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Sworn Enemies

Novel By: sayonwiter101

Wars rage between the Dragon Lords and The Bonded. They have never stopped... Meet Luna, a young ambitious 16 year old who seeks to stop this madness. Will she prevail? Or shall she and her Bonded crumble like all the rest? Lets find out. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 2, 2011    Reads: 194    Comments: 37    Likes: 21   

Sworn Enemies


Luna jumped down from her bedroom window into the grove silently. Her raven-black hair fell around her shoulders as she crept into the shadows. If someone had glanced out the window or checked to see if she was in her room, she would probably be grounded for a month.

Luna Draco shivered. She could already see a thin layer of frost, announcing that the season would be changing soon and that she had little time left. Lately after she had turned sixteen, she had felt a longing, a burning desire to run in the forest by her house in the mountains. Her dreams haunted her every night, visions of a glade and a shimmering lake, with a strange roar in the background. She had debated with herself whether she should go into the woods and search for the vision in her dreams. But she had always dismissed the feeling until today.

The trees cast eerie shadows and she could hear a wolf howl in the distance. She rubbed her arms together, trying to create warmth.

Why does everything look so dangerous in the night? She thought.

Suddenly, Luna stopped abruptly. She heard it again, the snapping of branches. The sound was so faint that no ordinary sixteen year old girl could have heard it. But Luna was anything but normal. She was a teenage spy. Ever since her father left for a mission for the organization, Resistance, and had never returned, she had trained herself to follow in his footsteps. They both had believed in stopping the war between the Dragon Lords and The Bonded. Sworn enemies, that's what they are Luna, her father had once told her.

The wars had started when she was five, and had continued ever since. When her father never returned, she had been heartbroken. She promised herself that after her father's funeral, she would never cry again. She wanted to be highly trained in order to kill the enemy that had taken her father from her forever. Her mother had tried to stop her but Luna had been stubborn. Seeing she could not stop Luna, her mother sent her to a boarding school for girls, Rosethorn Academy. It trained girls of military parents and potential professional girls to become spies. Her teacher, Agent Six, was a close friend of her father and had personally taken her under his wing. But she was off on winter break, senses sharp as she crept towards the sound. As she came closer, the sound was louder until it sounded like trashing with a low growl filling the air. At first, she thought that it was a wolf attacking her prey but the growl was too deep. It belonged to another dangerous creature.

The hair on Luna's neck stood as she said, "Who's there?" There was no answer.

"I'm warning you…" Luna said. She walked stealthily, the dagger that was once on her belt pointing outwards, the silver blade gleaming.

"Whose ther---" but she was cut off as something broad and hard hit her, hurtling her towards a tree. Sharp prickles of pain coursed through her spine but she managed to make out an outline of a large creature pinning something with its large claws. She was in a clearing, the grass shining in the pale moonlight, the lake shimmering, and a roar in the distance.

Luna gasped in shock, realizing that she was in the glade in her vision. But there was another reason for her gasp. Her eyes traveled over the creature's large ebony wings and dark scales as its head swiveled towards her. The emerald green eyes stared, diamond-shaped pupils bore into her, looking at her very soul.

"Dragon," Luna whispered. She glanced at the person that the dragon was pinning and took a sharp intake of breath. The sign of a sword and a crescent moon chilled her. The organization that her father had been fighting for all these years. The Bonded.

The organization which had started the wars, its origin being the start when a human killed his own Bonded dragon. Her father had told her that the foundation of the organization was only corruption, destruction, sabotage, and revenge. She had never thought that she would meet a member of the organization until she was qualified to go behind enemy lines. But, here she was, staring at a dead member of the organization that killed her father.

The dragon growled again, studying Luna's every move. "How can a---" Luna said as she stepped forward but was cut off as the dragon lashed at her, causing her to stumble backward as a shadow swept from the trees.

"Phantom," she whispered.

The dragon lashed at the phantom but its claws went through as it laughed harshly, its laughter cold and sharp, like a biting blizzard wind. It launched itself at the dragon, its dark magic snaring it into a deadly trap.

"No!" Luna cried. She could not explain the feeling as she slammed into the phantom. She was surprised to find something solid as she hit the phantom, who hissed as it rolled into the shadows, while the dragon stood, freed of the net. She could tell it was a male, a young male, its iron hard muscles tightening and flexing as it stared into the shadows. Luna followed its gaze and saw that there was more than one shadow moving.

They burst into the clearing, fourteen phantoms, all of them hissing. They circled Luna and the dragon who continued to growl. Luna stabbed any phantom that came too close, the attacks surprisingly piercing through them. But the dragon was having a hard time. No matter how quick or powerful its attacks were, it always went through the phantoms.

Luna did not notice as she was being further led into the shadows, away from the dragon. Her attackers regrouped, wary of the dagger she wielded that could pierce through anything, even shadows. She glanced back and realized that the dragon was not behind her but was at the other end of the glade, towards the waterfall, towards the roar. The truth dawned on her. They were leading the dragon into the waterfall, weakening it so that they could attack! She started towards the dragon but it was too late. All fourteen phantoms descended on the dragon, ripping it apart, the air sizzling with dark electricity. She saw dark, crimson blood pouring out as the dragon yelled out in pain.

"NO!!!!!!" Luna screamed. The feeling was back, the burning sensation, but instead of wanting to run, she attacked. It felt like fire coursing through her body as she tackled a phantom, her body surrounded by a golden aura. It was as if acting off of instincts. Luna raised her eyes to the heavens as she spoke the powerful oath. "Excalibur le garia revan brisic Dracon!!!!"

Lightning flashed as it hit the phantoms, who shrieked in pain and fear. The dragon stood, it eyes locked onto Luna's.

"Excalibur retan lasin humin Dracon!!!!" Rain pelted onto its wounds but it did not even wince.

"I Bond with you, Luna Draco, and I swear to guard you with my Life. May we live for Eternity, and soar through the Skies as One!" The dragon said, its voice sounding like the heavy pelting of rain.

"I Bond with you, O' Mighty One. May your Claws and Wings protect us from the Darkness and your Fiery Breath be the Light in the Shadows. May we soar through the Skies as One!" Luna said her voice strong and carrying far.

The golden aura that surrounded Luna grew, enveloping the dragon. It grew and the phantoms tried to escape but the golden light caught them. Unearthly screams erupted into the night as they disappeared into nothingness.

Human, Luna, my Bonded. It was you that called upon me, you which I have been searching for. Though the dragon did not speak, Luna could feel the dragon whispering inside her head. She loved his voice, the pit pat of rain.

Rain is renewal Luna.

It is you. Ever since I have turned sixteen, I have felt a longing. I see now that it was a longing to find my Bonded.

The dragon nodded.

I have not properly introduced myself Luna. My name is Aires and I am 500 years old, but what you humans call, a teenager in dragon years.

Luna smiled. "Well Aires," she said, placing her hand on the bridge of his nose. "May we rise into the sky together, forever and ever."

Aires roared, his battle cry causing the sky to quiver and the earth to shake. On that cold night, it seemed as if a new hope had arisen in the war filled world. There seemed to be a light in the darkness, a new door opening in the hearts of many. For wherever there is hope, there is life. And that is how the bond between humanity and the dragons began its reconstruction.


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