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Alex isn't who he thought he always was... View table of contents...


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About twenty men came crashing into the room. They quickly took down the man and his henchmen and turned their attention to Sarah. They blocked her from view, but when they pulled away, she was sitting up and coughing, and looking dizzy. Dizzy, but alive. But she no longer looked human.

Her hair was suddenly a lighter brown, her skin suddenly tan and perfectly smooth everywhere I could see, her lips fuller and her cheekbones higher. Her body was the same shape and size, and yet she seemed slimmer and fragile. Everything about her was shaped like a human, but something about her seemed wild and otherworldly. She turned to face me, and her eyes were brown, yet seemed so much brighter, and the irises were somewhat red.

First I saw Alex. But then I turned my head and the man that I had thought I was sacrificing for Alex's safety, the only person I love.


He smiled at me, and ran forward and jumped into his arms and gave a dry sob and what was almost a whimper. I didn't cry - I can't - but it was emotional. Too emotional. I hate Tamwyn because I love him. I love him unconditionally and I hate it. I carry no feelings for anyone else. I have no family, for they were killed long ago. I consider my entire tribe my family, but I must fight for them, not love them. Not like I love Tamwyn. I hate love. I hate how it makes me weak, vulnerable. I hate how it changes me, and how I can't control how it affects me, even around others. It is only Tamwyn that can soften me, only Tamwyn that can love me like I love him.

He looked at me in a concerned, fearful way. "I'm okay," I whispered. "Everything's okay."

He nodded and kissed my temple softly and we embraced once more. Then I turned and became all business once again.

"Alex, you are coming with us."

He looked at me in a bemused way, not scared or shocked like I thought he would be. I wondered if somehow he knew all along, if he had somehow guessed.

"What about my family?" Was his response.

"They know." Said Tamwyn, with his deep, reassuring voice ringing throughout the room. "We sent them a message moments ago. They will miss you, I am sure, but they understand your destiny."

"My destiny?" Now he sounded scared and confused. I almost felt sorry for him.

I nodded. "Prince Flame, it is time to go home now."


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