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Aurora Night

Novel By: ShowTizzie13

This is Velvet Skies in Emmett's POV. It fills in a lot of blank spots in Velvet Skies. View table of contents...



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The large grizzly bear growled at me as I stalked it, looking for an opening. The russet brown color of the beast lit up in the moonlight. Around us I could hear the rest of my family hunting, but I kept my focus on the bear. The trees circled around the bear and I as if this was meant to happen in this "ring". It stood on its back legs and took a swipe at my head, I ducked and charged. I hit the bear with the force of a thousand freight trains. We tumbled into the trees, causing one to fall and three other to crack. We landed in another small clearing with me on it's chest. I bared my teeth and bent to sink them into the bear's flesh where it's blood flowed the strongest. The warm liquid filled my mouth, then traveled down my throat, easing the burn that existed before. The giant creature struggled underneath me but was unable to move me.
I continued to feed until I had drained the grizzly of it's precious life force. When I had finished, I sat up, still on the beast's chest, and wiped my mouth with the back of my sleeve.
"You sure make a lot of noise." My brother jested, coming through the trees to stand with me while we wait for everyone else to finish.
"Jacob, its no fun if I have to be quiet." We both laughed.
I got up from the drained bear, and walked over to Jacob. We were the same height and I was thankful that Alice found him. When Alice found Jacob, he was being attacked by animals like I was, only with him it was a pack of wolves instead of a bear. I always felt out of place being so big, but with Jacob, I am just another guy. Plus we like intimidating the humans we go to school with. That is why I hunt almost exclusively bear, and Jake hunts wolves. The kid can knock out an entire pack in an hour it is quite a sight. Admittedly, it is kind of weird seeing someone as small as Alice being with someone as large as Jake, but we have all gotten used to it and that is all that matters.
Jake and I heard the rest of the family approaching, so he and I took up the stiffest, tallest poses we could with our arms crossed across our massive chests, hoping to look somewhat intimidating.
"That's not scary guys." Edward's voice came from the trees. He stepped into the clearing with Rose, Jasper and Alice right on his heels.
"Damn, Em. I guess next time we should remember that we have a brother that can read our minds." Jacob said, bumping my arm with his.
"Edward, you ruin all the fun." I said, trying to sound childish.
Edward simply smiled and wrapped his arm around Rosalie's shoulders.
"Well if he hadn't said anything I wouldn't have told." Alice said, skipping to be next to Jacob.
"Where's Carlisle and Esme?" Rosalie asked, looking up at Edward for the answer.
"They are about three miles closer to the house than we are. Shall we?"
He gestured in the direction of their home, allowing Rose to take off before following close on her heels. Edward was very protective of Rosalie, although she really didn't need it. Alice and Jacob took off in the same direction as Edward and Rosalie. Leaving just me and my brother Jasper.
"Hey Jazz," I said thoughtfully, "I have a question for you."
"Shoot." He said as we started walking at a human pace toward the house, knowing we didn't really need to be there anytime soon.
"Hold on," I said to Jasper.
'Edward, please try to tune this out. And if you can't please don't say anything to anyone.' I pleaded to my older brother as loudly as I could with my mind.
"Edward?" Jasper asked, half knowing the answer already.
I nodded and waited for any indication he had heard me. We listened as we heard someone approach, just close enough to say "Okay," then dart away.
I looked at Jasper and cleared my throat, purely out of habit.
"Uh, can, uh well, do you think vampires can be... um... well gay?" I asked nervously, not really wanting the answer.
"Well I'm sure. Why Em? Do you...?" He trailed off not needing to finish the question.
"I don't know. I mean I have liked girls, but I think I might like guys too. It is just so confusing." I shook my head in embarrassment.
Jasper placed a hand on my shoulder, and tried calming me.
"Look Em, I think that no matter who you choose to love, be it male or female, they will be the luckiest person ever."
