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EmberSpring (book 1)

Novel By: ShadaStorm120

What would you do if a frightened creature suddenly bumped into you in the dark streets of the city?



Or ask what’s wrong?

Ksenia did more then that, and during the encounter she even discovered something about herself, which entrusted her to not only help the little creature, but to also help far more superior beings that the world had hidden.
However, the task isn’t simple.

Not only does she have to worry about what may become of these creatures if she slips up, but the pressure in on and the time has come.

The quest for power has finally begun… View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 9, 2014    Reads: 545    Comments: 112    Likes: 43   

Luna Camierea

Book 1: EmberSpring

Standing above the rest was a woman. Her black hair was draped over her left shoulder and she held a long stick tightly in her gloved hands. Her eyes were focused and her face expressed the importance of the meeting. Her turquoise eyes shifted around the room as she looked at each person with meaning.

Weaving in and out of their legs was an extraordinary cat. Larger than the average feline, Midnight had large purple eyes and dark fur which shined off the crystal chandelier that dangled from the ceiling in the centre of the room, which in turn, also reflected off the smooth, round moonstone on top of the stick that the woman possessed. She gestured to the round table before her. "Take a seat," she directed .

Immediately, all of the people, a mixture of both male and female, nodded before silently sitting down. Once they were all seated, one man with dark crimson eyes looked to the woman. "What is this about, Luna?" he asked.

With her left hand placed firmly on the table, the woman glanced around the room once more, and then she spoke. "Alright then," I'll get straight to the point," she told them, straightening up. Her arm slid back to her side as she continued, "As you all know, or should know by now, things have gotten way out of hand and we have to do something about it. We cannot afford to lose this fight, or they may end up getting exactly what they want." She sighed and closed her eyes. "The quest for power has finally begun…"

Chapter 1:

On The Run

The light escaped through the dense trees, penetrating the darkness below like spotlights on a stage. The only sound was the scratching of the leaves gently blowing up against each other, but the serene surroundings didn't last when a small creature quickly made his way into the forest.

Fighting for his breath, he looked to his left and he looked to his right, but he didn't look back, and when a deafening bang rang out, it frightened the creature into a prickly bush. Although his scales protected him from the thorns, his heart continued to pound uncontrollably. His frill like ears arched upwards as he heard the gruff voice of the man that had just been chasing him. "Damn, where'd it go?"

Peering through an opening in the bush, the creature spied on the man with worry of being discovered. He knew that remaining in that same place would not keep him safe for long, so he watched the man intently, and as soon as his back was turned, the creature took the opportunity and dashed out from within the bush.

Racing past the trees as fast as he could, the area around him blurred and it took him a moment before he realized that he was rapidly approaching a cliff. Knowing he must stop, he tried to slow down by sitting, but in doing that, he merely skidded across the ground. With that plan going down in fail, he quickly came up with a new one, so he spread his meter long wings and jumped over the side of the cliff.

He flapped his rough scaly wings and began to glide, and as he swiftly moved through the sky, he glanced down. There, he saw the most fascinating things. To him, they looked like large rectangular boxes with square holes carved into them, but because of the fact he wasn't exactly sure what they were or what they were used for, he held of the urge to investigate.

As he flew across the sky, he began to notice two legged creatures down below. He tilted his head and watched them go about their day. In his eyes, they looked a lot like the one that had chased him and he didn't really want to risk another encounter with them. That was yet another reason why he thought the air would be a safer option.

After a while of flying the sun had started to set and the creature finally came to the conclusion that the area beneath him was far too big. It would be unlikely for him to make it to a safe place before his wings got tired, but he decided it's either, dropping like a rock and going splat, or, safely landing on the ground and getting shot.

Both options didn't really appeal to him much, but he thought, I'll have more of a chance to survive if I'm on the ground. He then readied himself for his descent as he scanned the surroundings below. Once he spotted a place that appeared to be safe enough for a landing, he began to glide.

Right in the centre of the city was where he chose to place his clawed feet on the ground. He folded in his ember red wings and as he did so, he leaned forward, waiting for his attacker. However, when no one attacked him he straightened up in confusion. Looking around, he saw that many people were staring at him.

"What is it?" a man questioned, leaning closer.

"What does it look like to you?" the creature asked rudely, looking over to him.

"It roared. Is it trying to tell us something?" a male teen said.

The creature, who just thought they were stupid, rolled his eyes as they glistened in the last few rays of the sun. "Uh, duh," he replied to his comment.

"Ooh, can I touch it?" a woman knelt down in front of him and held out her hand.

"No you cannot. I'm out-of-bounds, which means no touchy to you," the creature said, but then he realized what she called him. "And did you just call me an 'it'?"

"It's so cute," she added, smiling sweetly at him

"I am not an 'it!" the creature growled, losing his patience with the female. "I have a name you know? Sure you don't know what it is but…" the creature hesitated for a moment. "Why am I even bothering to talk to you? Apparently you can't even understand me." The creature sighed and turned around. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I'll be leaving this strange place." He grinned before trotting away from the crowd.


The creature jumped at the familiar sound of gunfire. Oh no, my enemy is back, he thought before dashing in a random direction. The sun had disappeared at this point and it had got dark, which didn't help his panic. He glanced up at the buildings. They no longer looked like boxes to him. Because the main source of light had faded from the sky, they looked like huge fearful monsters, covered in glowing yellow eyes.

The creature continued his sprint in the direction he assumed was the way out of what he thought of as a horrible nightmare. Another bang echoed through the city at that moment and the creature jumped once more, but this time it wasn't because he got a fright. He yelped and tumbled to the ground at the sudden pain that shot through his leg.

"Ow. Ow. Ow," he said as he tried to force himself off the ground. Looking down, he saw the crimson liquid running down his right leg. His scales unfortunately failed to protect him from the bullet.

He heard footsteps getting louder from where he lay and it frightened him to no end. His enemy was getting closer and here he was, feeling completely helpless.

The creature once again tried to stand. "Ow. Ow. Ow," he repeated and gritted his teeth as he got to his feet, determination in his eyes. Which way, which way, he thought as he then limped in a circle, but then his eyes locked onto the man not far in the distance.

The creature spread his wings and flapped them, trying to fly by to no avail. He barely landed back on the ground before giving it another attempt. This time he finally lifted off the ground. He was a bit shaky, but at least he had managed to escape the man once again. But how long would his luck last, with a bullet in his leg and his stamina running low? That was what he wondered himself.

He shortly landed on the ground and half limped and half ran. His panting becoming uncontrollable, and with his eyes everywhere but in front, be bumped into a girl. Collapsing to the concrete path, he looked up at her and she looked back. They stared at each other for a moment, then they both screamed, "AHHHHHH!"


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