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Immortal Stares

Novel By: Sense

Peyton Sydney Sage is a young woman going to college in a new town and a new state. Peyton, Shane, and Lannyeh were hoping for a drama-free town with nothing that happened, but what it turned out to be is much worse than anyone could have expected, except for the town of Stare, Tennessee.... View table of contents...


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I wake up with a smile on my face. Today's my birthday! I want to jump out of bed and shout to the world, "Good bye you losers!" But I know I can't. I'm only turning seventeen today, which is a good thing, because that means I'm moving in with my best friend, Lannyeh, today.
Lannyeh and I have been best friends since we were only toddlers, which is a long time. Lannyeh and I decided we were going to move in on my seventeenth birthday considering she's almost two years older than me. We chose the perfect house on the outskirts of Knoxville, Tennessee.
I sit up in my bed, and start to think about how my day will go. First, I will get up and take a shower because I really stink. Second, I might drive over to Lannyeh's house to see if she's ready for the eight hour long drive to our home. Yes, I said eight hours. We live in Louisiana, and in the worst part too. We both live in Laplace, Louisiana, but she lives a little on the Reserve part of Laplace though. Third, I might as well go see my boyfriend before I move five hours away from him. My boyfriend, Tyler, lives in Lake Charles, a three hour drive from Laplace.
I get out of bed, go to my mirror, and just stare. Today's the day. Today's the day I finally move away from my past and go towards my future.
I'm in college right now at LSU University, but I'm transferring to Stare Star University. I know it's a weird name, but I didn't come up with it. The town that we will be moving to is Stare, and I heard that it's one of the most deserted towns in Tennessee. There's not one city that is around the town. Knoxville is the closest town, and it's forty-five minutes away.
I just keep staring and thinking. I can't believe how fast this came. How will my life change? Will I have to break up with Tyler for another guy I meet? Is this the best thing for me? What does Star have to offer that LSU doesn't? Questions rambled through my mind as I just stare at my mirror. Thankfully, my hypnoses was distracted when my phone started singing, "Hey Soul Sister."
I walked over to my phone, and touched my screen to answer the call.
"Hello?" I asked. My voice was as shy as ever. I heard some papers ruffling in the background, and a manly voice on the other end.
"Ms. Sage?" the unknown man asked through the phone.
"Yes?" I asked in my stupid shy voice. The man laughed, and trust me, it didn't sound like laughing.
"I've finally found you after so many centuries," the man said. Finally found me? Centuries?
"Excuse me?" I asked the man. The man laughed some more, and finally controlled himself enough to speak clearly.
"This is Kaballah Sage, correct?" the man asked me. I was confused because one: Kaballah Sage was my mother, and two: who the hell would want to know my dead kin?
"No, it's not Kaballah Sage. This is Kaballah Sage's daughter, Peyton Sage. May I ask who you are?" The man gasped, and clearly didn't have anymore laughter in him.
"Where is your mother Ms. Sage?" the man asked me. I had a right to hang up on him and call the police, but I didn't want to do that. I'm not that mean, well maybe sometimes I am.
"Dead," I told the man bluntly even though I had a tear streaming down my right cheek.
My mother, Kaballah Sage, had died when I was fifteen, and that's how I got started into being shy and 'a bad kid'. My mother died because of unnatural causes, no matter how many times everyone tells me that she had a stroke and died. I believe someone killed her because I was the one who witnessed her being killed. They broke her neck and they…I don't know how to explain it. They punctured her neck with something that must have been in their mouth because I saw all of my mother's blood going into the man's body. I could have said that it was a vampire, but there are way more explanations for what happened that night, and not just some vampire attack. And anyway, vampires and anything immortal, are not real.
"When did your mother die?" the man sounded pissed. I would be too if I found out that I called someone, and found out they were dead.
"Two years ago. Again who are you?" I asked. Hopefully, he would answer my question this time.
"I'm Shane Sage, your brother," the man told me. My eyes went wide, just as I heard my bedroom door being opened.
"How? My mom never said that she had a son?" I told Shane. Shane laughed and despite myself, I turned around to see who was in my bedroom doorway. It was a man laughing just like the man on the phone.
"Hey sis. Long time no see," Shane said through the phone and in my bedroom doorway.
My first instinct was to run away, but this was my brother, even though I had no idea on how he had gotten in. I hung up the phone, and just stared disbelieving at my brother, who looked about twenty-two. How could that be? My mother was only thirty when she died, which makes her having me at fifteen. There was no way my mother could have had Shane at ten years old.
"Um, I have a question," I told Shane. Shane smiled, and told me go on and ask. "How did my mom have you? There was no way because she would have been ten when she had you, and she had me at fifteen," I told Shane. Shane's smile stayed in the same smile.
"It's funny how you guessed my exact age, and I guess our mom was a freak then," Shane laughed, and I heard my doorbell ring.
"Sorry I have guests coming over. I hope you don't mind," I said. Shane said he didn't mind, and I walked over to my front door. I opened the door, and there stood Tyler, Lannyeh, and Lannyeh's brother, Rick.
"Hey Peyton!" Rick threw his arms around me like he always did. Rick is only five years old, and the sweetest boy ever.
