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Creeping Under Your Skin

Novel By: SecretVoice

Abbey finds herself in a dark cell, trapped with a dead,just-jumped-out-of-a-movie creature. The day started off as normal as any, when she planned to go shopping with her befs (best eternal friends), Sarah and Naomi.They were searching for outfits to wear to Nate's 19th birthday party. Together they dressed drop-dead gorgeous in their mini skirts, tight tops and strappy heels...only they didn't just attract hot college guys, they also caught the eye of a dark, demented murderer. But that's not what he is....he has a hell of a lot more baggage. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 10, 2012    Reads: 183    Comments: 21    Likes: 11   

DRIP-DRIP-DRIP… I scrunch up my nose as stone-cold water runs down my face… Where am I? I jump up, suddenly aware of the situation. It's dark. I reach out for my phone… it's not there. As I start to move around, I feel a grip around my head… a cloth - no, a blindfold. Someone's put me here, but who? What? I struggle to remove it. It's tight. I shout out

"HELLO?" but no reply. I'm scared and alone.


Still nothing. Why won't anyone answer me? I hear something. I'm on my feet once again.

"Yes, yes, yes, that's exactly what I'll do. Oh, yes. That's exactly what I'll do."

It sounds like a man. I put my ear to the wall… or what seems to be one. I shiver as a sudden breeze fills the room.

"Oh, you're awake, Abbey"

I scream and fall to the ground. I push myself backwards.

"Don't be scared," he sniggers. Although I can't see, I feel his menacing tone. He reaches out and runs his wrinkly and crusty fingers through my soft, long brown hair.

"H-how do you know my name…and why am I here?" I whimper. I can still feel him playing with my hair.

"You're very beautiful, I must say," he says and then removes the blindfold, it's only moments before my eyes adjust to the darkness, he then adds, "and your eyes just dazzle me." I wince and pull away. His lips tighten and he twitches. Anger.

"You never answered my question!" I exclaimed, this time with more confidence. He smiles, such a dirty and irritating smile, the man has.

"Answer me, you stupid old man!"

He looks at me, up and down. The bastard. As he makes his way out he laughs,

"You just had to come with an attitude."

The door slams shut. Alone once again. I swing my hands up in the air then thump them down on the door.


I continue to hit the door. I kick, punch, slam, bolt, even run and jump…. Yet nothing works.

I'm locked in this cellar.

Sealed in this box.



"What are we going to do with her?" questions a woman.I can hear them, just. I press my ear against the wall.

"You know fine. What we always do," the old man replies. I sense movements coming from the other side. What is happening? The door, once again, swings open. Although, this time revealing a woman; thin with short blonde hair and a waxy face - old. She shuts the door behind her, sits next to me and whispers,

"I'm sorry it had to be you."

I open my mouth, not to scream, but to speak, "What is he going to do to me?"

The air around us tightens.

"You're in for more than you could ever fear," she murmurs. Her lips twitch at the ends, is she...smiling? I glare at her as she slips me two pebble-like pills, Valium, and leaves cell. What the hell? The words spin around in my head, twisting and jumbling in there. Again, WHY AM I HERE?​ I'm so tired; I've been in here for what seems like decades. I swing my head back and force the pills down my throat. As I think of the situation I'm in, I begin to rock myself to sleep; back and forth, back and forth, back....and….f-for….


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