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Seeing Red

Novel By: ShaunaLeigh

Nadine Elliot is a vampire, with anger problems so severe she can’t control herself at times and lunges for the nearest throat. She’s unique and also graciously gifted with the ability to feel the emotions of those around her which is a permanent headache. She can also feel the presence of others and make hers unknown so that even if she is seen she won’t be acknowledged. Nadine lives with the Elliot family and together they live among humans, so she is constantly putting innocent lives in danger and always on edge. Sick of being a monster and a nuisance she would happily leave this lifestyle and join those who live away from mortals but there are many things keeping her there; a stubbornness to not be defeated and to conquer her problems; a craving for the familiarity of how she’s lived for so long; her love of her family who although aren’t blood relatives are all she has. And when Melanie Newgreen suddenly appears in Nadine’s life the vampire is suddenly overcome with a fierce need to protect her from the cause of her bruises and scars, the complications of her relationship with vampires and from suffering the same fate as she did herself. View table of contents...


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Blitz had seen the future for a long time. She had just become acquainted with Cassie when she had her very first vision which she didn't even realise was a glimpse into the future. Cassie was the one who saw the signs and was also the one who gave Blitz her name. You see, her vision was of World War II- stupid I know but kind of funny don't you think? Blitz was searching for something to think about at the time and ended up searching into the future. She could look ahead whenever but she didn't see everything, there wasn't enough time in the world. She saw loads but also important things like disasters, our family, stuff that could affect us, murders, you name it. It was quite a scary sight for some to watch her having a vision. There was none of that eyes glazing over, shaking like a Chihuahua, casting a circle junk. Her pupils dilated until they disappeared completely into the iris, and the black swirled around until it reached the very edge. It created a black ring around her iris which was now a pupil less pool of molten hazel and melted gold, rippling and swishing like water, dancing and playing like flames, swirling and circling like smoke.
To humans it was abnormal, scary but to me it was so beautiful.
She searched once again for what was to come only it was not my future or hers that she searched for- it was Cassie's.
"Blitz leave her be" I ordered.
"Just imagine for one moment Nadine that you cared for her as much as I did. And you slacked off for one moment and missed something...and then there's nothing you can do to stop it coming because you don't know it is"
"You know how I feel about the way you are with Cassie, Blitz. That's all"
"Hey Asher" she pipes up as he speeds round the corner.
"Hi Blitz" he ruffled her hair playfully. She laughs, and it amazes me how she can not care about it. If he did that to me I would tear his arm off. She was so happy all the time it was nauseating.
"Hmm" I raised my eyebrows at him.
"You told me to cheer up" he shrugged.
"Yes well I always tell you to cheer up, then you do for about five minutes and then leave it" I rolled my eyes.
We talked out loud for a while, Asher and Blitz joking around me adding my sarcastic input. We heard some kids coming round the corner and I silenced at once and Blitz took the conversation in a more normal direction so as not to arouse suspicion. More kids came all of them staring at us especially when Blitz decided to tackle Asher in a random moment of fun. They ended up in a sort of piggy back position. I scowled at them- what in God's name did they think they were playing at? Well more Blitz than Asher, his eyes were once again dead and his smile was strained. She giggled like she was tipsy and got down off of his back. I guess it was kind of funny. Eventually the bell rang. It still surprised me today how so many kids couldn't hear it and had to be nudged by their friends. We walked into the classroom and stood by Mr. Daniels' desk where he was scribbling on a notepad.
"Oh right...err if you'll come out with me- well um just so we can get your timetables" we followed him out of the classroom, me sighing irritably. I'm quite sure I saw Asher smirk. He knew how much I hated people who stuttered. We went into the room next door that contained rows of computers and crap ones at that.
"Here are your maps um you know you don't know how to..."
"Get from class to class. Yes the maps will tell us the way, thank you" he looked at me as I said this, not knowing whether this comment was meant to be rude or not.
"If you need any help please ask...you know I'm your form tutor and everything" he offered uncertainly.
"Thank you ever so much Mr. Daniels sir, I'll be sure to come to you straight away if I'm in need of anything at all" I laid it on thick, my voice sweet and sugary- yuck I absolutely loathed doing that but it was necessary. It was also quite entertaining to see him not even managing a stutter, his heart was racing so fast. I hope he hasn't got some sort of medical condition or anything because he's nervous enough when I'm not sucking up batting my eyelashes.
"You know I can picture you in a century's time without help from my psychic ness. You'll still be as sarcastic and immature" she sniffed as we followed him back down the corridor, a few paces behind not that he had a hope of hearing us. The effect was ruined slightly when she collapsed into laughter.
