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Wings of the Fallen One (Finished)

Novel By: Seiiki Akuma

"All light faded around me as my eyes grew cold and lightless. I knew this time I wouldn’t see the light as my breath escaped my lungs and drew in water. I could no longer break free of my death as I felt myself sinking ever so deep."
Alexander Felix is a known as a boring high school student. He's the son of the local sheriff, Lexia, or so everyone thinks. Alex has a secret that few know. A new kid comes into town and Alex realises his secret won't be kept for very long. View table of contents...


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Wings of the Fallen One

Chapter One

The sound of the bell had long left the empty school as nothing but the clock continued to make a noise in the hollow room. Tic click tic click tic click, that's all it could make in the empty room as steps echoed through the hallway. The door to the room opened as the teacher, Chinese in appearance with black hair pulled into a bun, approached her desk. "What are you doing here so late?" She asked me, the remaining student, as I sat in my desk.

"I've no true reason at all really. I just felt like having some time alone to think," I replied as I closed the notebook I had been writing in.

"This year's been a bit crazy hasn't it?" The teacher asked suddenly as I opened my bag then placed the notebook inside.

"It sure has Mrs. Ming," I muttered to her as I zipped up my bag then stood up, lazily slinging my bag over one shoulder.

"So are you leaving now?" Mrs. Ming asked me and I gave her a fairly friendly smile.

"Yeah," I answered her and she smiled back.

"I hope to see you tomorrow Mr. Felix," Mrs. Ming said as I slowly approached the classroom door. "Oh, Mr. Felix, did you get tonight's assignment?" Mrs. Ming asked me when I pulled the door open.

"Yeah, I wrote it down when you first put it up on the board," I answered her then she laughed.

"I was only making sure," she smiled then I vanished from the classroom.

My name is Alexander Felix; I live in a small town with a population of maybe five-hundred people. I'm not complaining though because for me, a small town is an upside for me. I have strait black hair, and two icy blue eyes, which sometimes seem white to turquoise. My skin is fairly pale and I'm only sixteen. I live with my mother, well we aren't actually related. Her name is Lexia Sade. She has peach skin, long blond hair that is usually pulled back into a bun using a pen, and her green eyes are almost like emeralds.

Lexia treats me as if I was her own child but the truth is she was the one who found me when I was only a baby. She took me in and raised me. If she would not have taken me in and cared for me, I would most likely be dead. Lexia used to be a nurse until she saw fit to help people from a different perspective by becoming a local sheriff.

As for me, I attend high school. High school can get a little boring from time to time but the town is a completely different story. In this small town there is almost always something new that comes around. The town I live in is a heaven for many unusually odd things. The town isn't very known, yet it is still famous for the most unusual and absurd things that happen in it.

In this town, the most common thing people have reported spotting angels flying through the sky. Others report that bird people flock here every few decades to mate. What a ridicules theory. It cracks me up to think about the things people think about, but the most famous one is the reports of the angel that flies around at nights when the moon seems small.

People claim they have pictures of this creature, while others are only left with tales. Tall tales and lies are all just the same in my opinion. It doesn't matter how many times people tell me the stories of their encounters. I still know the truth.

My fist gripped the cold copper knob of the two story house I lived in then sighed. Lexia would most likely be waiting for me on the other side with an angry expression upon her face. I stood for a moment before I was quiet enough to hear her foot tapping against the wooden floor on the other side of the front door. I turned the knob, almost regrettably, causing the rapid tapping to abruptly stop. I pushed the door open and looked at Lexia as red boiled in her expression. "Alexander Felix, you are late for dinner, again," she scowled deeply displeased by my late streak that has been playing ever since the beginning of the school year.

"I'm sorry Lexia, I keep losing track of time while I'm at school," I mumbled as I placed my bag next to the door and loosened my gray jacket only slightly to reveal the white shirt I had hidden under it.

"Dinner is in the microwave ready for you to warm up. I have to go and take a look at Betty's farm again. Someone's been killing her animals and the sheriff's department wants me to check it out. You better eat my food before I get back. If I do come back to see that plate inside the microwave or dumped into the trash, so help me God I will pull the plugs. I'm through with your button pressing. It's time to get serious," Lexia chattered through her angry teeth then she smiled before she gently brushed some hair from my eyes. "I'm only kidding around about the 'pulling the plugs' part. I'm not joking about the food though. You better eat it," she said as she patted my shoulder then checked to make sure her gun was on her person.

