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Mana Crafter

Novel By: Shadowsoul

In the dark ages, few were blessed with special abilities to bend mana out of thin air into any shape they choose. Those people were called Mana Crafters. What's mana? Mana is an energy source of magic and sorcery. Some say it's the very essence of life. Others, well, aren't around to say what they think. A young boy Mana Crafter goes through an epic journey that may end up causing he and his loved ones to perish. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 27, 2012    Reads: 32    Comments: 6    Likes: 5   

Chapter 1 The rattling of loose chains could be heard from my spot inside the prisoner caravan. Through the barred up window I could see the sun setting and hear the calming sounds of night. Too bad I couldn't just sit back and enjoy it, I had to get out of here.

I'm not a criminal. I was thrown into one of these wagons after the Caliph figured out I was a Mana Crafter. Mana Crafters are forced into the kingdom militia for brutal training after they're found out.

Mana Crafters are humans blessed with the power to sense mana and bend it out of the air into any shape. In short,they can make anything appear out of thin air. The object that they craft would be made of extremely sturdy material, that looks to be glass, but it's actually mana, forged into any physical shape. Every object made of mana has a neon, colored, glow to it, and each Mana Crafter has their own special color. Mine was sky blue.

I wasn't alone though, there was a shy girl sitting in the corner. She looked a year younger than me, and I'm fourteen.

"We need to get out of here, fast," I said quickly,"You do know where they're taking us, right?"

She looked up at me and nodded slowly. I didn't realize until just then that she looked kind of pretty.

"..." I was at a loss for words for a minute there, then I shook myself back to reality, "Do you really want to go through what they put us through there?"

She sat there, looking glum, and then she shook her head and said, in almost a whisper,"I guess not..."

I looked around the cart for a way to convince her that we can escape, and I found it. "Look," I said pointing towards a bent bar on the barred up window, "You're a Mana Crafter, right?"

She looked startled at the question, like I was going to take her away or hurt her or something."It's okay, I'm a Mana Crafter too," that seemed to ease her tension,"we could make mana hammers or something like that."I swung my hand in front of me like I was grabbing for something and a hammer appeared in my grasp.

She almost smiled at that and did the same. A red, glowing, glassy looking hammer appeared in her hands.Braking the loose bar off took much longer than I had expected, but we managed to do it. We squeezed our way out, through the bars, and fell onto the gravel path the caravan was driving on. "I never caught your name," I said after dusting off my pant legs,"mine's Soren."

Sifting through the dirt with her foot, she stammered,"I'm Emma."


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