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Surviving Deliria

Novel By: silentsouls

Survival becomes hard, when you're outnumbered. Restlessness overcomes you and you soon go crazy. With no food, no water and no escape, only those who stay sane will stay alive. View table of contents...



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A while ago, my friend and I started talking about writing a zombie apocalypse story and we where really pumped about it. We came up with ideas and then I was in charge of the writing. This is the first thing I post and i'm not sure how all this works, but if it's possible, let me know what you think and maybe it will motivate me to continue writing it.


Amber opened the faucet, hoping for at least a cupful of water, but nothing came out. It was expected, but at the same time frustrating, they hadn't drunk enough water in the last few days and it was starting to get painful. "Nothing, of course." said Amber, sitting in the dusty chair a few feet away from the sink. Amy let out a big sigh, making it obvious she was not pleased. She walked next to Amber, and sat on the floor, placing her head on Ambers lap. "I'm tired." said Amy.

"We all are," Amber replied. "Just hold on for a bit longer, everyone is trying their hardest." She nodded, but there was little to no hope in her eyes. She just looked straight ahead, at the big still moving grandfather clock standing next to the sofa. It was damaged; in the top right corner, a piece of wood was broken off, and the glass had been shattered. But it was still functional, surprisingly. "At least some stuff still works." said Amy "It's nice seeing some life in dead places." Amber placed her hand in Amy's ashy brown hair, brushing away dirt that had been accumulated. The showers obviously did not work and the last pond they found was a few weeks back, they had very little opportunities to clean off.

After a few minutes of silence, Amber spoke "Let's check the cabinets and leave; but it looks like this place doesn't have much to offer."

Amy stood up, taking a deep breath but coughing right after. "The dust doesn't help." She said between coughs.

"We also need to get some medicine for that." said Amber. "You sound worse." Amber ran through the cabinets fairly quickly and grabbed two cans of beans; she put them in her back pack and hurried Amy to the door but stopped her before she walked through it and looked outside, checking if it was safe. The sun was at its highest point, and the shine made her eyes squint a bit. Nothing was around; it was clear, just like the trip here. But they appear when you least expect them, so it is better to keep an open eye.

It was also hot; hot to the point that the heat of the ground would seep through your shoes if you stood there long enough. "I think we're good," whispered Amber. "Let's go."

They made their way to the offices they were staying at. They were not much of offices anymore. Most of the computers were broken and the floors were scattered with paper and junk. They had set up a few sheets on the floor to sleep in, not the most comfortable, but it worked on the situation, and with their bags as pillows, it was almost like a bed… that was a lie of course. On the way there, Amy had tripped on a metal bucket, making a loud banging noise. Luckily nothing happened, but Amber almost lost it. She whispered Amy's name, but in a way that was meant to be yelled. Amy kept apologizing through the rest of the way there.

The office building was three stories high, but they had not checked the rest. They planned to, but the second floor was really dark, it was too risky, anything could be up there and they were not really prepared. There were two of the things on the first floor, which they dragged out once they killed them.

Once they got there, Amy looked through the glass door, trying to see if there was anyone near it that could unlock it. There was, Tony was there, it would have been really stupid if there was not anyone on watch. He opened it quickly, and when they were both inside, he closed it and locked it again.

"Anything good?" he asked, but not really that hopeful.

"Barely," said Amber. "Two cans of beans. Let's throw a party." She smiled and Tony chuckled at her joke, but neither of them was exactly happy. "Any problems?" he asked.

"Not at all," Amy said "It was slightly pleasant actually."

"Slightly" Amber accentuated that word and Amy shrugged. It is never pleasant now, everyone is always on edge. Amber looked around, trying to find everybody else. Neo was sleeping, turning every few seconds, but she could not find Hunter anywhere. "Where the hell is the other one" She asked Tony, a little frustrated.

"He went to the second floor."

"What! You let him go alone?" She was yelling. She was losing her temper, again. The stress of their situation made that happen easily.

"He said he would be fine, I was watching the door."

"You idiot, use common sense, anything could be there! How long has he been up there?"

"About…" he paused for a few seconds. "Maybe half an hour"

"Oh my God," She did not yell while saying that. "I need to sit down."

"You can't sit down." said Amy. "We need to look for him." Amber sighed deeply and rubbed her right temple, finally saying: "Let's go." She walked a few feet to where Neo was and kicked him lightly, trying to wake him up. He did not, he just turned. She kicked him harder this time. "Wake up!" she yelled, louder than when she was arguing with Tony. He opened his eyes, but closed them again and Amber sighed. She pushed him with her leg and rolled him over, this time yelling louder than ever, almost screaming. "Wake Up! Open your eyes, you idiot."

"What?" he asked in a groggy voice.

"Let's go, we need to find Hunter."

"What? Where is he?"

"That's what we're going to find out. Get up, quick!

Tony started picking up stuff, and putting them in a back pack, getting ready to look for Hunter. "Where do you think you're going?" Amber said to Tony. "What?" that was all he said, a little confused. "You will stay down and guard the door."


"But?" she cut him off. "I don't want you to cause anymore troubles while we're up there. And make sure, nothing happens while you're down here."

"Yes." He said, not bothering to argue anymore, sitting down in the chair by the door again.

"Let's go." said Amber

Tony watched them go up the stairs and then looked back outside through the glass, guarding the entrance. He only had a metal tube to defend himself. He had a gun while he was guarding, but when Hunter decided to go upstairs he gave him the gun, in case anything happened there. It seemed pretty fair.

