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A HERO'S PREPERATION Amidst a cast away enclosed area by the great greens of the world. The trees immaculate in size mere giants of the earth soaring to the heavens above act as both a blockade and a representation of beauty. The area itself almost sculpted into the world a separate creation of that thereof. Within the grand circle of green dissention lies a small farmhouse. Well kept with a scent of worldly camouflage of its own upon it. The great twisting vines of the earth below were never snared from reaching around and blanketing the building as so. The one floor building is home to what is needed and nothing more. Sporting to it a great door of oak with six windowed opening wrapped around, all with their wooden shutters open to let in the beauty of the outside. The home is lovely by sight but is overcastted by the doubled its sized barn only six fathoms to its side. The barn as the home has been allowed to grow into the earth still holding true the up kept needs to produce its stand. Two horses caged to an allowed opened section made for them from the barn lay their day away without a care. Their own accessed route along the side opens them to their own ringed section around the barn to do as they please throughout the day. Still they choose to enjoy the warmth of the earth on their bellies while occasionally stretching their necks for hay as they wish. The black steed the male of the two is an enormous beauty. The stallion's muscles denting throughout allowing any light from the sun into them with its mane just as black as its own face blanketing it as a shadow to the world. The female its complete opposite lays as white as the snowy mountains with a rare silver mane upon its back. Though not much more than half the size than its counterpart the white horse it holds its own sense of being to match that there of the immaculate black one. Both horses encased with eyes of ease and tenderness that search nothing more than the occasional clump of hay for their tongue to latch a hold of. Across the barn lays three types of farmed fields with their daily needs kept. A small field split from a wheat field and a corn field holds to it various fruits of the earth. Plump juicy tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and carrots blanket the small area. The corn field with its produce reaching well above man himself throws itself strait back into the enclosed leafy giants. The area was built to stay and in allowance for anyone present to do the same. The sun not so long before hit its peak in the skies above and now begins its decent toward the horizon. Still some keep hard at their days work. Work to some play to others, others such as Orbin. Who enjoys the daily winnings at swords play with his grandson Lokis. Orbin is a grand man old in age with his eyes showing so more than his form or physical appearance ever could. His head still full of natural hair white as the stallion from the barn with a full bearded chin to match. Orbin's elderly eyes brown as the dirt and filled with focus and readiness while his face gives a sense of enjoyment with his mouth reaching nearly ear to ear constantly. "That a boy lad." Orbin says with excitement of voice to his counterpart Lokis. The words alone are shown to take immediate effect on the young man after making a successful deflection of Orbin's surprise sword thrust. Lokis himself sporting long white locks such as Orbin's but nearly as full and dated of growth of the older mans. His eyes also differ immensely as they shine the brightest of blues as they anxiously anticipates Orbin's next move. Orbin makes a slashing attack toward Lokis who sidesteps in time and guides the attack with his own sword to the ground. "Ah ha." Orbin orders with a giant strike to Lokis's face from his hand sending Lokis staggers backward in recollection. He wipes his jaw momentarily and looks to Orbin with great curiosity. "What was that?" "Always be ready lad. Always be ready!" He says finishing with a charge at the boy. Their sword attacks are extremely quick and powerful in representation. The clanging of the two swords meeting with such fury gives off their own lightning charges to the air. The power generated from the boy to match that there of his grandfathers alone is intense. Being that the boy although past the man in height holds to him a frame nearly half the size of that of Orbin's. The loud crashing of blade has no effect on the lackadaisical horses that have witnessed it too many times before. The swords alone would frighten any mortal man for their sheer size alone should not physically be allowed to move through air with such grace and determination. The steel is special in its own right forged many, many generations before for reasons Lokis has yet to learn. Lokis has spent the good part of his twenty years of being learning the ways of battle and hearing of the terrors and wars of the world from his grandfather, but has yet to ever see a need for such knowledge or abilities. His only contact with any humanity has been his grandfather and his neighboring farmer Thalas and his daughter Shia. Orbin when needed would never even allow Lokis to follow him to the nearest town for trade and supplies. Lokis didn't understand much of Orbin's ways or orders but never once challenged them outside his own mind. He was told before all that what he didn't understand he would in time and he always felt himself returning to that in hopes that it would all be clear one day. Orbin hardly even trusted the company of his fellow neighbors or even young Shia for that matter. Lokis knew there was much more then he could know with that. For Shia grew in years with Lokis and had become his only friend outside his grandfather, horses and their wolf Cherous. Cherous hid himself away in the uninhabited beds throughout the daylight and sought the need of protection and security throughout the night. He would often stand guard between the house and the barn till the very early morning light when Orbin's feet would touch the ground outside the home. He was above all loyal to Orbin sometimes even so much so that Lokis thought the wolf more Orbin's grandson than himself. Orbin had found the young pup scavenging for food for his dying mother in the woods and took him in as his own soon after the death. His loyalty to Orbin never a