I smiled at him, I really trusted Jasper. He was the one who found me when I was being attacked by the bear all those years ago. Even though he was not the one who turned me, I felt a special connection to Jasper. I looked toward the direction of the house then looked back down at Jasper. I smiled at him devilishly and we both knew what was going to happen next. We both crouched down in an explosive position.
"Ready. Set. Go." I yelled, then began to run as fast as I could. Jasper and I were neck and neck the whole way to the house, and when we got there we argued for ten minutes who had won.
"Typical Emmett and Jasper." I heard Rosalie say.
I smiled at Jasper, knowing he heard the comment too and punched him in the shoulder. Yeah so what we did act like kids most of the time but who cares, what else is there to do?
Jacob sauntered over to Jasper and I, a huge smile on his face.
"Hey guys. So I was just with Alice, and she saw something."
"So what was it?" I said, grabbing a rock off of the ground and just launching it into the woods.
"Nice throw, anyways, she saw two new kids at school a guy and a girl. They are Chief Lambert's kids."
"Why would this be interesting to us?" Jasper asked, eyeing Jacob suspiciously.
"Well, uh... Em, the guy is going to shadow you at school. Sorry." Jake ducked expertly as I went to throw another rock into the woods but ended up turning and throwing it at his head on accident.
"Oh, dang, sorry Jake." I smiled sheepishly and shrugged.
"It's okay, so you don't mind that you have to spend all of the day tomorrow at school with this human?" Jake asked, beginning to sound intrigued.
"No not really. From what I hear I am pretty scary so it will be like I'm walking around all alone." I proclaimed proudly.
"Don't be so sure Emmett." Alice chimed in, walking towards us with a small grin on her face. "You left a little early babe, you missed the best part. The kid that is going to be shadowing you, he is very gay and is, well will be very attracted to you." She giggled as the last part came out. "And your size won't intimidate him that much, he is almost as tall as you two." She looked up at Jacob then back at me.
I shot a worried glance at Jasper, who responded with a quick wave of calm.
"Uh, no I still don't mind. I guess." I answered uneasily.
I felt Jasper put his hand on my arm and excused us from Jacob and Alice's company. As we walked closer to the house, I began to worry about Edward.
"Jazz, what if Edward heard?" I asked worriedly, turning to him and practically picking him up off of his feet to bring him to my height.
"Easy, Emmett. You know as well as I do that Edward knows not to say anything. But if you would feel better we could talk to him about it."
I set him down and he called Edward to where we had stopped, just ten feet from the house.
"Yeah guys, what's up?" Edward said, bounding to us in three easy steps.
"Okay Edward, don't play coy. We all know you were listening." Edward looked down at his feet. "Let's go to a more private location." Jasper suggested knowing that the others could hear.
"Wait, what about Alice?" I said, worried once again.
"Alice, could you please join us for a walk?" Jasper called to her.
Alice danced over to us and we all took off for the woods once again, this time stopping only once we know we were out of earshot.
"Okay, look." Jasper started, "Emmett is a little confused about some things right now. It would be greatly appreciated if neither of you say anything to the others until Emmett is ready."
I stood next to Jasper, feeling ashamed that I had made him talk for me.
"It is okay, Emmett. I already know what is going on." Alice said calmly, stepping forward to place her tiny hand in mine. "I also know that we all will support you when you finally do decide to tell us."
I looked down into her eyes and knew I had to trust her. Then we all snapped our heads towards the sound of approaching footsteps.
"Alice?" I asked quietly enough that only she heard.
"It's Carlisle, Esme, Jake and Rose. Apparently, Jacob got worried when we all came out here. He brought everyone out in case of trouble." She answered, irritation creeping up in her voice.
"Alice? Is everything okay?" Carlisle's voice reached us before he did.
Carlisle walked in to the clearing with Esme, Jacob and Rosalie following close behind. I groaned and turned to look at Jasper, who calmed me down a bit.
"Yeah Carlisle, we are fine. Em and Jazz just wanted to discuss some things with Edward and I. No real reason for concern." The last part was aimed at Jacob, who shot us all a sheepish look.
