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Arden Paige Mathews is a completely and utterly normal person. Normal life, normal family, normal everything. That is until she randomly passes out and starts dreaming. The only thing different is in her dreams, she is actually a part of them, it's like another life for her. Arden must then choose between reality and her dreams. Life and death. View table of contents...



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I already knew that my day was going to be fantastic. My clock flashed a red 7:14 AM in my faced. I sighed with fatigue and rolled out of bed. I was in no hurry, knowing that I had a field trip today. I changed into some random clothes that I found sprawled across the floor and brushed my hair so it looked half decent. Grabbing my backpack, I trudged down the stairs still half asleep.

"Well good morning sunshine." My younger brother, Dalton, smirked. I gave him a not so subtle middle finger just as my mother walked in. She was wearing her signature gray business suit with a black shirt under it and her shoulder-length brown hair was straightened. I could tell she had court today because she was wearing her "lucky" turquoise bracket that her Nana gave her. My mom was a pretty successful lawyer and usually won most of her cases, but she still gets antsy a little bit before.

"Arden Paige! That's enough!"

"It's not my fault the nurses gave us the wrong baby in the hospital." I mumbled. My mother rolled her eyes as she poured a cup of coffee. "Oh by the way, I'm gonna be late tonight. I have a field trip"

"Yes, I know. I had lunch with Brayden Keller's mother, Janet. You are going to see a play on Shakespeare as I have been informed." My stomach dropped when she mentioned Brayden. My middle school diary had known his name extremely well.

"Brayden's…mom?" I asked weakly.

"Yeah. You know Brayden right?" She took a sip of her coffee and looked up at me.

"She wishes she did." Dalton piped in. He then proceeded to make kissy faces behind our mother's back. I glared at him as he walked past me. "Let's go Arden, I wanna drop off my stuff in the locker room before the bell rings."

I sighed. "Fine, go. Bye Mom!" I called out. She set her coffee down and waved goodbye.

As I walked out to my car I noticed that Dalton was already in the passenger seat. He was so stoked when I told him as soon as I saved up for a new car, he could have that one. I never really understood why either, it was a piece of shit on wheels. My car, who I had named Bertha, was a gray 2000 Honda Civic Sedan that was covered with rust. I had duct tape on two of the windows to hold them shut and the third one didn't even work. Good part was that it was barely ever warm in Pennsylvania so I didn't need the windows down; bad part was the heater didn't work half the time so I had to stock Bertha with numerous blankets. Dalton still wanted it more than buying his own and I really didn't care what happened to it. It's not like it was worth anything.

"Christ took you long enough." Dalton said as he put his feet on the dashboard. I could smell his baseball stuff in the back and I almost gagged.

"It'd be nice if you washed or even Febrezed that bag back there. It could kill someone."

"It'd also be nice if you could drive a little faster, but it looks like neither of those are coming true". I shook my head and smiled. He leaned over and changed the radio station to the weekly top 40's and there was nothing but the radio playing the rest of the 10 minute drive to school.

When we arrived at the school I drove to the back where the locker rooms were. As soon as we got to the curb Dalton jumped out.

"Thanks for the ride, and have fun at Shakes-queer!" he shouted. I ignored his comment and drove over to the student parking. While I grabbed my bag, a loud rapid knocking occurred at the window, which made me jump.

"Jesus Christ Brooke!" She smiled and backed up a little. Brooke was one of my best friends and we had been since like fourth grade. She had platinum blonde hair that was almost white and she had huge bright blue eyes. She was all around just a beautiful person. Today her hair was in a fishtail braid that trailed over her shoulder to about her ribs. She was wearing black leggings, an oversized blue sweatshirt that read "Lazy Day", and her favorite white pair of Converse. She had one of the best styles in my opinion, while I was lucky if I changed out of sweatpants. Behind her I could just barely see our other best friend, Kyle. He was the gay best friend and we loved him, he was like a teddy bear. He was a big, husky guy, but his voice said other wise.

I got out of the car and Brooke handed me a coffee from a local cafe. "How's it going guys?"

"Oh, um, whatcha wearing there hun?" Kyle gave me a smirk. I looked down at my outfit that I thought looked fine this morning. It was a plain black short-sleeved crop top that I paired with light blue high waisted jeans. I too was wearing Converse, only mine were black. To top it off I had on a black beanie.

"Clothes? Why what's wrong?" I asked worriedly.

"I think she looks totally cute!" Brooke looked over at Kyle. "What IS wrong with it? I wear stuff like that all the time."

"It's just so unusual seeing her dressed…normal." he smiled. "WE'RE FINALLY RUBBING OFF ON YOU!" Kyle walked over and hugged Brooke and I in a giant bear hug. He liked to think that he was the fashion expert of the group. Brooke and I started laughing and he loosened his grip.

"Oh damn, let's go before Brooner has another Bitch Fit." Brooke said looking at her phone.


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