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Vampires touch

Novel By: ShadowAngelxXx

You live in a mansion with no love from your abusive father, your mother is gone and you are a target at school. Until your life changes with a mysterious boy named Ryuu comes and changes her life completely. View table of contents...


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Chapter one:

Hundred perfect child


I woke up in an a dark and empty room the window wide open and the curtains floating in the breeze. The room with cream walls and a chandelierdim and empty. I got out of bed and my silk bottom rim of my nighty fell to my knees. I walked slowly past the flowing curtains and onto the balcony. My blonde hair weightless flowing behind me.

I looked into the distance hoping of a better day an exciting life an adventure but I could only hope. I starred into the lit mid night sky. I looked into the excitement of a better tomorrow if that could only be I wish every day was like this moment. When you are certain that you can't be hurt, judged or broken in two. I want a day as good as this night.

My beautiful mother past away, when I was six. My father is a millionaire and hates me but uses me to get money by sending me to high Tec jobs, I refuse to sell myself though. I just wish for once in my life I am needed for some thing like out of a movie or a book. It's Sunday night and tomorrow I need to go to my high school.

I took a deep breathe and looked into the distance and saw a figure of a person jump gracefully from a roof into distant trees. I leaned forward pressing my stomach against the stone balcony to see if I could get a better look at the figure. I could at least tell it was a male human being. "Well I did ask for something different." I said with a gentle smile. I turned around quickly and ran to my bed and sat down, sinking into the mattress. I glanced at my bed side table and my phone was vibrating like mad. I picked it up and it I had one missed call from my fiance. He is in France and yes I had no choice what so ever. He is a high ranking business man and we don't like each other. My father and his father arranged this fake marriage for money. I then gently put the phone back on the bed side table and I stood up straight and went to my bedroom door. I opened it slowly trying not to make a sound. I shut the door behind me and headed to my left.

I walked slowly for at least five minutes down the hall way and went down the steep stair case. I then went through the living room which lights were still on and then went through the hallway. Then I took my coat off the cold coat rack, then slipped on my sandals and went outside. I walked through the garden quickly and then ran to the cold and stiff front gate. I then closed it shut. I then turned right and walked forward, in a fast pace. I looked up at the moon it was a beautiful luminous moon. I continued walking down the concrete path way and I finally got far away from the mansion I live in.

I walked quite a distance to the small neighborhood park. I then sat down on a wooden bench surrounded by cherry blossom trees. I then put my legs against my chest and hugged them. I leaned my head forward and my eyes started to water and water started flowing from my eyes. Then a big gush of wind gushed by, I instantly jumped onto my two feet and looked quickly to my left. There was a boy with silk black hair and radiant blue eyes standing on top of the apartment buildingin front of me. He was looking straight at me, but I didn't really care he was so enchanting. Then another big gust of wind came and I closed my eyes, tightly. When I opened my eyes he was gone, I looked around to see if I could find him. I couldn't see him so I thought I might as well go home, but I did feel like some one was watching me in the distance.

I slowly and reluctantly walked back to my house and opened the cold gate. I quickly jogged through the garden to the front door. I opened the front door knowing I didn't lock it and walked through to my front door into my house, I quickly turned around and then I silently closed the door after I went through. I quietly slipped off the coat and hung it on the coat rack, I then kicked off my sandals. I turned around and then tiptoed down the hall into the living area, and up the steep stair case. I walked slowly down the hall, the lights were flickering. I then felt a chill go down my spin and eyes watching me. I stood still and took a deep breathe and turned around to see just an empty hall. I took a sigh of relief and turned back around. The power went off and I turn left, right, and backwards seeing only total darkness.

