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Alex isn't who he thought he always was... View table of contents...


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And so what happened next? We flew away of course! Oh, you think I'm kidding? No. We flew away from the school. Yes, it is as awesome as it sounds. But also just as scary.

Though to be honest, I wasn't really thinking about how we were all flying through the air with no visible support. After Sarah/Starfire had called me Prince Flame and said something about my destiny, my mind had been pretty muggy. It's alot to process, okay? I couldn't help thinking about my friends and classmates. Some had been quivering under desks, some sitting like statues, some looking perfectly calm, like this happens all the time. That kid in the back with the fro - Luke, I think - had been staring up at Sarah/Starfire like he'd known what she was all along. Maybe he had.

After a while, I started to really enjoy the sensation of being in the air. When we had took off, Sarah/Starfire had grabbed my wrist. I realized now she had let go of my wrist, maybe a while ago. I was flying, unsupported, without even thinking about it.

It does not get cooler than this.

Eventually, we landed right at the edge of a vast forest. I stared at the thick trees, and the darkness behind them, apprehensively. It didn't look all that inviting. Not that that was going to stop any of Sarah/Starfire's friends. There were 5 guys, 7 girls (including Sarah/Starfire) and they plowed on through the trees, not even looking back to see if I was with them. I didn't know where I was, or had a cell phone (the one day I don't carry it in school) so I had no choice to follow them.

We walked. And walked. And walked. Now, I'm not an un-athletic loser or anything. I play (played?) football, soccer, and baseball and I work out every day for at least an hour. But seriously. It had been a long, confusing day, and my feet were not up to one more moment of thorns and vines and bugs and twigs and small irritated animals. It was moments before I was going to collapse. And I almost did, a couple of minutes later. Everyone had stopped, which means that I ran right into them, seeing as I had been watching the ground. The big one, the only one that Sarah/Starfire seemed to care about, laughed, but helped me up. He pressed a finger to his lips, telling me to be quiet. It was completely silent at first, but after a moment I heard a soft murmur coming from Sarah/Starfire. Her eyes were closed, and she seemed to be concentrating The words she spoke were in another language, and yet I understood that they meant something close too "Let us enter, we are your family, your children, your protectors." She opened one eye and looked at me before closing it again. "and your leader." Then, one by one, each member of our small group lifted their palms skyward and a small flame appeared in each of their hands. The man who had helped me up opened up my fist and a flame lit there too, though I did not feel any heat from it. I stared, entranced, at my hand, and as I watched the small flame grow, there was an immense creaking noise in front of me. I looked up.

The trees were parting.

I might have fainted right there, but it was like holding this flame had given me a new energy and strength. Though, I still had to stifle a gasp. The trees were literally parting, making a friggin path for us, like we were nature royalty or something. Even though this was playing out to be like a badly directed fantasy movie, it was still really, really cool.

And so we walked down this path, which seemed to have been cleared by the trees of all vines and plants and animals, and into the sunlight.


I could smell it.

The smell of pine and sweet cherry wood and burning coals and apples being dried by the flames.

I could hear it.

The sound of the children laughing, the parents talking, the drummers marching, the merchants calling out prices.

I could feel it.

The feel of warm breeze across my skin and through my hair, the feel of the branches brushing gently across my face, the feel of the earth breathing freely.

I am home.


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