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Lifting The Veil

Novel By: Sam Smith

Lucien the third, King of England and among the staunchest of the defenders of law in the kingdom, dies under most unexpected circumstances and the throne is left empty. Soon a mad tyrant steals the throne and an extremist not above highly questionable tactics starts his war against the aristocracy whom he despises.
Behind this catastrophe sinister forces play a strange and deadly game and much more is at stake than anyone realises.

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Lily Nightingale, a young soldier in the King's army and His Majesty personal Knight , bodyguard and if needed his chosen Champion, stood to the left of His Majesty's throne in full armour and with two longswords hanging on her waist as well as a dagger hidden in her right leather boot. To the right of the throne stood the Court Wizard Osrick The Wise , an old man wearing a majestic white robe, whose bald head, white beard and steely blue eyes had the bearing of nobility.

A stark contrast with the young Knight of only twenty five years of age whose skin was pale white as was her hair. Her eyes were red as blood and there was a long scar across her left cheek. The two exchanged glances occasionally and not friendly ones. Lily did not trust the Wzard as far as she could throw him, which considering the old man's fragile body and her strength, for which she was well known for she was sure would be quite far if she had a mind to try it.

The Wizard was a dangerous man and no doubt disliked her as much as she disliked him. Lily had to grudgingly admit that he had good reasons to, she was a woman of war while he, though capable of great fury, was more of a diplomat. Between them sat His Majesty Lucien the third, King of England. The golden crown on his head glistened with diamonds and his royal robes of fine velvet decorated with golden threading were fit for an Emperor. The King's hair was golden yellow and his brown eyes were as cold as winter , a hard man but a fair one. A King loved by most of his people and feared by his enemies, which included anyone foolish enough to break his laws.

They were gathered in the throne room in the middle of the night to receive Prince Walter who had returned from a secretive diplomatic mission. Lily stretched and yawned making her armour clank loudly.

'Do you have to do that?' The King sighed wearily.

'Sorry.' Lily muttered.

The Prince was late.

Lily briefly wondered why the Prince had requested a meeting at so late an hour but quickly lost interest in the line of thought. The gigantic doors of the throne room opened and Prince Walter walked into the vast room. The Prince was an impressive sight Lily had to admit, his hair was as golden as his fathers and his clothes were as regal. The man inside those clothes was as harsh as his father and as feared by lawbreakers. Well truth be told the Prince was much harsher and more feared as unlike the King he was without mercy. The Prince was known to deliver punishment without a care for the criminals circumstances. Such as hanging a man for stealing food for his starving family. He was also unfortunately the King's sole Heir since the Heir Apparent and Prince of Wales had mysteriously vanished (Some claimed that he had renounced his claim to the throne and gone into seclusion.) and His Majesty refused to remarry after the loss of his Wife and Queen to a terrible illness.

Lily would one day have to serve the cruel bastard, something she was not looking forward to. The King extended his hand, covered in luxurious rings, and the Prince kneeled down before him to kiss it as was the custom. Then before Lily or the Wizard could react, or do anything at all, the Prince plunged a dagger into the King's hand, who let out a scream of surprise and agony, and then turned it around and stabbed himself through the heart.

Lily could only watch stunned and motionless as the Prince and King fell to the ground. The Wizard was inspecting the King's wounded hand and grimacing at the gathering pool of blood. When did he move? Lily wondered. The King was looking pale, he opened his mouth as if to speak but before he could he started convulsing violently and then went limb. As limb as a corpse.

'POISON!' The Wizard uttered hoarsely.

Lily's gaze went from her fallen King to his dead assassin, the Crown Prince and only Heir to the throne. Why, WHY DID YOU DO THIS? My King, I have failed you. I have failed England.


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