When I turn left again I saw red eyes shifting in front of me. Then I froze my hands were shaking in rhythm with my legs. I was so scared that I fell to the ground and screamed. Clutching my hands against my ears and pulling my hair. The power suddenly came back on and there was no one around, Then one of the houses maids came running around the corner and came up to me and said "Miss Yuriko are you okay?" "Ye-ah I-I-i'm okay. I think I'll just go to bed." I said then got up and slowly walked to my bed room door while using the wall on the left for some support. I grabbed the handle with my hand still trembling and opened my door. I closed the door and walked over to my bed and went under the warm covers. I thought to myself what the hell was that? How did the power go out and who was that boy? I then realized I was getting to attached to the subject so I closed my eyes. I then fell fast asleep.

I woke up and the sun was shining brightly in my eyes, my curtains we still floating in the breeze. I then sat up right, and then got out of bed and headed leftwards towards my walk in robe. I quickly opened the door to my walk in robe and got my school clothes out. That was a red plaited summer skirt, a t-shirt and the schools cream jumper. I then got dressed into them.

I walked out of my walk in rode and closed the door. I then took a right and went into my bathroom and brushed my medium blonde hair. I then styled my hair myself and ran out into my bed room, then ran out of my bed room and down the hall and down the stair case through the living room into the dinning area.

There I sat down and the maid and cooks gave me my breakfast which was waffles and eggs. Afterfive minutes of blissful food I said my 'thank you' and went to the front door. I grabbed my school bag and slipped on my black wedged shoes. I then quickly walked out the front door and through the garden. I then went through the gate and turned left and kept a steady walking pace forwards.

I am Yuriko which means 'hundred perfect child' which I am not to proud of. I am seventeen years old and go to Moon light high. It's a mixed school with boys and girls, I am not fond of it to be honest. I am picked on most days and I have a couple of friends but one of them has a really weak body especially in summer because of the warmth. I have medium blonde hair which I have down at the moment, and I have light blue eyes but not pale blue.

I arrive at Moon light high and there a bunch of girls at the gate. I simply just walk past them. My house is next door to the school which is so it's convenient. No one hear knows I am from a rich family, I don't want people to like me or make friends with me because I am rich. I looked at the ground thinking about what things might happen today. Then I get hit lightly on the back. I freaked out and jumped.

"Yo." a male voice said. I quickly turned to see it is one of my best friends Jack. We new each other from primary school. He doesn't know about my home situation.

"Jack you scared me. How have things been going?" I asked then moved back a bit to stand beside him because he was behind me. "Good you know parents with there rich talk." Jack replied. "Yeah..." I said while laughing nervously. "Sorry, Sorry I forgot you don't talk about your parents due to reasons. How have you been? Weekend good?" Jack asked. "Yeah I guess." I said while looking at the ground.

"Hey turn that frown up side down, Suzu is coming. If she catches you with a frown we won't live for much longer." Jack said while laughing, making a joke out of it. "Yeah okay." I said with a cheery smile. "That's much better." Jack replied also smiling. "Hey Suzu!!!!!" I shouted and waved my hands madly. She came running towards me swinging her blonde wavy hair behind her. "Hey Yuriko how are you?" Suzu asked then put my right hand on her hip. "Good yourself." I replied while getting closer to the school entrance. "Yes I'm good. Actually great my boy friend has just moved back from USA." Suzu replied with a chuckle.

Then we all walked through the front door as soon as we entered we were scanned. Then are names, school pass, and information came on the screen to the left for me, Jack and Suzu. I then continued walking down the corridor to the stairs to my right. I walked up the stairs with Suzu and Jack behind me. The we walked in the first class room to the left and that was my class room, class A1. I am in the same class as Suzu and Jack which is lucky.