question for it even took the old man's orders of allowance for the wolf to not tear Lokis down where he stand during their swordplay. Time has come to inform Cherous that Lokis is friend and family but Orbin is always on the mind of the four legged creature. The tide of Orbin's attacks have seemingly come to an end as Lokis takes the upper hand landing his own assault of offense surprising Orbin with every strike. To both men's surprise a crushing blow from a leaping attack sends Orbin to his rump upon the ground. Lokis freezes his blade as it lands inches from the neck of his grandfather's. The shock is unified in both men's eyes as they stand locked together. It seems also as if the whites surrounding the bright blue eyes of the young man had tinted red. It seemed. "There's the fire!" Orbin says ending with him engaging in a giant boisterous laugh into the air as Lokis seems distraught and more confused as ever. "'Bout time you man up lad. I was beginning to think you might never have it in you." He says with an extension of his hand for Lokis to help aid him off the earth which he does so. "You're just lucky Cherous didn't see that. Not sure my voice could of saved your life this time 'round." He blasts with more grand laughing. "What happened to me?" Lokis asks with worry in his tone. "You fought back lad. For once you engaged yourself within. And you fought back as you should." He says as he begins walking toward the home. Lokis follows still with a sense of being lost somehow. "I didn't like it. It felt wrong." He submissively says toward his own feet with his sword dragging behind. Orbin immediately halts and turns to the boy in a fury. "Not wrong lad. Right. Very right as right could be. There is a need and fire in you that you must set free for it is your own life that will faulter for the not." He says directly into the young man's eyes before turning back toward the home. "You keep saying that. You keep saying I need such things. That I must prepare. That I must succeed. But to what? Will the corn one day rise up and attack me in my sleep?" Lokis begs stopping just before the home which is followed by Orbin doing the same without a look back at the young man. He shakes his head with concern in his eyes momentarily then enters the home. Lokis stares blankly at the uninhabited doorway when something catches the corner of his eye from down the dirt path out of the farmstead. He turns to see Shia walking towards him supporting the largest smile she could produce. Shia was a very pretty girl only a handful of months older and who stands only a few inches shy of Loki. Her eyes share a mirror image of the young man's though sometimes he would lose himself in thought in just the gaze of them as would she to him. The anticipation grew in her eyes of when she would be close enough to comfortably speak with Lokis. The young man prepared himself more reprosentable to her as she neared by wiping the day's work from himself best he could. Shia seeing this grows upset with herself seeing that she still had on her cutting apron from the cooking beforehand as she attempts to cover most of it with the basket she carried. She still was pretty to Lokis not only because of the only female contact but her beauty was also true from her plump pink lips, soft milky skin and her long brown hair. The tree oak ends whipped through the air behind her showing her excitable rate of travel toward the young man. Her anticipation needed not to wait any longer as she comes close enough to engage Lokis in voice. "It's a most lovely day Lokis." She reports with the grandest of smiles that would make most men weak in legs. "That it is Shia. How are you?" Lokis asks placing his sword against the house. "It's a great day." Again she reports without allowing her smile to fade. "And how is Thalas?" "You know my father as much as me. He is as well as his crops. And the crops are wondrous." "That is good to hear." "Is there something wrong?" Shia asks almost in tune with Lokis being for she's practiced to be so for a great amount of time. "Not at all. Just thinking a bit." "You and all you're analyzing that's all you ever do." She says with her smile transforming to a smirk and nearly a wink. "I guess your right Shia." He says defeating as she enters his presence. "Am I ever wrong?" She asks again with her gleaming smile. "I suppose not." Lokis replies with some of her smile finally rubbing off into his own. She had always been able to do that to Lokis. She was the brighter side of shadow never allowing too much to stray her from optimism and nearly never, not getting what she intended. As the time she wanted Lokis to kiss her below the full moon. Although Lokis had thought about it many of days he never embarked on any such notion that he wished for those thoughts to come true. But, through persistence and a smile not many could say no to Lokis shared an intimate first kiss with the girl not long before now beneath the full moon. There were something's Shia did not know and to Lokis's credit has held true in never allowing so. Such as the secrets Orbin ordered shared with no one. Even most times when wishing to confide in Shia with them feeling trapped and vulnerable he never shared what was ordered to be never shared. Once Shia almost embarked the truth of one secret when one day finding him hunting in the woods. She came to question the nature of him hunched over the beast's neck with its pool of blood dripping from what she thought she saw as fangs enhanced in Lokis's mouth. Quick thinking Lokis broke his arrows and said that the beast was only hurt by his one good one and needed its neck broken from misery and the blood merely transferred from hand to mouth accidentally. It was many, many years before when they were mere children and although Lokis remembered as clear as the day he always hoped that it was something never entered in Shia's mind since. "I brought some of our finest apples from the tree. Is Orbin in?" She requests peaking into the doorway. "He is in. Go ahead." Lokis says gesturing for her allowance into the home. She nods and enters with glee. She would always ask for Orbin shortly after seeing Lokis first in the day but he always knew she sought out him alone each afternoon. Lokis followed Shia into the home just after grabbing his sword beforehand.


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