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Alex isn't who he thought he always was... View table of contents...


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I stormed away in anger, shoving people out of my way as I walked towards the forest. Nobody protested. They all know who I am.

I reached the forest that is still part of our boundaries and found the oldest tree in the area. I threw punches at it, one right after another. I couldn't believe they were making me do this. I had spent all this time away from my home, away from the war and the people I should be protecting. They forced me to make nice with the humans, and when it's finally over instead of doing what I want, I get to train a naive, mediocre child who knows nothing of his past and doesn't seem to care! As my anger mounted, I pounded the tree harder and harder until my knuckles bled and my arms ached. The tree's thick trunk fell over in defeat. I felt satisfied. I walked back to the military center, feeling cooly detached. I walked in the office of the man who runs the supplies.

"Two bunks need to be sent to the training center by then end of the day."

Somebody, a young man, turned toward me and exclaimed "Hey lady, you can't just come barging in here and demand to get stuff!"

I turned towards him, and he quailed under my glare. "Who are you?" I asked him coldly.

"My name is Jack." He tried to sound tough and defiant, but his voice shook and his eyes betrayed his fear.

"Good to meet you Jack," I began, making it clear that I was not pleased with him. "I am Starfire. My rank is much higher than yours, much higher than everyone in this room. the only person I report to is the king. If you ever act so ignorant and rude around me again, I will personally make sure that you are never sent to battle. Understand me?"

All he said was: "Your knuckles are bleeding quite badly."

I slapped him across the face.

Nobody stopped me.

Nobody protested.

They just stood there in silence, watching me apprehensively.

I turned back to the head of the group. "Two bunks in the training center by the end of the day. Or else."

I walked out of there with the full intent to knock down a brick wall.


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