I entered the class room and stood beside Takeshi. This is my assigned seat for the year, Takeshi has red hair and from a rich family but doesn't like it. He is a very high class fighter and is quite scary at times but when you're on his good side he is very nice. Lucky for me I'm one of his best friend's. "Hey taki." I said then sat down on my seat. "It's takeshi." Takeshi replied bluntly. "Oh take a chill pill." I said then looked at the white board which was blank. "Yeah what ever you say your royal highness." Takeshi replied then looked out the window, I glared at him. "Okay I demand an explanation. Why are you in such a foul mood?" I asked and then kept my glare. "Sorry it's just my parents they have got me on a leash. They want me to do some business thing over seas. I'll just keep refusing though. What about you, how are you holding up?" Takeshi asked then looked at me. "Same old, same old." I replied with a smile, the Takeshi smiled back. Takeshi thinking that my family is sort of rich but not too rich.

The Mrs Watts came into the class room with a quick pace and two unfamiliar students came in after her and stood at the front of the class with Mrs Watts. "Okay class quiet down. I have a announcement to make, we have two new students." Mrs Watts said and then the class went silent. "New students." I said to myself quietly.

One of the students was a girl with short brown hair, very tall with brilliant blue eyes. The second student I couldn't see but I felt a strange aura in the class. "Okay now introduce yourself, please." Mrs Watts asked nicely and then starred at the new girl. "I am Annabelle. I'm eighteen and my Hobbes are playing the piano, dancing, and games. This is my older brother Ryuu, we just moved here we are in the big mansion on the right hand side of the school." Annabelle said in a quiet voice.

Then Ryuu the brother stepped forward, I starred at him and realized he was the one from last night. I couldn't mistake it he had the same bright blue eyes and silky black hair I was so shocked that I looked away in disbelief. Then I felt a chill go down my spine when I could feel some one watching me. I turned slowly seeing he was looking at me in suspension. "I'm Ryuu nice to meet you all. I hope we all have a good year together." Ryuu said then turned to the teacher waiting for her to say some thing. "Okay questions." Mrs Watts said loudly and turned to the class.

James put up his hand and asked "Why did you move here?" "Family reasons." Annabelle sharply replied then glared at him. "So why did you choose the big mansion to the right, isn't there one to the left up for grabs." Suzu asked. My pupils shrunk if the new students new the last name of the house owner then I was sunk. I leaned up against the table in front of me getting nervous because I could get found out.

"Actually that house is owned by-" Ryuu was saying then I interrupted and said "That house was bought years ago by a famous business man Suzu." "Oh, okay. I guess that's all the question I have to ask.... thanks." Suzu replied then sat quietly. People started to look at me so I looked out of the window.

Phew, I was so close to getting caught. Then Ryuu instantly glared at me again, I think I made him suspicious. "Okay I will be changing the seats a bit. Yuriko I want you to sit in that empty desk over there and I would like Annabelle to be where Yuriko was. Now I would like Ryuu to sit beside Yuriko. Then I would like you all to get your math books out and then we will start." Mrs Watts said then looked at me. I didn't complain so I picked up me bag and moved to the empty desk which is the desk that was beside me. So I am in between Annabelle and Ryuu.

I sat down and got my math book, and pencil case from my bag and looked at the white board. Ryuu then sat down at the same time as Annabelle. I then took a deep breathe and class began.

After one and a half hours of math I packed my stuff and the bell went for break. I then grabbed my bag and then about five girls came around me. "What do you want now. Didn't I tell you last week I don't bring any money with me. Or is this another thing you have a against me." I said with attitude and then took a deep breathe. "We need you cell phone." One of the girls said then leaned forward to try and provoke me. "Forget it. Oh and for your information I left it at home." I snapped. "Well I guess we will need to give you a little thing we like to call a 'party'. Or do you want to give us all your money tomorrow." The darker girl added. "Hey you girls better not be threatening her." Ryuu said with a smirk. "Ahh umm no why would we... we better go." The blonde girl said worried about what might happen. The girls then walked out of the class room. "Thanks but you better not get involed." I said then stood up ready to leave. Ryuu then tightly grasped my hand, I could hardly feel my hand. I then realized hes hands felt really weird they were a normal body temperature but it was freezing outside and inside.

