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Fighting My Fate

Novel By: Sapphire Soul

I watched in horror as an arrow pierced the breast of my beloved. My arrow. View table of contents...



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I shrieked excitedly as I ran through the house towards my small room, with my father not far behind. I threw myself into the closet and quickly slid the door closed.
He will never find me in here! I thought.
I got down on my hands and knees and giggled, looking for my fathers feet. No feet.
Confused, I quietly open the door and stepped out, cautiously scanning the room. Next thing I knew, I was captured by a pair of strong yet gentle arms that lifted me up and cradled me tightly.
"Papa, no fair! It's not bedtime yet!" I laughed. My father grinned and spun me around before lightly placing me on my bed. I gazed up into his sparkling almond-colored eyes, and reached up to ruffle his dark brown hair.
"Rules are rules, Kiddo!" He chuckled as he began to tuck me in. "What your mother says, goes!"
I sighed in resignation, knowing that my mother would never allow me to stay up late. I sighed contentedly as I noticed the gentle patter of rain on my window begin.
"Oh, Fawn..."
My beautiful mother, her face encircled by ringlets of silken blonde hair, walked delicately into my room. She was so graceful, it seemed as if, at any moment, she would leap into the sky and fly away.
"Oh, Mama, please? Just a little longer! I want to hear another of Papa's adventure stories! Like when he fought along side the elves from the mountains in the Great Elven Battle, or when he rescued the Faerie princess Aisha, or when he was able to solve the fierce dragon's riddle, or-"
"Alright," She sighed, "One more story, but only one, understand?" She stared intently at me and then at my father who shrugged innocently.
"Sometimes I get carried away!" He joked, "Anyways, what story would you like to hear Fawn?"
"Oh, oh, I know! Tell me again about the silver haired mermaid who you saved from those evil pirates!"
It was raining fairly hard now and a brilliant flash illuminated the room. I blinked and glanced at the window before flinching and shrinking into my fathers chest.
"Papa, there is someone outside... There is someone looking through the window." I whispered shakily as I reached for my fathers arm.
My father froze and and looked at my horrified mother who quickly ran to the window and closed the panels, bolting them shut.

Wait, why is she bolting the windows? Are we in danger?

My heart thudded in my chest as I looked up into my mother's face.
"Fawn, please promise me that you will stay in your room and hide under the bed, and do not come out, no matter what happens, ok?" My mother begged, her eyes filling with tears.
"Mama, Papa, whats going on? Why are you-" I pleaded, but I was interupted by the sound of a door being kicked in.
My father cradled my face and kissed my forehead before running out of my room. My mother kissed me as well and told me that she "loved me to the moon and back" before following after my father.
I closed and locked the door before I slid beneath my bed, whimpering as I listened to the crash of thunder mixing with the sounds of a fight.

My mother was screaming, but the shriek faded into a gurgle. My eyes began to burn as the tears that I had been fighting to hold back began to over flow. My father cried my mothers name and roared in anger before he, too, was silenced. I bit back the sobs that welled in my throat.
I heard voices saying "Find the girl, she's all that matters", and "The master wants the girl."
I flinched as my door was kicked in; the old rusted lock stood no chance. I held my breath as a figure neared my bed, holding a long dagger. The figures arm shot out and grabbed a handful of my hair, yanking me from underneath the bed.
I cry out in agony and fought to free myself but the man only pulled harder. He dragged me into the living room towards the door, where 3 other men in black cloaks stood over the bodies of my mother and father.
My piercing scream shattered the air as I gazed at my beloved mother and father who had been murdered by the very man who held me captive. My legs collapsed beneath me and I fell, sobbing uncontrolably, to the floor.
The man released my hair and laughed as he tied my arms behind my back, the harsh rope cutting into my flesh.
"No...no...Mama...Papa..." I whispered brokenly, feeling the warm tears trail down my cheeks and land on the small amulet that my mother had given to me.
The black hooded man grabbed the collar of my nightgown and began pulling me towards the door. I fought furiously, trying to reach my parents, to shake them so that they will stop sleeping. They can't be dead. Its impossible!
The rain soaked my clothes as I was dragged out of the door, never to see my angelic mother or gentle father ever again. The cruel men laughed as forced me into a cage that glittered dangerously and locked the door. I threw myself at the opening, trying to break the lock, but it was no use. My parents killer peered at me through the bars of my cage and smiled maliciously.



"NO!" I shrieked as I bolted upright, my body covered in a cold sweat and tears rolling down my cheeks.

I looked down at the pile of rags I call my bed and shivered. I was still in the house of my master, a fat slob who bought me after I was stolen away from the men who massacred my family by City Bandits. I got up and sat on the large window sill, and gazed up at the full moon that hung low in the sky, surrounded by twinkling stars.
10 years have passed and it is still the same dream, the same memory replayed over and over in my mind. I hug my knees to my chest and bury my face, finally allowing my tears to run down my already tear-stained face.
"Please..." I whisper, "Please make it end..."
Little did I know that my hardships had only just begun.


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