Upstairs everyone was in a back to back formation. Amber in the front and Neo and Amy guarding her back. They had walked through a few hallways now, and passed two not functional elevators. One of them was open and you could faintly see the thick cables, but the little light coming from the few far away windows did not help. Some cables were hanging from the ceiling; it is still not certain to them how they break off.

They whispered as audible as possible, Hunter's name, but no responses. They kept going for a while, they looked in every room until only one was left, they knew that was the last one because they had reached the stairs again, they had gone around the whole floor. Amber opened the door and the scent of smoke instantly hit them. Amy started coughing. Amber shone her flashlight, around the room until she found two wide open eyes, motionless. They gleamed as the weak light of the flashlight hit them and she could faintly tell that the parts around the pupil where red. Amber opened her own eyes, alarmed. "Guys" She said, alerting them.

"Is it one of them?" Amy asked, but Amber quickly shushed her. She pointed her gun at the head. She had the best aim in the whole group. She wasn't going to miss. She breathed in and then out, any moment now.

"Wait," said Neo.

"What is it?" she replied.

"Why isn't it attacking?"

"Why should I know? Better for me that it isn't; easier kill." She pointed her gun again.

"But they always attack, even instantly when they see us."

"Just shut up and let me kill It." she was losing her temper again. She breathed in and out again. She did not shoot.

A low laugh started coming from it. "What?" said Amy "Why is it laughing? They don't laugh."

"You have to be kidding." said Neo with a sigh.

"He's laughing because it's Hunter." announced Amber, lowering her gun. This time he laughed louder.

"Oh my God, that was too funny." He finally said. "This is the best day I've had in months."

"Not for all of us, really," Amber said. "What were you thinking? They could have killed you!" He just kept on laughing. "And what is that smell?" He laughed even more when she said that.

"You will not believe me." He said, still laughing lightly. "I came up here, I was really bored, you know?"

"Bored?" questioned Amber, interrupting his story. "So being bored just gives you a reason to risk your life? So boredom gives you an excuse to put all of us in more trouble?" She waited for an answer but he just stared at her for a few seconds until he started laughing again.

"Whatever," He said, still laughing, and continued his story. "You will not guess what I just found just casually sitting in a drawer." There was silence.

"Come on, guess." He added.

Neo chuckled.

"Why are you laughing?" Amber asked Neo, slightly disgusted that he would follow his game.

"He's laughing because he knows. Say it, come on, say it."

"A blunt?" Neo said.

"A fucking blunt!" Hunter started laughing again, louder that he had before and Amber turned around and made her way down stairs.

"Neo, you will take care of him." Amber said.

"What? Why me"

"Because you enjoyed his amusement, let's go Amy." Amy followed Amber, leaving Neo alone to lead Hunter down stairs.

"Come on." said Neo, pulling Hunter by the arm. He did not budge.

"No, I want to enjoy my time in the darkness, leave me alone." Neo stood there, a little hopeless, but came up with an idea. He went with it, not really sure if it was going to work.

"Look," said Neo. "If that blunt wasn't enough, Amber and Amy found a lot more in their hunt, if you come down stairs, you'll be able to have as much as you like."

"Are you serious?" he asked with a smile. "Fuck yeah, let's go!" He ran out the door as fast as possible and he was out of sight very quickly. Neo made his way down the stairs, getting ready to break the news to Hunter. Hunter was already waiting outside the door at the bottom of the stairs.

"Where's my stuff?" he asked.

"You need to sit down first; I'll get them for you, just wait a little." Neo replied.

"Ok" Hunter said, laughing a little. Neo closed the door and started walking back to the group. "I'll be waiting." Neo looked back at him and he was pointing his finger at him, giving him an unmentioned warning. He started walking to a wall and sat down leaning to it and closed his eyes, probably fell asleep instantly.

Neo reached to group again, they were sitting on the floor, crossed legged in a circle. He sat down between to Amy and Tony.

"He is smarter than this, why the hell would he do that. He knows we're on a rough situation; anything can happen at any moment, we need to be prepared." Amber stopped talking and looked down at the circle formed by their legs. Tony was leaning back, his hands behind him on the floor, for support. Amy kept curling her finger in a piece of hair behind her head, it was a habit. Neo just looked at them, one by one, trying to figure out their thoughts. They all probably had similar thoughts. Trying figure out a way out of this, hoping for a better future; it seemed very distant, but hope is the only thing they had left… and if not that, Hunter's most recent act was most likely in their heads.

Tony picked up a piece of paper, out of many lying around. "Look, a coupon," He said. "It's one free entrance to the movie theater." Amy took it from his hand and stared at it.

"Remember all the time we spent there?" she said, going back to the happy moments. "It was fun." She smiled a little, it lasted for a few seconds, but then it faded away. There was silence. "Do you think the equipment still works?" said Neo "Maybe we could go, set up everything ourselves?"

"There's no elctricity dumbass." said Amber

"Oh, right" said Neo

Amber stood up and took Amy by the hand. "Let's go to sleep. You guys keep watch."

They needed to sleep; you could see circles under their eyes, especially Amy, she looked beat up. Their hunt for food drained all their energy, and having to look for Hunter probably made it worse. Once they laid down, it looked like they fell asleep almost instantly, just like Hunter did.

"You can go to bed too, if you want," said Neo to Tony. "You've been awake since before they left. Go get some rest too."

"Gosh, thank you." said Tony, yawning. He walked to where his makeshift bed was, and went to sleep. Neo sat down on the chair that Tony was sitting at and stared out the glass door. He caught himself falling asleep once, his head lowering and then quickly back up. He didn't really get that much sleep, or at least it felt that way, he felt just as tired as before. And the breeze coming from a hole of a broken window was not helping him stay awake either.


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