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Alex isn't who he thought he always was... View table of contents...


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But I wasn't dying. In fact, I was quite comfortable, here in my cage of flames. I am delusional? Is this really fire? Now that Irealized that I was fine, I tuned in to the conversation around me.

"You are weak Starfire. I can easily break that simple barrier."

"Yea? Try then. Try and take him."

Suddenly there was a slam! and the box around me shook, but did not break. I was definetally scared now. This man was clearly capable of horrible things, if he's planning on kidnapping me. But why? What have I ever done? And what does Sarah have to do with anything?


I laughed at River's stupidity. Pathetic. All Waters are. I remember when the tribes were united. It wasn't too long ago. But now... they have shown their true loyalties do not lie in the safety and upkeep of nature. Though I do love how humans blame themselves for 'global warming'. He couldn't get to Alex at all. Perfect. Now what happens next? I've only bought myself limited time. I have to get Alex out of here. That wont happen without a fight. It's inevitable. I stood up.

"Oh Star. You wont hurt me. You'll hand over Alex."

"Why would I ever do that?" I asked him, truly perplexed. He seemed so sure of himself - too sure of himself. He reached under his shirt and pulled out a leather cord with a T going up in flames engraved into the pendant attached. I gasped, loudly, dramatically. I couldnt help it. I knew who that belonged too.

He laughed. "You wouldn't want Tamwyn to get hurt, would you? Though maybe you don't mind. I've heard you hate his name, becuase it was stolen out of a human story, with some olden day meaning that never really existed."

I was trying so hard not to hyperventilate, or scream, or collapse. Is this a trick? Do they really have him? How?! I took a quiet, long, calming breath. My job was to protect Alex. As much as I hated this, Tam would have to become my focus later. I lashed out, flames extending from my palm and blew River back into the teacher desk, but he got up almost immediately. His back up rushed towards me, but I kicked both in the face, knocking them out. Hopefully for a while. River glared at me, and in less than a moment had his hands around my neck. The world began to spin, and my vision had black spots, yet I continuted to struggle. But my powers were slow as I ran out of air, and I couldn't even see his face so I could punch him. The lights in the room began to dim...


And suddenly my safe little box was gone. The man had his hands around Sarah's throat, and she had gone mostly limp, though she was still fighting for air. I knew I should do something, but I didn't know what. I had never gotten into a real fight before. Is it possible to just distract him enough so he would drop her?

Suddenly, all of the windows smashed into a million pieces.


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