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Alex isn't who he thought he always was... View table of contents...


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The kid I had seen earlier burst into the room with a loud slam. Up close, I realized he wasn't a kid at all. He looked like he was in his twenties, and he was very buff and very mean looking. He had two more men with him, who had the same hair and same eyes and yet were clearly not related to him. He flashed me that scary smile, and turned to the back of the class.

We all turned to see where he was looking. He was smiling at a girl in the back named Sarah. She was a girl I knew and had talked too, but I didn't really know her very well. She seemed nice enough however, so I have nothing against her.

But the mysterious man clearly did. What I had thought was a smile was really an expression of pure loathing. And then he spoke to her.


She didn't answer him, just looked at him coolly. He smiled his cruel, cold smile for the third time today and slowly walked toward her desk.

"Don't bother trying to hide behind that human mask anymore. Game over. We found you, and we found the prince. You can give up now and surrender, but I doubt you will. I've been told that you would never turn down a challenge."

I couldn't understand what a Starfire was. Was that what he called her? Is that a codename or something? I was pulled back into the moment by the sound of her voice.

"You're right. I would never give up. But unfortunately, you got some information wrong. The prince isn't here. So you can go back to that pathetic swamp that you and your clan exist in, and please don't come back."

"If the prince isn't here," said the man with mock curiosity, "then why are you here?"

Sarah - Starfire? - paused. "A decoy. The point was to lure you here, get you off the trail, confuse you. It clearly worked because here you are."

"Starfire, the one who is confused is you. The prince is sitting right there, at the desk in the front row. I believe the human name you gave him is Alex?"


I stared in horror at River, the man before me. How did he know? I laughed coldly.

"That pathetic human could never lead an entire tribe. He is nothing but human. Not one of us." I explained. "As I said before, the prince is not here, is nowhere nearby. We knew you would think he would be with me, so instead he is protected by someone else. Stop standing there, thinking that you won. That you're so smart. Because guess what? You. Lost."

I was rambling now. He knew it was Alex, and he knew that I was just trying to buy some time. I wondered how much time I had left before River attacked. Not much. Because that was when River stretched out his hand towards the prince. I concentrated quickly, and a wall of fire wrapped itself around Alex's desk, a wall River could not penetrate. River looked back at me, his face contorted with anger.


And suddenly there were flames all around me. I couldn't see anything. I could hear, but the words were not important because I was going to die, going to burn to death in this agonizing heat and there was no one who could save me, the rest of class must be in flames too, all of my friends. We were all going to die and somehow it was this man's fault, though how the flames went up so quickly I couldn't understand but it didn't matter, I was going to die, I was going to die...


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