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Seeing Red

Novel By: ShaunaLeigh

Nadine Elliot is a vampire, with anger problems so severe she can’t control herself at times and lunges for the nearest throat. She’s unique and also graciously gifted with the ability to feel the emotions of those around her which is a permanent headache. She can also feel the presence of others and make hers unknown so that even if she is seen she won’t be acknowledged. Nadine lives with the Elliot family and together they live among humans, so she is constantly putting innocent lives in danger and always on edge. Sick of being a monster and a nuisance she would happily leave this lifestyle and join those who live away from mortals but there are many things keeping her there; a stubbornness to not be defeated and to conquer her problems; a craving for the familiarity of how she’s lived for so long; her love of her family who although aren’t blood relatives are all she has. And when Melanie Newgreen suddenly appears in Nadine’s life the vampire is suddenly overcome with a fierce need to protect her from the cause of her bruises and scars, the complications of her relationship with vampires and from suffering the same fate as she did herself. View table of contents...


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A new school meant a new start and the Elliot family- my family- were very familiar with these. I was once a human and led a depressingly average life but at least everything was normal. I became involved with immortals and eventually got bitten by another of their kind turning me into a vampire. I was bloodthirsty and killed countless times before I was given a second chance with the very vamps that I had known as a human- the Elliot's. I now have more issues than ever and crave humanity, to start over like I'm doing now, but to begin another mortal life instead of this. Succeeding at adapting to my new self could take years, perhaps even heading toward a century. But though I wanted to turn back time and be Naomi Lambert, if it was the last thing I did I would not fail being a vampire.

John Parker Comprehensive was a perfectly typical sounding place, with hundreds of students, a group of staff expected to look after them and a building that's purpose was to contain them. My brothers and sisters thought nothing of each move to a new place having done it a thousand times in the centuries they had lived but I felt as though I never would. It was overwhelming, all of those warm humans and their fragrant blood. I was emotionally unstable and if I got too angry I could slip. Of course my family were all too aware of how I was still finding it hard to resist feeding on them- to my irritation. Weakness was something I wasn't fond of showing. Every person was at risk while I was there.

"Nadine, please don't do a disappearing act. I know you hate it but you'll be fine. And you'll never get over it if you isolate yourself" Regina, the mother figure of the family was saying. Damn Blitz to the fiery pits of Hell!

"Blitz, how many times have I told you? My future remains private unless I give my say-so" I fumed at my sister, who was out the kitchen but could still hear me.

"Nadine I am not going to keep important stuff from Regina, especially when the result is less than pretty" she answered primly.

"What did I do?" I sighed.

"What were you going to do you mean" she corrected nonchalantly skipping in with a book in hand.

"Whatever" I dismissed.

"You ran away and I caught you, we argued and you went- fuming I may add, to go clear your head somewhere near a cemetery but-"

"Stupid night guard" I muttered seeing it all too clearly. Who else hangs around in a graveyard in the middle of the night where there might possibly be an angry psycho vampire? And jeez how stereotypical for it to take place in a yard full of the dead. I flopped onto the settee still frustrated.

"Actually drunk teenagers with spray cans. They were writing graffiti on gravestones. One I recognised, he's mixed in with the O' Reilly kids-"

"Who cares whether they were murderers or vandals?" I cut her off again. "I messed up, right?"

"Changes the way I feel about it" she whispered to herself barely audible. I bit my acid tongue before I could spit sparks.

Asher had been standing on the stairs. Regina and Blitz had been totally unaware being they didn't have my ability to manipulate my presence and be fully aware of the presence of others. If you were lurking outside a doorway listening in I would know you were there. I could also sense feelings, which were thrown at me daily- mix headache causing emotions of surrounding people with dangerously out of control temper, not to mention bloodlust and you get one heck of a lethal cocktail.

"You're not as bad as you think Nadine" he spoke from the banister "you only slip up now and again"

"Oh hey Asher, you all packed for tomorrow?" chirped Blitz perkily and I picked up what she felt immediately; she was desperate, she didn't want to embarrass me with talk of accidents, past and future, mine or anyone else's. I felt a rush of affection for her; no matter how annoying she was I couldn't hate Blitz.

"No I'll pack in the morning. It'll take like ten seconds" he came down the stairs and took her book.

I felt the presence of three people less than a minute away and knew at once who it was being all too familiar with how they felt.

"Edmund Lyle and Ezra are on their way here" I announced mildly surprised. Edmund and Lyle preferred to live away from us having outgrown the family. Blitz hadn't told us about their visit.

"Sorry" she smiled guessing at my thoughts correctly, "I've been worried about Cassie lately and completely forgot about them coming"

"You're telling me you had the vision but just forgot?" I said incredulously and I was met with her tinkling laugh.

"It's not funny you should quit it with Cassie. You're suffocating her Blitz, Jesus next you'll be like oh sorry I forgot to mention the world's end, I just saw Cassie missing school and got a bit worried about her attendance" I shoved her causing her to laugh even more.

Cassie whizzed past us almost as if on cue to greet Edmund Lyle and Ezra, a little white blur all arms and legs and hair. Talking of hair, mine got seriously messed up with her super speediness and I combed it through with my hands.

"Cassie slow down, you messed my fricking hair up"

"Hey Nadine watch it" Blitz poked her tongue out at me- over protective wacko. The little poking out of the tongue was mean to make it seem more casual, but I could feel the motherly concern coming from her, practically attacking me. Maybe she wasn't irritating at all and it was just the fact I could always feel her worry, constantly nudging me as if to say "look I'm still here!"

"Blitz you act like her mother. If you wrap the cotton wool any tighter her brain will pop out"

"Uh nice Nadine- really" frowned Asher disapprovingly. Yeah gross comment but completely true.

She walked back at a sensible pace though, having heard my comment, with our brothers following closely behind.

"Hey Ezra I see you brought the dream team home" he grinned.

"Actually they followed me. Honestly Asher, they frightened me half to death didn't show themselves until around by Cardiff" he narrowed his eyes, green like ripe apples.

"You two ran thirty miles before telling him you were following him?" Asher raised an eyebrow.

"For about ten of that they were close enough so that I could hear them. I was scared half death I thought I was being chased!" he scowled.

"It was fun" Lyle smirked and Edmund nodded in sync. That always irritated me; they acted like they shared a flipping brain. I don't think I had ever seen one without the other.

"Then they teased me the rest of the way about how much of a coward I was"

"Aren't you going to explain why you've come?" smiled Regina at the two.

"We just needed to talk to Trinian, nothing major" shrugged Edmund.

"Oh brilliant, just great I ran like hell all the way home and why? Because you wanted a cosy chat" grumbled Ezra.

"Hey Ezra!" chuckled Blitz and he returned her sweet smile with a wave and grin of his own. I couldn't stand the feeling of love radiating from him. It hit me smack in the face every time and opened my only half healed wounds. I slowly dragged my presence tight to my chest so no one noticed I was even there. I then left the scene and went up to my bedroom.

The night was cold and silent and as morning drew closer I curled up into a ball like a little girl and prayed Blitz would not foresee me trying to run off. Skipping school normally meant getting past your parents, I sighed miserably. With me I had to deceive my psychic sis.


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