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Alex isn't who he thought he always was... View table of contents...


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Epilogue: two hundred years later

I smiled. Sitting in the front row, the seat of honor, I gave Blaze a covert thumbs up. He somehow managed to grin wider than he already was. I had to adjust my crown, which had taken years to get used to. As was getting used to running an entire kingdom. But hey, I'm only two hundred fifteen years old. These things take time to figure out. Plus, I wasn't alone. I had Blaze, who knew a lot of stuff that I did not, as well as my father, who had welcomed me home with open arms. I had earned my true name from winning the battle to the death in the arena at the Air kingdom. I had not initially spoken to my father after that, even when I had the chance, because I did not realize that that had earned me my name, as no one had mentioned it to me. But now, we were talking regularly. My father and I still had some catching up to do, but I am extremely glad to know him. Plus, Blaze's fiancé and soon to be bride was a big help too. In fact, I put her in charge of all financial affairs. She has her own little team now, and they report back to me regularly.

Soon to be bride indeed. Because here comes Ember, walking down the aisle, looking as radiant as ever, with her long dark red hair cascading down her back in perfect curls, and her bright white dress adorned with glittering rubies sparkling in the sunlight. Her father was a short, stout man who was bopping along eagerly smiling at everyone. I had met him once before, and I knew that he could not be happier with his daughter's choice of a husband. Ember reached Blaze, and they grasped hands, the two of them so perfect for each other.

"I love you more than anything in the world." I heard his whisper to her.

"I love you more than the entire universe put together." She whispered back.

There was no priest, despite the previous similarities to the average human wedding. Instead, they both drank from a gold and ruby encrusted goblet and kissed lightly on the lips. It was so simple, and so perfect. I turned toward my wife, Rose, and kissed her lightly on the lips as well. Rose is an Air by birth, but after the war all the tribes became united. The world was perfect once again, and all four elements lived in harmony once again. It had taken time, and it still was not perfect, but for now it was working. I lit a fire on my fingers and let it dance around on my fingertips. She created a breeze that smelled of roses to blow it out, and smiled playfully. I cupped her face in my hands, just as Blaze cupped his around Ember, and at the same time we kissed our wives.

Like I said, everything is perfect.

Alternate Epilogue: 200 years later

I was walking through the neat path that had been first cut through the flower graveyard when it had been first established. But because we needed it to lead to the lake, a couple of people from the Earth tribe had been kind enough to simply wave their hands, causing all the flowers to move to the side, creating another path veering off of the first. Upon reaching this path, I made the turn. I walked all the way to the end, where the only red rose was planted. Above it was a huge statue, carved out of bright gold, depicting a calm, strong looking man and a fierce, beautiful woman standing close, but not touching. They were facing towards us, but their palms nearest each other were facing one another, with an arrow going straight through both hands. Balanced on the thin, worn wood of the arrow was the earth, carved from crystal, sapphire, ruby and emerald. The arrow itself was simply wood, the tip made of iron and lethal looking, and the feathers were bright green, but bent at odd angles. I turned around to see the party behind me. Blaze, with his wife Ember, Rose, my wife who was born in the Air tribe, and many, many others, all carrying a red rose with at least five thorns, the thorns always telling us that nothing will ever be perfect. The world had resolved it self, but even though no one is getting along perfectly, after thousands of years of hard ships, the tribes are united once more. We all placed the roses around the first rose that was planted in the ground, which could not die, and walked away. I stayed behind, however, and when they were all gone, Rose bestowing a kiss on my lips before leaving me, I turned to the statue and looked up at the woman's ferocious, yet warm face.

"Thank you, Starfire."

But as I turned to leave, I could have sworn I saw a twinkle in her bright ruby eyes.

But it could have just been a trick of the fire light, after all.


Tell me in the comments which epilouge you like better, or how I should mush them together.


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