"Hey Ricky Ticky. How's mommy doing?" I had to talk on his level because he's a little slow in the brain. Rick smiled and said that his mom was doing great, which was good, compared to last time I had seen her.
"Hey Peyton," Tyler said. I smiled at him and gave him a kiss as all four of us were walking into my unfurnished living room. All of my furniture is in Tennessee at the moment because of the move. Well, most of the furniture. Not my bed though. I bought a new one for my new house.
I walked into the living room holding hands with Tyler, and was surprised when I felt Tyler stop abruptly. I looked at Tyler, and he was staring at Shane like he was an animal.
"Why is he here?" Tyler asked in a bitter voice. I didn't know why he had to the bitter voice, considering he had never met Shane before, or had he?
"Shane meet Tyler, my boyfriend. Tyler meet Shane, my brother," I introduced. Shane laughed. I think that's common for him.
"Oh, I already know Mr. Sander quite well. Don't I?" Shane said to Tyler. Tyler growled, like a dog, and stomped out of the living room. Shane laughed. "Always the runner. I'm very disappointed that my sister hadn't chose better." I stared at Shane in wonder.
"Oh? And who would that 'better' be?" I asked. Shane smiled sweetly and looked around the living room for the first time.
"Where are all of your things?" he asked me. I laughed despite myself.
"Well that would be in Tennessee where I'm moving with my best friend," I told Shane. Shane's eyes almost bugged out of his head when I said Tennessee.
"Where at exactly in Tennessee?" Shane asked me. I smiled and handed him the brochure of our house in Stare. Shane seemed to not like it because his eyes grew even bigger when he read the town's name across the top of the brochure. "Why did you choose this place?"
"I don't know. Lannyeh and I like it so we decided to get a house out there. Why? Is there something wrong?" I asked in my best innocent voice. I knew there was nothing wrong. All Shane wanted to do is be close to me, I think. I hoped.
"No reason. Is it alright if I come with you. Just for good measure?" Shane sounded playful, but I knew he was dead serious.
"Sure. I don't see why not," I told him. Shane nodded his head, and all three of us (Lannyeh, Shane, and I) decided that we should leave about two so we could make it there by ten.
Shane put the last bag in, and closed the trunk. Even though, he and I only met today, it felt like I'd been knowing him my whole life. I know that seems impossible, but it actually felt like that.
All three of us got into the minivan (Shane in the back. Lannyeh and I in the front) and we set off at exactly one forty-two. I was glad that we left early because I didn't want to wait until my dad got home, so he could make us stay one more night. I just couldn't deal with him right now because he is just such a dick. Yes, I just called my dad a dick. I only speak the truth though.
I slept most of the ride, while Lannyeh drove, but the last twenty minutes before we got to my home, I couldn't sleep. Maybe it was the fact that I actually had my own place now, or maybe it was the feeling of the uneasiness in the car. I don't know what it was, but there was some sort of bad vibe around the three of us.
Twenty minutes later, Lannyeh, Shane, and I were standing in front of red Victorian house that was two stories high. My home. This is where I will be living from now on.
"Peyton! Stop staring at the house, and come help us for a change," Lannyeh yelled from the trunk. For a change. I've always helped people, especially the ones I love.
"Coming!" I yelled. I tore my eyes from my house, and went to the trunk to get the suitcases.
My golden blond hair slapped me I the face as I walked to the front porch. "You have the keys right, Lannyeh?" I asked Lannyeh. Lannyeh nodded her head, and she tossed the keys to me. I caught them perfectly, and I opened the front door with one hand.
Walking into the house for the first time, I felt amazing. I thought that I would never feel so amazing, but I did in that moment. I was free. Finally free of my father constantly telling me that I wasn't good enough to be his daughter. I sighed in relief and smiled from one ear to the other. Nobody can ruin my day.
"Peyton! Drop that stuff and come help with the other stuff!" Lannyeh yelled to me from the car. I smiled bigger, which seemed impossible, and rushed outside to help Shane and Lannyeh.
After Lannyeh, Shane, and I helped getting the stuff inside, I chose my room. I ran up the stairs, and picked the room with the bathroom in it, the balcony on the second story, and a view of the front yard. It was the perfect room.
"Awe man! You got the good room. The other rooms are shitty," that was Lannyeh. She didn't like no bathroom rooms, which is funny to me.
"Too bad. You said that I could pick so I picked, and you get what you get," I told her in a preppy voice that I always used when I was impersonating a drama queen, which Lannyeh totally is.
"I don't even talk like that," Lannyeh said putting her hand up like preppy girls did. She turned back towards me, and we both started having fits of laughter. This was a good idea. It was an awesome idea.
A knock at the door made us stop laughing long enough to answer the door. I was still smiling when I answered the door. It was Shane. Why didn't he just come in?
"What the hell are you doing out there? You'll freeze to death," I told him. Shane smiled.
"Well, I am a gentleman so I do not come into someone's house unless invited in. Would you invite me in?" Shane said in a cute voice that made me laugh.
"Yes. Shane Sage, do come into my home," I said in an old timely tone that the people back in the 1800's used.
"As you wish, milady," Shane bowed like a prince, and walked over the threshold and into my home. I closed the door, but it only got half-way closed before a hand stopped it.
I opened the door to greet the newcomer, and was surprised to see Tyler standing at my front door.
"Tyler? Why are you here?" I asked.


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