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Legend of the Dragons

Novel By: SaneLunatic

Ever since the Dragon Warriors were defeated the world has been ruled by vicious, blood thirsty Vampires. Dragons are now outcasts. Hunted down and caged, they are trapped in human forms by collars.

The last of the Dragon Warriors, Kael, has given up all hope and is prepared to live out the last of his days in a cell. But when energetic and annoying Edana is placed into the cell opposite his and not realising who he is, he has no choice but to put up with her continous chatter.

The guards take an instant dislike to her and any time they get they beat her to a bloody pulp. Disgusted and ashamed, Kael finally agrees to one of her insane escape plans.

Together, and with cowardly Dragon, Eric, they travel to the home of Osric, King of the Vampires. It is here that the final battle will commence and the fate of the Dragons will be decided.

For MythicFantasy's challenge =)

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The rat scampered along the gutter. Its long pink tail trailed along behind it pathetically, not unlike a worm. It dodged the huge smoking craters that dotted the scorched plains and ducking underneath a huge barbed wire fence it continued its journey until it was in the centre of a deserted street.
Once in the city it stopped for exactly seven and a half seconds, twitching its nose slightly as it squinted across the misty cobblestones. It narrowed its eyes, but carried on its way. Always on the lookout, it soon spotted half a bread roll. It carefully sniffed the air, checking for any possible danger. Sensing nothing but the smell of mould and grime it approached the bread.
Its small yellow teeth were inches away from the day old roll, when a hand came down and slammed onto the rat's body. It squeaked in alarm, writhing furiously in this iron like grip. It was swung through the air and brought upwards to a mouth. This mouth opened, revealing rows of razor sharp canines.
The teeth ripped at the rat's flesh, digging into its throat until its head was eventually torn completely off. The creature grunted in satisfaction and poured the blood down his throat. He grinned wolfishly, rising from his crouched position on the floor.
He dropped the lifeless rat onto the concrete and sauntered away down the street, ignoring the far away screams and pleas for help.
The city that once stood tall and proud was now an empty ruin; just like the rest of the slowly rotting world. Large boiling hot flows of fire streamed from the darkened skies, drowning the land in heat. The sun was nowhere to be seen, it had given up on this world long ago, just like everything else.
Just outside the city something was happening. A huge screeching creature was writhing in the sky. It rolled around and around, entangling itself further in the ropes that encircled its body.
Down below it on the ground men dressed in black tugged on the ropes. They dragged the creature to the ground where it landed with a loud thud on the dusty ground. The men made quick work of the ropes and secured them to the ground with huge metal stakes.
As the dust cleared the men stood back and admired their handy work. They grinned and clapped each other on the back.
Suddenly another, equally large creature, swooped down low from the skies. It held the resemblance of a bat, with large dripping fangs and pointed ears. It landed gracefully and as it did it slowly transformed into a handsome, red haired man. He strode over to the men and observed the creature closely.
"Got another one, sir." One of the men said gruffly.
"Good," the man replied, his voice velvety smooth. "Collar her and take her to the castle."
"Yes, sir."
The creature attempted to stand, its wings beating uselessly. The man smirked, a long row of knife like teeth showing as he did. The creature didn't fail to miss this and it opened its mouth, releasing a chilling scream.
The scream echoed around but the man simply turned and walked away, the triumphant smirk never leaving his face.


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