"Does that happen often?" Ryuu asked, then he released me from his grip. I quickly got myself out of thought and answered. "The less you know the better." I then turn the other way and walked out the class room. I then turn left to the end of the hall and opened the door to the balcony. I then rested my arms against the balcony and looked at the canvas. I saw Jack with his group of friends playing soccer and I saw Suzu in a circle of girls underneath the huge tree in the middle of canvas. I just sat there looking at them enjoying themselves it put a smile to my face.

"It's good that you smile." Ryuu said. He is suddenly beside me. I jerked in shock wondering how he got there. I wasn't that deep in thought, was I? "Um... how did you?" I asked confused. "Oh I walked." Ryuu smartly remarked. "I'm sorry but it would be better if you'd stay away from me. That way you won't get burned." I said then looked at the view. "Burned?" Ryuu asked then starred at me. "You know that old staying if you play with fire you'll only get burned. Well that's what's going to happened if you keep coming up to me." I replied bluntly.

"Why shouldn't I. I am new here and you are the person that sits next to me. It would be awkward if I couldn't speck to you." Ryuu said convincingly. "I guess but I am the number one 'pick on me attraction' so that might happen to you as well that's why I am telling you to leave." I said trying to push him away, he then paused. "Your name is Yuriko right?" Ryuu asked completely changing the subject.

"Yeah why?" I asked wondering why does he want to know. "So you are kind of my next door neighboor." Ryuu said waiting for a reaction. "Whaaaa!!! How the hell did you know?!!" I shouted. My heart increased to a maxim level he new my secret I now every one will know I was a rich kid. I looked at the ground in complete horror and grasped my hand against the balcony. I then turned and faced him with a serious look to await a reply.

"Shh keep it down. However by that reaction I guess I was right. Nice to meet you Lady Yuriko." Ryuu said then smirked, slowly leaning forward making me feel irritating.

"Not so loud. Okay how much do you want to keep you quiet." I said then got my purse from my pocket in my skirt. I felt ashamed of doing this but if some one found out my life would be flipped upside down and I wouldn't want that. wouldn't just be putting myself at risk my friends might be picked on to get money off me. "Wow what are you doing. I don't need money I'll keep it a secret if you want." Ryuu said then took a step back.

"Really." I said in shock and continued by saying "Okay thank you. Hey I know this is a strange question but were you by chance at the park last night?" I asked then turned to look to him. I starred at him trying to see if he would fess up I know it was him last night. All the sudden there was a chill in the air and Ryuu just looked at me pondering on what to say.

Ryuu then looked at me with a smile and grabbed my arm and whispered "So what if I was? What will you do about it?" I jerked and swiped my arm away from him as quick as I could. I was lost for words I didn't know what to say he pretty much answered my question. He was there. He looked at me starring me down. I got so nervous I bite my tongue.

I bit so hard it began to bleed. "Ouch. Ahh okay that hurt." I said then stuck my tongue out for a mere second. I then felt a strange aura coming from Ryuu all of the sudden. I looked at him and he was clutching his fist really hard. So much so that his fist was vibrating. I looked up at him because he ducked his head. His eyes were no longer a brilliant blue but a radiant red. I stood for a couple of seconds in shear terror. Until I shook my head and asked "Are you okay, you look like you need some help?"

Ryuu's eyes widened and then the radiant red eye vanished and the brilliant blue remanded. I then backed off to pretended I didn't see any thing. Ryuu then released his fist and at that moment I realized my tongue stopped bleeding and quickly at that. Ryuu then looked up realizing what he was doing and then his sister Annabelle came.

"Brother is every thing okay." Annabelle asked then she looked at Ryuu and suddenly grabbed his hand and walked off. "What the..." I whispered. Then I received a text message from my father Saying:

Yuriko to urgently come home for business matters, that include your fiance.

"Which could only mean some thing is going on with the French family." I thought deeply.

I replied:

Okay I will try to get there as fast as I can.

