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Novel By: Secret Solace

Come into a world where Humans live alongside Dragons. Both species are caught in a WAR for survival over Prismatica. In the deepest shadows, a forbidden craft is emerging. Could this rediscovered ancient power be the key to freedom or slavery?

Magnus, a dragon master, leads the free people against Stravictus, the self-proclaimed king. The showdown is about to begin! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 4, 2011    Reads: 180    Comments: 5    Likes: 3   


MAGNUS (Dragon Master & Leader of the Free People)



PRINASTORIANA (Adult Prismatic Dragon & companion to Magnus)


Prin, do you know if they have mobilized? Magnus asked urgently.

Prin, short for Prinastoriana, was Magnus's greatest dragon. Although she was the youngest of her kind, she rose through the ranks with amazing speed. Prin was a rare prismatic dragon, capable of mastering all breath weapons, enabling her to overcome any opponent.

No, they have not. I'm afraid Stravictus is more cunning than we expected. Prin answered logically.

Magnus knew better than to wait for an ambush. He ordered the other dragon masters to scout the borders again. His diamond armor dazzled in the sunlight, glittering with rainbow colors just like Prin's shimmering scales. The two stood atop a mountain cliff, overseeing the entire realm.

Jeyna will be worried about you. Prin cautiously mentioned. The young dragon knew about human emotions and time was running out. Magnus needed to see his wife before the battle. He may never see her again.

Yes, I know… The dragon master acknowledged. He was conflicted between leaving his post and seeing his wife for maybe the last time. The lives of many depended on his leadership.

Stubborn human. Prin grumbled, gently snatching Magnus in her talons and flying him back to his Mansion.

Prin, what are you doing? Magnus asked, knowing the answer. The wind whistled as they cut through the air with amazing speed!

I'll not have you going into battle without your focus. You need to see your wife so you can fight without any distractions. As much as it annoyed Prin to see her battle companion distracted, she knew it had to be done. Unlike dragons, humans have emotional needs.

Magnus was amazed by Prin's understanding of human complexity. Somehow she knew… she just knew. Most dragons scoff at humans, seeing their emotions as a weakness. But Prin tolerated it for some reason.

Suddenly he crashed through his bedroom window! Prin had released him directly into his home, knowing time was short.

Sorry! The prismatic dragon yelled, flying back to the mountain cliff post. She took one last look, glancing back at Magnus's home. Then she shot through the air like lightning!

Just as Prin arrived at her post, she realized something was wrong. The vibrations in the air revealed ten dragons coming through the horizon.

Stravictus was clever indeed. He sent a group of his most powerful dragons into a single file line, appearing as if they were only one dragon flying. But the prismatic dragon was no novice to tactics. She knew exactly how many were coming. Prin also knew she was outnumbered 10 to 1. Even with her being prismatic, the odds were clearly stacked against her.

I hope she is worth it. Prin whispered.

The young dragon stretched out her shimmering wings and roared with the awe and power of thunder! She leaped off the cliff and headed straight into the group of dragons…


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