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Seeing Red

Novel By: ShaunaLeigh

Nadine Elliot is a vampire, with anger problems so severe she can’t control herself at times and lunges for the nearest throat. She’s unique and also graciously gifted with the ability to feel the emotions of those around her which is a permanent headache. She can also feel the presence of others and make hers unknown so that even if she is seen she won’t be acknowledged. Nadine lives with the Elliot family and together they live among humans, so she is constantly putting innocent lives in danger and always on edge. Sick of being a monster and a nuisance she would happily leave this lifestyle and join those who live away from mortals but there are many things keeping her there; a stubbornness to not be defeated and to conquer her problems; a craving for the familiarity of how she’s lived for so long; her love of her family who although aren’t blood relatives are all she has. And when Melanie Newgreen suddenly appears in Nadine’s life the vampire is suddenly overcome with a fierce need to protect her from the cause of her bruises and scars, the complications of her relationship with vampires and from suffering the same fate as she did herself. View table of contents...


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I groaned at how quickly the next day came. I sat in the car as still as rock, not trusting myself to say a word. Every move was stressful for me. My safest bet was to react as little as possible, in case my instincts betrayed me. I stared out of the tinted window concentrating on my breathing. I caught my reflection in the frosted glass- the sight that met me did not help my mood. Humans could not see past my beauty to notice the desperation and sadness in my eyes. My family of immortals could not even see how deep my pain went, and if they did then they concealed that more important concern well. All that surrounded me was concern, pain, happiness and love. I felt each negative emotion and yes, it hurt me- but it was the positive that hurt the most. The car slowed to a stop as the lights turned red.

The morning had been awkward, I had sensed it, and caused it. I heard Regina enter the room in my rather alert slumber. She asked me very quietly to come downstairs though my reaction would lead one to believe she had shouted. Scowling was my instinctive reaction to most happenings nowadays. Blitz was flittering about after Cassie- if I was her I would have backhanded her full time carer against the wall a long time ago. Could she really put up with it for eternity? I forced Cassie to look at me, my eyes hard and cold. She didn't have to say anything, her emotions said all- though they were so overpowered by Blitz's feelings that it was hard for me to get a read on them. I got that she understood but that was about it, everything else was lost. It annoyed me but I didn't hate her for it though it probably seemed that way to most. As long as she and I knew how things were that was all I cared about. I wasn't entirely sure if she was aware but I could only tell so much from her emotions. Maybe she did maybe she didn't.

"Morning Nadine" Ezra said.

"Morning" I replied half heartedly. He was the only one out of my brothers and sisters who really bothered saying hello to me, who treated me like I was normal. The rest didn't really want to be exposed to my bitter nature. Asher talked to me but only because of his concern for my safety. Blitz chatted to anyone near enough and Cassie never talked at all. I couldn't really help that my bad moods sometimes tainted the air. My power with emotions was delicate and hard to keep control of. I would have drawn in my presence so they would stop looking at me, worrying about how I'd cope on the first day. Ugh first day of my fourth school so far. But I was too tired, drained which was unusual for any vampire but me- having extra abilities had strange effects on you, and I couldn't turn mine on and off as I pleased, it was always with me. Asher sat at the table thinking. It used to fascinate me as a human, how he could just sit and rearrange his thoughts. He was strange even for an immortal, or even for an Elliot. He was so intelligent yet he could be so flipping stupid. Hell he was so miserable all the time. Could he take time off being serious? I know that's a little hypocritical of me but I have reasons. I know he has his but he should have gotten over that a long time ago. We were a bit of a messed up couple, God knows how the others are going to cope with us. Well I'll probably be gone by then if I ever get a chance. He looked up at me worried as usual. I glowered at him.

"I can't help it Nadine. I can't exactly give up worrying about you. I know you issues dealing with others emotions but it's not something we can control okay?" Asher sighed his strange eyes misted with the usual- boredom, disinterest. I was the only one who ever knew how he really felt.