"How much are centuries really worth? Look at you, you jumped on Asher's back" I accused.
"It was funny" she stuck out her bottom lip.
"It was childish" I corrected. It would've been funny rather, if it had been at home and not in front of everyone. Blitz always knew exactly how far she could go so that she only annoyed me and didn't tip me over the edge.
"Aw now you've gone all moody again. You're no fun" she stuck out her tongue. It's things like that, along with her baby doll curls that make me think of her as a little girl. She seemed even younger than Cassie, but then again Cassie is very intelligent and mature, and hardly ever speaks for reasons totally foreign to me.
We walked into the classroom and stood with Mr. Daniels once again by his cluttered desk. I eyed it looking for a stress ball or something related that might explain why he seemed to be on medication. I heard two people rush in late but didn't turn to look. Then the crazy form tutor started talking to the class about us, of course. Like we weren't already the topic of conversation behind his back, now he was actually encouraging it. I hated him already.
"So today we have three new students, if you'd like to tell the class your names or, I mean, I can...err well I would, but I don't know them..." he muttered- ugh, ugh, ugh!
"My name is Nadine Elliot" I said. I looked around the classroom and that's when I saw that girl. She was looking at Asher as he said his name, and I was only vaguely aware of his voice.
She was prettily slim with a waist as small as Blitz's though maybe not Cassie's. She was about my height so quite tall. Her skin was gorgeously tan, like many girls tried to achieve through roasting themselves on sun beds. Those eyes now slid over to Blitz as she introduced herself to the class. I felt the wonder the girl felt at my sister's voice and likeable nature. Her hair was every colour under the sun, mostly a warm brown but with streaks of rich brunette, deep black, golden blonde and even flecks of sunny auburn. It waved down to her waist and shimmered with different shades and colours as she turned her head to Mr. Daniels who was now asking Blitz whether her name was a nickname. Her wonder changed and was now directed towards the feelings of the children in the classroom towards us. What was wrong with her? We were vampires, everything about us was amazingly unique and different and attractive, but she was unaffected. I felt awe from her but not the right kind. It wasn't marred by that dark edge of thrilling danger, cautiousness and fear that wriggled in the pit of each human's stomach.
She had to be human, but it was so impossible to tell. I studied her intently- her skin was too dark, and the warmth of it could be felt even from the ten feet distance between us. There was beauty there but no alien ness. She was too soft and her fragility was clear to my eyes. Vampires are white, hard, all straight edges and perfect curves; we are cold like a harsh winter fall, our touch stings, our breath chills; our skin is pore less, no freckles, bruises, scars or visible veins- our skin is too thick like armour. And the final test of course was easily passed. I could hear the rhythmic beating of her heart through her paper thin skin. A human so inhuman it made me question my own being stood in front of me. All sorts of questions threatened to bubble from my lips.
Could vampires have beating hearts? Could we have warm blood running through veins which were easily seen through delicate skin? Other queries flooded into my mind, now past the theory of a human vampire. Could some humans only see our beauty and not the hazardous consequence lurking beneath it if they fall for the guise? Was there a name for humans like her, so oblivious to their own incomparable difference that it drew me in more than even my vast vocabulary can describe? Why was I so utterly intrigued by her? Every movement of her head, every blink of her busy complex eyes, every colour in her thick hair, every aerial even ethereal sigh, every emotion that leaked from her, which swam around in my mind thawing the ice...
Asher made an inaudible noise at the back of his throat to get my attention. I followed him to two seats that were free but Blitz was separated from us. I followed her with my eyes and saw the only other unoccupied seat was by that girl. The register was called and she answered to the name Melanie Newgreen. Now I had heard her voice it would stay with me, in my mind she could say whatever I wished her to. I could recognise it through a loud babble of talk, from across a vast hall. Her friend made conversation with Blitz and I saw her sigh a little. She inwardly rolled her eyes and I picked up disbelief. At what, I knew I'd never know and this killed me inside, this trivial little fact. Never had I wanted to know the thought behind the emotion, to know every thought that passed through a human mind. But it wasn't any mind- it was Melanie's.
She flipped her hair out of her face and that's when I saw the angry bruise on her temple, invisible through the make up to everyone but three more advanced vampires. It was like spreading butter to me, distinguishing which cuts and grazes were accidental and which were created through force. I'd made so many similar bruises to hers and knew exactly how it was made.
So three vampires were in the room and all three were able to notice this. Only one of the threenoticed, and she was the last person to cry to for help.


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