I grabbed the strap of my bag and pulled it tight around my shoulder (shoulder bag). I ran down the hall to my next class room French and I told Mr Cole my French teacher. That I couldn't make he class due to family reasons. He replied "Okay. Now leave you don't want to keep your father waiting." I then walked down the stairs and notices the new students were behind me as if I wouldn't notice, I ignored them though. I went through the scanner and that's as far as they followed me. I then exited the school grounds and ran to the right heading to my house. I open my front gate slowly and walked through the garden enjoying the scenery. When I arrived at my front door I took a deep breathe and held the handle and opened the door. The door closed shut behind me, due to the maid.

I walked slowly to the living room where I saw Lucas my fiance and my father talking. "Oh you are here well there is some bad news, I would like to discuss with you Yuriko." My father said in a deep voice. "What is it father?" I innocently asked and took a seat near them. I waited for a reply but Lucas looked like he couldn't talk and I was getting the death stare from my father.

"Lucas doesn't love you. He will be engage to someone else by the end of this month. So it will be called off." My father said and then waited for my reaction. "Oh, I already knew this. This was bound to happen in a relationship without love." I replied then looked at the ground. I knew if I looked at my father he would be furious and do something to me. "I told her." Lucas added trying to stick up for me as much as possible. He knows what he has done to me in the past. I stood up and grabbed Lucas's handed and looked at my father fuming in rage.

"Father we have discussed this and this is the result that happened. I told you I was against it." I cried and stepped slightly forward. He looked at the ground and curled his fist and looked up at me my body froze in fear and I couldn't move. "Mr. Iyashii!!!!!! Your daughter is not a toy, you should listen to her!! I will take my leave now, but heed my warnings. Au revoir." Lucas shouted and let go of my hand. He then walked out of the room. I then heard the front door slam shut.

Silence pierced through the air, sweat was rolling down my face. "I- I will take me leave now." I said then walked slowly backwards I turned around and after one mere step my father shouted "STOP RIGHT THERE YURIKO!!!!!" I gulped as loud as I could. As I slowly turned my head my father was behind me starring me down. He grabbed my arm, I swung myself side to side and kick him and demanded him to release me from his grip. I lifted his arm to block his right arm ready to hit me but he stopped in mid motion when our doorbell rang. I gave a massive sigh in relief and he released me. I ran out the room to the front door. I opened it and before I saw the person at the other side of the door, I gave a bow and said "You don't know how much it means to me by ringing that door bell." I raised my head in curiosity to see who it was. To my surprise it was Annabelle with some flowers they were red roses my mother's favorite."You mean no one uses your doorbell? Should I have knocked?" Annabelle asked and tilted her head.

Then I felt someone looking over me not in a pleasant way though. I slowly turned to see my father standing behind me, giving me a warning of some sort. I stepped a step back and Annabelle must of notice me feeling uncomfortable so she said "Can I come in. I would hate
to waste these wonderful flowers." I looked at Annabelle and said "Sure and thank you."

My father turned and was starting to walk away and then Annabelle said "You sure are strong aren't you Mr. Iyashii." She starred at him waiting for a reply. I wondered what she was on about then I looked at my right hands wrist it was already bruised and all red. I quickly pulled my hand behind my back in shock. My father looked at me hiding my arm and realized what she was on about. "I am as weak as a female. Oh I found her like that when she came home. She really has to take care of herself more. Don't you daughter, dear."

I took a step back again and said "Y-y-yeah whatever you say father." Annabelle didn't seem to buy it though she then walked through the front door. I quickly followed her walking straight past my father. I then walked quicker so that I was in front of her. We then hurried to my room, the only place where no one can get me apart from UFO's and Aliens… as if that would happen. I then walked over to my bed and sat down on it. I then reached under my bed and got a first aid kit and opened it. Annabelle then sat on the bed with me and asked "Does he always hit you?" I then got bandages out of the first aid kit and wrapped it around my hand. I paused then took a deep breathe and hoped all the tension in my body would leave.