"I will don't worry," I sighed as she rustled my hair then walked towards the door.

"I'll be back as soon as I can," she said as she waved good-bye and closed the door. I continued to stand in the room as I hesitated to break the silence only to jump when Milky Way, my black and white cat, rubbed her head against my leg.

"You almost gave me a heart attack you dumb cat," I sneered at Milky Way who meowed as if to beg for me to stroke her fur. I bent down to pick her up into my arms then cradled her with a small smile. "You're just too adorable to get mad at. Just don't do it again or I might not forgive you," I said playfully as I stroked her soft belly as she purred. "Spoiled creature," I smirked then I placed her down and walked to my room.

My face was planted into my pillow as I groaned in sudden relief I could rest once more. Milky Way pounced up onto my bed and crawled up next to my head. I hugged her in my arms again and she began to purr us both to sleep as I stroked her silky fur.

For a long time I lay with Milky Way until someone began to knock on the front door forcing me up out of my bed. I pulled the door open with a sleepy sigh then frowned when a bucket of water was dumped on my head. I held my eyes closed as a grin of annoyance filled my empty face. "I'm going to kill you," I said as my grin twitched then I grabbed Lexia's shotgun.

"Run," the boys yelled in surprise as I loaded the gun and pointed it at them.

I could see it now; I was going to grow up to be a scary figure that sets on the porch with the shotgun in my lap and every time someone will stumble upon my grass I'll jump to my feet and yell "get of my damn lawn you rotten brats." Yes, the thought tickled me. I laughed as I looked at the plastic toy gun then tossed it aside when the kids were out of sight. I slammed the door shut then once more walked to my room. I lay back down on my bed and sighed as Milky Way meowed to me. I pattered her tinny head then tickled her chin. "It was just some little kids trying to be funny," I said to Milky Way who once more made herself comfortable next to my neck.

I had fallen asleep and remained asleep for a long time until the sound of Lexia's cruiser pulling up into the driveway woke me up. I quickly jumped to my feet and nearly soared down the stairs startling Milky Way into jumping off of my bed. "Crap," I yelled silently to myself when I remembered what Lexia had told me before she left the house. I pulled open the small door of the microwave and removed the plate of food that sat inside then I gulped the food down before Lexia could even get to the first step. I swallowed the food, rinsed the plate, and resisted the urge to spit the food back out as Lexia pushed the door open. The first thing she did was walk with a dart like gaze at me as she approached the microwave. She pushed her fingers to the open button causing the microwave to pop open and reveal the missing plate. She smirked slyly as she glanced at me from over her shoulder. "Ha, you actually ate it," she laughed to me and I gave her a sly grin.

"And I loved it," I said to her and she turned from the microwave. "Good, you deserve a treat," she said as she shrugged off her jacket and placed her badge on the counter.

"I couldn't resist the temptation. I thought it looked rather tasty and I just had to try it but when I did I just couldn't stop eating it and what do you know? It was all gone before I was even satisfied," I said as I smiled to her with the sweetest smile I could.

"Oh, stop it, I know you only stuffed it down your throat so I wouldn't have to complain," Lexia laughed as she drew a cup from the cabinet and filled it up with water. She then sat it down on the table and cleared her throat. "Set," she commanded and so I sat as she had told me to.

"What's up?" I asked her as she folded her hands against the table and straightened her back as if to put on a professional pose.

"How do you view this cup?" She asked me.

"It's full," I frowned, and then she lifted it up from the table and drank it till only half the amount of water remained.

"How about now?" Shea asked me.

"It's half empty," I answered her.

"Why do you say it's half empty and not half full?" She asked as she drank the rest of the cup.

"Because the cup was full. If you would have sat a half empty cup down I would have said it's half full and not half empty," I answered her as she stood up and placed the cup next to the sink.

"I guess you could put it like that," she smiled as I stood up and walked to my room.

"Well, I'm going to sleep," I said with a sleepy yawn.


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