My little sister slumped suddenly, a vision taking over. Jacob hurried to her side and held her upright until she came back to us. She looked up to me, brow furrowed in worry.
"Em, trust me," she grabbed my hand again, "we will understand."
"What are we going to understand?" Rosalie asked in her usual brash tone while walking over to tuck herself under Edward's arm. Edward kissed the top of her head and whispered something to her only she could hear.
I took in a huge breath, then looked to Jasper again who gave me an understanding look and put his hand on my massive shoulder. I hated being vulnerable. I looked at each of the faces of my family. Carlisle and Esme held hands and looked at me lovingly. I knew they would never judge me, but my fear of being anything less than the strongest held my tongue. Edward and Rosalie stood together, Edward still trying to keep Rose from saying something insensitive. Alice still was in Jacob's arms, her small hand engulfed in mine. An apologetic look crossed Jake's face while Alice remained understanding. Jasper looked at the faces of our family too, analyzing the emotions each member was experiencing. Our eyes met and he nodded at me. I knew what I had to do.
"Guys, I.. uh... am well I think I might be gay." I stuttered.
Silence echoed in the clearing. I regretted the words as soon as they came out of my mouth but I was not getting them back now, so I had to deal with what was coming. Carlisle spoke first.
"Okay." He said it as if he couldn't figure out what else to say. He smiled warmly and moved to give me a hug. Esme followed suit, then they both disappeared into the woods, back to the house.
Rosalie's face was priceless. Her mouth in a perfect "O" and her eyes wide in disbelief. Edward tried to stifle a grin, I'm guessing at whatever was running through Rose's head. I next looked at Jacob, almost afraid of what his reaction would be. He seemed fine. His face stretched into a smile and his eyes sparkled as if he knew.
"Alice you didn't tell him before did you?" I shouted angrily.
"Uh... It may have come up."
She looked at me, eyes full of guilt. I couldn't stay mad at her no matter how irritated I felt with her.
"I think Emmett and I should talk. Do you guys mind?" Jasper spoke, stepping forward and speaking to our siblings.
Everyone disappeared instantly, leaving Jasper and I alone in the woods.
"So, are you okay?" he asked tentatively.
"I think so. Nobody seemed to mind. I think I am going to be okay with this." I replied confidently.
Jasper flashed me a smile then looked down at his watch.
"Oh it's almost time to leave for school. Let's go."
I followed Jasper out of the woods and made it to the house just as Edward and Rosalie were leaving in her Camaro. Rosalie always got what she wanted and as soon as she saw that car, Edward bought it for her. Nobody wanted to be around them for weeks. Rosalie was always trying to say 'thank you' and we were all grossed out by the public displays of her appreciation.
Jacob leaned on the side of my Jeep, with Alice resting with her back against his chest patiently waiting for us. We approached them and Alice began to apologize.
"I'm s-"
"No, don't worry about it. I don't blame you for not lying to Jake."
She smiled sweetly and allowed Jacob to lift her up into my massive Jeep. I eased into the driver's seat the same time that Jasper got into the passenger's seat. I looked in the rear view mirror to see Alice rest her head on Jacob's massive shoulder, his arm around her. I smiled at the love radiating off of the two of them. I didn't need Jasper's gift to feel it. When Alice had brought him home, we were all worried for her. She had never been so adamant about anything in her whole life. Carlisle finally gave in to her pleas and changed Jacob, as the rest of us did not have the restraint for such a task. Now, as I looked in the rear view mirror, I was glad Carlisle gave in. I couldn't imagine life without Jacob. We shared a relationship that I couldn't get from the rest of my family. We obviously were the largest of the group so we pretty much did what we wanted, when we wanted without the risk of being stopped, any humans we have every encountered usually stopped and stared or ran in the opposite direction.
I looked away from my siblings in the back seat and started the Jeep. It growled to life and then I started down our driveway to another boring day of high school.


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