I looked at Annabelle seriously and said "If I tell you why this happens will you promise not to tell anyone." Annabelle nodded in agreement I then smiled and said "Okay then. This all happened when I was little…

In the past. When Yuriko was 5)
"Mummy look I made a ring of flowers!!" I said exicted and jumping up and down. "They are so beautiful Yuriko. You will make a fine bride on day." My mother said. I looked at the ground filled with colors. "Mommy if I have a wedding I want it to be here in our secert base!!! Wouldn't it be fun!!" I said and managed to give a slight chuckle. My mother looked at me like I only had a day to live and hugged me tightly. I wrapped my arms around her and sang:

Cherry blossom on the tree

Sakura I call thee

Make my wish a happy one

Then cheer up the sad ones

Swaying in the wind

Shinning in the sun

Moon light wishes

Underneath the Cherry blossom tree


"Oh my dear Yuriko, you are amazing!!!" My mum then stood up and smile like she always did. Then my father came. Nearing running and he hit my mother to the ground "You wench I know what you did!!! Why didn't you tell me!!!" Shouted my father. "Iyshii I tried to tell you but you wouldn't listen." Shouted my mother. "Grr you should give her to me now!!" shouted my father and pointed at me. "No you will use her as a tool and I don't want that for her. She has such a promising life without knowing!!" My mum replied. My father grabed my arm but my mother ran and ripped his grip off of me. "Over my dead body Iyshii!!" My mother said then sheilding me from him. "So be it." Father whispered and got a gun from his jacket and shot mum. "MUM!!!!" I shouted running to her with my tears flowing behind me. My mum was breathing heavily and was in grave pain. Then my father just walked off and left her alone. My mother was in my arms dieing and there was nothing I could do. I started to cry heavily as it started to rain. My mother grabed my hands that were against her and whispered in my ear "Yuri-ko please don't forget the song." Her hands were now as cold as ice and her eyes were closed, she had left this world to one with out suffering. I looked up my vision blured by tears of sorrow, my mother gone in a flash by my father. I saw him disappear into the distance as my mothers color faded. I grasped my hands together and cried into them. My tears making the earths soil damp.

After about and hour of suffering my world continued like she was never here, My father didn't want me to go to conscelling of any sort and made me study nearly every day. He wouldn't alow me to see my mother grave or keep her belongings. How ever I did steal my mothers rose pendant. It was the one thing she most treasure in her belonging. I kept it in my jewerarly box that she made for me but I hid it so no maid knows where it is. I will not allow the one thing my mother loved from her belongings to just be thrown away into darkness.

(back to the present. In Yuriko's room talking to Annabelle)

"Ever since then my father hates any one that helps me." I said then looked at the ground trying to find some way to calm myself. Annabelle placed her hands on mine and I turned to look at her but I froze,, I was paralyzed I couldn't move why? I couldn't see Annabelle but I saw a shadow. I tried to cry out but I couldn't move my lips. Some one tapped me on my shoulder and I jumped off the bed and landed on the floor. I could move again, I quickly turned around and saw Annabelle on the bed. The curtains were flowing like usual and everything was normal. I looked at the ground confused "What the hell just happened? How was that and why, who? Oh I am so confused." I thought.

I lifted my self on the ground and Annabelle looked at me confused as I was. She was about to speck but forced herself not to. I then sat back on the bed and said to Annabelle "Sorry to cut this short but I think I need to cool down. I hope you don't mind." Annabelle looked at me and smiled and said "Okay. No probs, but if you need help on any thing just ask."

Annabelle stood up at exited the room The bed sank as the weight lifted from Annabelle realized it self. I curled my fist and looked at the cream carpeted ground. The air went through my hair shifting it slightly. I leaned back on my bed staring at the ceiling thinking about what happened earlier. I took a deep sigh of relief and closed my eyes, only to be awakened by a piercing scream. I rose from my bed immediately and ran to my door clutching the door handle trying to open the door. It was locked, I can't believe it!!!

