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Castles in the Sky

Novel By: SGAuthor

This story is based on the amazing song; Castle in the Sky by DJ Satomi. So all rights to the song go to him.

In an unknown generation of an unknown time, three castles dwell in the sky. Three castles of war and inequality…

These castles are led by the strict, ruthless, cruel and extremely powerful Ranander Flame. She controls the Humans and the Water-Dwellers that live on the islands.

Her powers of electricity and her older Body-Guards give an extremely powerful advantage over these two innocent species. She uses them to get what she wants and makes them do work for her.

When Ricks Wills the Water-Dweller meets Ells Green the Human, they find that they are both sick of Ranander using them, so they decide to stop her... but can they succeed against Ranander’s extreme forces?
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Submitted:Apr 16, 2014    Reads: 212    Comments: 50    Likes: 18   

Chapter One - Welcome to the Unknown...

This world is of an unknown generation. It is a world full of work, fight, survival, torture and slavery.

Three castles dwell in the sky, each of which belong to a different species. One, in particular, belongs to the water-controlling species of Water-Dwellers.

Here, lives a certain Water-Dweller Boy by the name of Ricks Wills.

He spends his days drawing things around the island and dreaming about meeting someone that is in the same situation he is in; disagreeing with the same thing every year.

Of-course, if his Leader, Ranander, found out he wasn't working, she'd punish him in her typical cruel way.

On this fine day, warm, sunny and the last month of the Shocker's collection, which was the end of July, Ricks was shading himself under a tree, while watching the Dolphins splash in the biggest and deepest lake on the island.

Ricks sat and day-dreamed. He had never left the floating island before. No one has. Ranander had told them the grounds of Earth (known as the Lower-Wolrds) were nothing but dirt, rocks and rubbish.

And, of-course being under strict control, they forced themselves to believe her. But Ricks did hear people talking about the Lower-Worlds. Some claim to have even been there. But this was nonsense… right?

All these islands just float high in the sky. The clouds are blocking everyone's view of the Earth below so... there's nothing else to believe.

As the Dolphins clicked and splashed away, Ricks decided to draw them on his beloved sketchpad. He focused on them, his blue eyes full of enthusiasm for such a small hobby.

After a few light flicks, he ran his sweaty hand through his brown hair, muddling up the blue streak in it.

"RICKS!" a female voice cried. Ricks turned to see his friend, Maria Splash, running up to him, her long golden hair swaying in the warm breeze.

"Hey, Maria. I see you've found me... again. What's up?" asked Ricks and continuing to draw the Dolphins.

"NOTHING GOOD is up. Ranander's collection starts in five minutes! They're on their way!" yelled Maria worriedly, making the water rise with her hand for the pleading Dolphins.

"WHAT!? It's usually when the sun is at its highest!" exclaimed Ricks and turning his head to Maria.

Maria put her hand down which lowered the water with a splash. She rubbed the water that had splatted on her short, blue dress.

"We've been working for eleven months. We only see the Shocker's once a year. Ranander's bound to be dying to see what we've done so far... plus... I heard that one of her Shocker's kept pleading at her and she, well, you can guess... but now it's tempted her to come early" said Maria seriously. Ricks turned back to the lake.

"All they do all year is party, get drunk, take drugs thinking it's cool and come up with ways to torture us" groaned Ricks.

"We can't do anything about it. It's our way of life" muttered Maria. Ricks looked at the sky (the one above him).

"It's not our way of life... Ranander took control after the Queen and the Human's King disappeared..." he said thoughtfully and standing up.

Suddenly, what seemed to be a white ball of fluff, ran up and squeaked at Maria. Maria picked the creature up, stroking it. It was very cute and had large ears and a long tail. Gills were on its side and had (what looked like) large pom-poms for feet.

"Even Nicky is mad. Let's go!" she exclaimed fearfully.

"You and your Caromeens..." groaned Ricks.

"Would you rather have a Shocker as a friend?"

"Just go!"

The two then ran from the lake and towards the magnificent, glass castle in the center of the island.

All the Water-Dwellers had gathered around, chatting nervously. There were lines of beautifully crafted furniture in a row, extreme looking weapons and new vehicles.

Suddenly, Nicky squeaked in cute manner at Maria.

"What is it, Nicky?" asked Maria curiously. Nicky started jumping on her head and squeaking more rapidly.

"Ah-ha... yes... yes... so? Hold on... what!? Ricks!?" gasped Maria. Ricks turned his attention.

"Ricks, did you do your part of the collection?" trembled Maria.

Ricks went pale and his stomach gave a violent lurch. He had forgotten to finish his... he never really worried about the Shockers half of the time... but this was a disaster. What was he going to do...?

"Err... no..." he croaked.

"Why?" whimpered Maria.

"It... It's half done and I could still give it up... but I need to get back to the house and get it..." Ricks muttered worriedly.

Maria didn't give a response. She had froze, staring directly behind Ricks as silence fell over them. There was a few gasps that escaped people's mouths, making Ricks turn around slowly.

A little away from him, stood a young girl who was giving him an extremely dirty look. Behind her, was a group of twenty-four; the Shockers. Hover-vehicles were parked behind them and each of their faces looked menacing and evil.

Every single one of them had red-coloured eyes and dirty looks or malevolent smiles on their faces.

The girl that stood before Ricks seemed to be the most malacious of them.

Her short, vivid brown hair swayed slowly in the wind along with her large side-fringe. Her hair dip-died a blood-red along with her fringe tip.

"Step forward" she commanded in her dangerous tone to Ricks. Ricks gulped, as he reluctantly walked away from Maria.

Her glinting eyes were a dangerous red, that looked at Ricks with hatred. Her skin was as pale as a desolate beach's sand. Down her left eye, was a painful-looking, thin scar that had been cut there permanently, by the looks of it.

Her fingerless gloves, leather jacket, black boots and other accessories had mostly razor sharp spikes over them.

However, the most distinctive thing about her was her large wings. They were thin, unlike Bat or Fairy wings. They also had three spikes on the tip of them, matching the three spikes at the bottom of them.

On her back between her wings, were two silver swords that seemed to be electrified.

She sneered at Ricks, showing her gleaming white and sharp fangs.

But this girl is not a Vampire or a Witch or a Demon; she is a Shocker. Shockers are able to create electric, lightning and strong winds as Water-Dwellers control water.

This Shocker, however, is the only one with wings and is the most powerful out of everyone on the three islands.

"Not done your collection you say?" snarled the Shocker, also known as Ranander Flame, the young but cruel Leader of the three Castles in the Sky.


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