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Alex isn't who he thought he always was... View table of contents...


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I was in the public training center slashing through cloth dummies wearing armor. They were enchanted to fight back, but they were no math for me, and I beheaded them all. Flame walked in silently and watched me as I struck down one dummy after another, with perfect precision and deadly speed. My sword slashing thought the air, bright silver and with rubies in the hilt. After a few more minutes Flame spoke.

"Starfire the Invincible."

I stiffened, which gave my current dummy enough time to swing at me. I knocked the sword out of him wooden hand and plunged my sword straight into his chest, through his plated steel armor that they say should be impenetrable. I left my sword in it and turned toward Flame.

"Don't call me that." I said shortly, and ripped my sword out of the dummy's chest, leaving a long gash straight down his body. I could hear the cried of agony that the dummy could not utter, for even though every voice is different, they all sound the same as they die.

"Why not?" he asked, sounding cold and unlike himself. "It is your name, isn't it?"

"No." I said sharply. "My name is Starfire. Just. Starfire. Nothing more, nothing less.

"Must've done something amazing to earn the title "the Invincible."

My cold tone matched his as I replied "I am the strongest warrior in the history of this planet. I am the stuff of legends. All consider me in awe and fear. To them, I am a killing machine, with no emotions.

"I am a chilling machine," I shouted with all my might, before running out of there .I sprinted as fast as possible, until the whole world was a blur of colors and shapes. I ran till I reached the forest, and felled another tree with my bare fists, reopening scabs and bruising new places. The tree toppled over, disturbing a bird nest in a neighboring tree. Then I lied down on the forest floor, feeling soft grass and leaves and small brittle twigs beneath me. I fell fast asleep.

Flame woke me up hours later. He looked at me, and instead of saying "Where did you go?" or "Time to head back" or even "We've been looking everywhere for you" he asked Why do we use swords and arrows to fight when we can throw fire?"

"Arrows and swords kill more efficiently." I whispered, sounding defeated.

He nodded thoughtfully, and lay down beside me. It was dark now, and I could see the stars through a break in the trees overhead. Suddenly, another person appeared on the other side of me. Tamwyn had shown up and he lay down on the other side of me. I grabbed both boys' hand, and held tight, and the three of us watched the stars through that small patch where the leaves let light shine through.


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