"Help, someone!!! Help!!" I shouted smashing against the door "Let me out!!! Unlock this door!!! Someone anyone!!!! Help!!!" No matter how hard I shouted and screamed no one answered. I kept slamming my left arm against the door to the point were it bled. I here a series of noises behind me and as soon as I turned I was gassed. I caught a glimpsed of a male figure and I fell to the ground unconscious.


I opened my eyes my head throbbing with pain. My hair damp and my vision blurred. My wrist and ankles were in immense pain. I looked around finding myself in a basement or underground, on the damp floor. I couldn't speak because some one wrapped thick cloth around my mouth. I looked at my ankles which were bound in fishing wire, the same goes for my wrists. I tried to shout HELP!!!, but it came out as a loud mumble. I was sure that I was kidnapped or taken hostage for money. I looked at the light dangling from the ceiling. It was the only source of light in the room. I looked at the shut door knowing if they new I was awake they were going to come in soon. My assumptions are right a handsome man with blonde hair and blue eyes about my age seventeen walked in the room. He softly shut the door behind him and came over to me.

He patted my head lightly and said "You poor thing. You don't know why you're here do you?" I shook my head to agree with him, I shown no sign of tears though. He then grabbed my chin and lifted it so I could see him better. "Now I want you to call your daddy and tell him you have been kidnapped by the VRG. I shook my head disagreeing to what he said and he didn't like that at all. He grabbed my chin harder and said "Why not?" I would answer but you know I HAVE CLOTH AROUND MY MOUTH!! I just gave him a stare trying to make him uncomfortable? He ripped the cloth from my mouth and left red mark from it rubbing against my skin "Thank you." I said softly. He released his grip and stood back. I looked at him wondering what is his waiting for.

I then looked at my right hand realizing my phone was in it. "How did that-" before I could finish my sentence the man shouted "Call your father now!!" I looked at him saying "Even if I did he wouldn't listen I am not his daughter but a house hold object that can be replaced. So if you think he's going to give you any thing to get me back you're sorely mistaken." His eyes were telling me otherwise.

I starred at the phone starting to wonder if he would come get me but I knew deep down that was false hope. I starred at the man getting inpatient. "You know it would be so much easier if you released my hands from the fishing wire." I smartly replied and gave him a glare. I stormed over and cut the fishing wire with a knife he must of got from his pocket. I rubbed my wrists to calm them down, from the pain they hand to endure. I looked at the phone and clicked on contacts. I took a deep breathe and scrolled down to 'father' and selected 'call'. The number started dialing and I held it to my ear. The man whispered to me "Put it on specker."

I looked at him coldly, but did as he said. The last thing I want is a blood bath. I clicked speaker and then we listen to the intense sound of the ringing from the phone, because we were trying to contact my father. Then there was an answer.

"YURIKO WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!!!!" My father shouted. I looked up at the man wondering what I should do or say. The man then said "Now, now Iyashii. Please don't talk to our hostage like that." There was a slight pause. "Hostage you say. So you have kidnapped my daughter.' My father replied in a serious tone. "Yes, Yes I have. I see that you haven't told Yuriko what she is. I could tell her right now if you wish." The man replied while pacing in circles. "What do you mean what am I?" I asked then leaned forward waiting for an answer. "FINE!!! What do you want to keep your mouth shut." My father replied this was weird he has never cared for me so why start now!!! I started to wriggled myself across the cold floor and leaned against one of the stone walls furthest from the door. There was no point in running, I couldn't run any way. "I want all of those ancient books in your library dating back a few centuries." The blonde man said and continued to pace.