"I can confirm that he will forever be his annoying cranky old man self. I can also say I've had no visions of you massacring the school so you're good" Blitz winked.

"Thanks freak. I'm going out for some air. Oh and if you follow me I will hurt you- a lot" I warned.

"I know you won't run off and skip Nadine" Blitz said failing to disguise the sadness in her voice, "I don't want you feeling like this. It's hard on you controlling your temper and all, but you're stubborn, so everything's gonna be fine"

She looked like a little girl when she was sad. I just wanted to hug her and tell her how much I loved her as a sister, but hugging wasn't something I normally did so the others would think I had finally snapped.

"I don't have to be a psychic to know you won't leave" said Ezra. His green gaze would not meet mine. "It's impossible to do anything with Miss Tallulah over here" he grinned lightening the mood. She squeaked and shoved him into the wall making him chuckle. If he wasn't vamp he'd be black and blue- well he was sort of the family punching bag so he'd actually be dead by now, and I mean properly dead not living dead.

"Watch the walls Blitz!" Regina complained eyeing up the white painted surface for any signs of damage. God how many times has she said that to me? And how many times has Ezra been the victim?

Ezra was still laughing in unison with Blitz, her girly giggles ringing perfectly along with his chuckles. I knew so much about him, such as his love for Blitz and the way he knew me- better than most though we never put it out in the open. He knew that I was with my family here and I couldn't bear to leave them. Eventually that tiny part of me that still lived for them would freeze and die along with the rest of me. How had it come to this? I knew the answer but could not say it aloud for fear it would shatter me.

School was interesting. That's the only way to sum it up really. We sat at the table furthest from everyone else but they could still see us. Everyone stared open mouthed and every conversation was of us. We were the new kids they had been waiting for. Blitz was yapping on obviously.

"Asher, Nadine and I will be in the same class which is a change. Cassie will be on her own of course-" she was interrupted by Cassie.

"The joys of being a Year Seven" she muttered to my surprise. Blitz was distracted so I got a read on her. She just felt disinterested and a little disappointed, not much else. I got why immediately- normally we let her go into Year Eight but we thought seeing as she could easily pass as younger, why not start as a Year Seven? Blitz made it abundantly clear she would not permit us to put her in Year Six which would mean she would be in primary, in another building entirely where she could not keep an eye on her. Blitz was a walking talking CCTV camera, but impossible to tamper with.

"-Ezra is all by himself. And I'll be outside waiting for you after every class Cassie" she patted her arm.

"Oh sorry did I say that out loud? I was simply referring to the fact the material I'll be studying will be so simple I'll have trouble not falling asleep" she smiled. So what? Even if we'd let her go in Year Eight the material would have been just as easy for her. Hell, University would be a breeze.

"If you do they won't be able to tell" I muttered bitterly. Vampires could sleep but our senses were so much more complicated than humans so we had difficulty shutting them down. We could still hear clearly enough and our eyes wouldn't stay shut; they slid back open so it was pointless trying to close them. Sleep wasn't necessary to us at all we could go an eternity without it. Tiredness wasn't something we were familiar with. Those of us with abilities we can't shut down do feel drained occasionally but never was there an energy shortage.

"Cheer up Cassie, if anyone tries to trip you up in the corridors like your some mindless eleven year old at least you know you can bite their heads off" Ezra chuckled. I laughed too along with the others, and many people looked up at our sudden signs of life.

Blitz ignored Ezra and I, and went on to fill us in about the rest of the day. She covered her eyes so no one would notice the strange way they changed as she searched for the future.

"I can't find anything of interest. It's all trivial nonsense" she went on talking quicker than human ears could follow.

That's when I felt a change, like a little tug at the corner of my mind pulling me away from everything else. Every person in the room shared similar emotions. They were shocked at our appearance, awed by our difference. But there was one person whose feelings were quite different.


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