to the old refrigerator. She hurried into the kitchen,her feet protesting as they touched the cold linoleum. Martha picked up the phone. "Hello?" She asked. "Martha? Martha is that you?" Martha drew in a gasp. "" She struggled to speak. "Martha, it's Darcy,she-" His voice broke. " She had a child, Martha: its begun" Suddenly there was a crash in the background of the phone and the receiver clicked. Martha dropped the phone, and flinched as it shattered when it hit the floor. She ran to the door to the garage, not caring that she was in her pajamas. She couldn't die now. She was too young. She grabbed the keys and jumbled into her Honda . She had to get away. Suddenly Martha felt a breath on her neck. She whirled around. Two green eyes glared back at her. "Yes, yes, it had begun" The last thing Martha Jones saw was to bloody fangs as she screamed.

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