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EmberSpring (book 1)

Novel By: ShadaStorm120

"The quest for power has finally begun... The humans are getting stronger, and are on a quest to gain control of everything, but, there are some things that even they can't control. Power will, in the end, control and destroy them, and everything else. The question is, what can we do to stop it?"

Ksenia always thought of herself as normal, but then again, what exactly is normal?

Everybody is different, and everybody has a talent. Ksenia just doesn’t find hers out until she is trusted with a task, to safe and protect a frightened creature that is on the run. View table of contents...


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Luna Camierea

Book 1: EmberSpring

Standing tall was a woman. She held a long stick tightly in her right hand, and her black hair was draped over one shoulder. Her eyes were focused and her face expressed the importance of the meeting. Her turquoise eyes shifted around the small room as she looked at each person with meaning.

The only light in the room was the crystal chandelier that dangled in the centre of the room, but to slightly intensify the dim light, it also reflected off the smooth, round moonstone on top of the stick that the woman held. She gestured to the round table before her. "Take a seat," she directed.

There were mostly men in the room, apart from the one woman, who was the leader of the group. Everyone wore black, and very little of any other colour. Immediately, all of the men nodded before silently sitting down.

With her free hand placed firmly on the table, the woman glanced around the room once more, and then she spoke. "Alright then, I'll get straight to the point," she told them, straightening up. Her arm slid back to her side as she continued, "As you all know, or should know by now, things have gotten way out of hand, and we have to do something about it. We cannot afford to lose this fight, or they may end up getting exactly what they want." she sighed and closed her eyes. "The quest for power has finally begun…"

Chapter 1:

On the run

Through the darkness of the forest, very little light escaped through the trees, shining down, like spotlights on a stage. The wind blew calmly and the leaves on the trees wavered slightly. The area was peaceful and the only sound was the quiet scratching of the leaves blowing up against each other, but the peacefulness didn't last. A small creature was making his way through the forest while fighting for his breath. He looked to his left and to his right, but he didn't dare look back.

And when a loud bang sounded through the forest, it frightened the creature into a prickly bush. Though his scales protected him from the thorns, his heart pounded every millisecond from fear, as he heard the gruff voice of the man that had just been chasing him. "Damn, where'd it go?"

The creature was worried that he would get discovered if he stayed in the same place for too long, so, peering through an opening in the bush, the creature spied on the man. He watched the man intently, and as soon as he turned his back, the creature took the opportunity and dashed out from within the bush.

Racing through the forest once more he realized that he was rapidly approaching a cliff, and knew he must stop, but when he tried too, he only skidded across the ground. He had to think of something quick so he simply spread his meter long wings and jumped over the side of the cliff, then with one flap of his rough scaly wings, he glided.

As he swiftly moved through the sky he looked down. There, he saw the most fascinating things. To him they looked like large rectangle boxes, with square holes carved into them. But because of the fact that he wasn't exactly sure what they were or what they were used for he held of the urge to investigate.

He tilted his head as he watched from above. As he flew he saw a lot more of those strange two legged creatures, as he would call them. In his eyes they looked a lot like the one that was chasing him, which also added to his reasons to not want to have a look around. The air was a safer option for him at that point, and he really didn't want to risk another encounter with the two legged creatures.

After a while of flying, the sun had started to set, and the creature realized that the area beneath him was far too big, and it was very unlikely for him to make it to a safe place before his wings got too tired, but he decided it's either, dropping like a rock and going splat, or, safely landing on the ground and getting shot.

Both options didn't really appeal to him much but he thought, well; at least if I safely land on the ground I can try to avoid the harmful things. He then readied himself for his decent as he scanned the surroundings below. Once he found a place safe enough to land, he glided downwards.

Right in the centre of the city was where he chose to place his clawed feet on the ground and fold in his ember red wings, as he did so, he leaned over. Waiting for his attacker, but when no one attacked him he stood up straighter in confusion. Looking around, he saw the faces off a lot of people staring at him.

The creature stepped backwards slightly, and looked around for an escape route. It had got dark which only made his panic worse as he dashed in a random direction. Looking up at the buildings, their appearance seemed to have changed. They looked like huge, fearful monsters covered in glowing yellow eyes.

There were so many different ways he could turn. It was like a maze of monsters and he didn't know how to escape. He kept turning corners and then backing out every time he saw another human.

Panting, he quickly spun around another corner but stopped suddenly when he bumped into a leg. He looked up to see the green eyes of a human with long hair. Turning his head around he saw that the area was crowded with people, and once more, they were all staring at him.

"What is it?" questioned a raven black haired male who stood to the right of the creature.

"What does it look like to you?" the creature asked rudely, looking over to him.

To the left of the creature, another male, this time with short coconut brown hair said, "it roared. Is it trying to tell us something?"

The creature, who just thought they were stupid, rolled his eyes. His lovely blue eyes glistened in the sun like the ocean on a clear day. "Uh, duh," he replied to the boys' comment.

"Ooh, can I touch it?" the green eyed female knelt down in front of him, holding out her hand slightly.

"No you cannot," the creature said, before growling to get his message across. "And did you just call me an 'it'?"

"It's so cute," she added, smiling sweetly at him.

"I am not an 'it'. I have a name you know? Sure you don't know what it is but…" the creature hesitated for a moment to think. "Why am I even bothering to talk to you? You can't understand me." The creature sighed before turning around. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I'll be leaving this strange place." The creature grinned before trotting away from the crowd.


The creature jumped when he heard the familiar sound of gunfire. Oh no, my enemy is back, he thought before sprinting down a dark alleyway. He shortly exited the alleyway then headed in the direction he assumed was the way out of that horrible nightmare.

Another bang echoed through the city which caused the creature to jump once more, but this time it wasn't because he got a fright, it was because of the pain that suddenly shot through his front leg. The creature yelped, rolled, and then collapsed on the ground.

"Ow. Ow. Ow," he said, as he tried to force himself off the ground. Looking down he saw and felt the warm crimson blood running down his right leg. His scales were not able to keep the bullet from penetrating his leg. As he heard the man's footsteps getting louder, he knew his enemy was getting closer. "Ow. Ow. Ow," the creature repeats as he pushed himself to his feet, right before collapsing again.

He felt so helpless and he absolutely hated it, but seeing that giving up was never his style, he once again tied to stand. Gritting his teeth, he got to his feet. He was determined as he limped in a circle. Which way, which way, the creature thought before his eyes locked onto the man. He had gotten really close.

The creature spread his wings and flapped them, trying to fly but to no avail. He landed back on the ground before giving it another attempt. This time it worked. He was a bit shaky, but at least he had managed to escape the man once again. But how long will his luck last, with a hole in his leg, and his stamina running low?

Shortly landing back on the ground, the creature half limped and half ran. However, with his eyes anywhere but in front of him, he bumped into another girl. He looked up at her and she looked back, they stared at each other for a moment, then they both screamed, "AHHHHHH!"


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