The man came to a stop in his movements and said "I'm losing my paitence." "Fine. Where do you want me to drop off these books." Father said his voice shaking. The blonde man smirked and said "We will send some one to pick them up. Then Yuriko will arrive an hour later knowing that we have the right books. How ever if we find out that our messenger dies Yuriko will be, well you know." I don't what to find out so I shouted "JUST GIVE HIM THE DAMN BOOKS!!" The blonde mans smirk disappeared and he grabbed me by my shirt.

We then heard an opening of a door across the phone. "Iyashii!! Who's there!!" The blonde man shouted demanding and explanation. "Who are you" My father said in a stern voice. "I am your new nieghbour." Said a mans voice I have heard it some where but I just couldn't put my finger on it. "I am Ryuu." Ryuu said in a loud voice he probably realized the phone was on speaker. "Mr Iyashii where is Yuriko?" Ryuu asked in an angered voice. "She ..." My father said then we heard rustling of papers and the sound on ink sinking onto paper. The blonde guy put his hand over my mouth, to keep me quiet. I wanted to shout out but I couldn't make a single sound with his hand against my mouth. I then closed my eyes and bit him. He then jerk his hand away and I think he was a bit embarrassed. That was the least of my concerns so I shouted "RYUU!!!" The blonde guy then ripped out his knife from his pocket and said "You have left me with no choice. I will have to roughen you up a bit."

He came over to me and cut the fishing wire off my wrists and ankles and said "Now fight me." Was he serious!!! I can't fight I only watch fighting movies not act them!!! I curled my hand into tight fists thinking "Okay I can do this." I jumped forward and through a left punch as hard as I could, but he caught it. I Then I ducked and swung fast to my right and pulled his hand bend his back. He then flung me over his shoulders onto the cold ground I get out a bit off a scream from the hard impact. I turned around so I was now on my stomach. I push myself off and raised my fist's in front of my face. This time we circled around the room and he came at me. He raised his left arm ready to take a swing at me, so I panicked and closed my eyes. I then felt a gust of wind and some thing grab a hold of me but there was no pain. I opened my eyes seeing Ryuu holding me and his right hand stopping the punch. I looked p at him so glad he was here! I grabbed onto his shirt tightly and I didn't want to let go.

Ryuu then looked down at me and smiled so I let go. He then gently grabbed my hand and we walked out off this room. I was so dazed out that the next thing I know is that I am at my houses front door, with Ryuu holding my hand. I was scared to enter knowing that my father is probably fuming right now so I squeezed his hand as hard as I could and took a deep breathe. "Do you want me to go in first?" Ryuu asked I just noded, I didn't have time to pretended I was strong. Ryuu lightly knocked on the door and my father opened it. My father looked at me in rage so I stepped behind Ryuu. "Sorry I took so long but I got her back for you. Now I will take her to her room and see that she calms down." Ryuu said then gave a deathly stare at my father who instantly backed off. Ryuu walked into my house and I showed him the way to my room.

When we enter my room I just at on the floor beside my bed and groaned. Ryu just looked and me and joined me on the floor. Ryuu looked at me and said "Is your father always so angry?" "Only when it comes to me. I guess he still angry about me and my so call fiance breaking up." I said then released a sigh. "Wait you have a fiance?" Ryuu asked and seemed quiet annoyed. "Had. I don't any more it was all for money. Well all of the money we were getting went in to my fathers bank account. How about you got a lover?" I asked out of curiosity. "Why jealous?" Ryuu joked. "Hell no." I replied and then put my hands on my knees which I raised to my chest. "Nope. I have no one, never have." Ryuu answered. My heart started to beat really fast, then I realized the situation I was in. Ryuu is in my room leaning against my bed!!! I don't have any feeling for him and he has none for me so nothing would happen. I looked at Ryuu who looked like he fell asleep. His figure was very nice like a models. His personality was mysterious which made me so intriguing. I found my self moving closer to him my face inches away from his. When I realized what I was doing I pulled myself away and raise my right hand and scaled my fingers across my lips. What am I doing!?


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