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The Vampire and The Flower

Novel By: SilverTonguette

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Submitted:Feb 17, 2013    Reads: 133    Comments: 6    Likes: 5   

I put my face to rain, felt it's drops fall off my face, landing on my breasts and arms. My skin started to shiver and become riddle in goose flesh. The rain washed away the tears from the night before and steamed against my feverish skin. I opened my eyes to the dense steam and dark clouds. Rain washed over my body, drenching me, making my white tee cling to my skin like a lover.

The woods around me remained quiet as I stood between two maples in a smallc clearing. The weeds opened their flowers in glee as the rain poured down, slower. The clouds were squeezing away their last drops as my brother, Sephen, called me. "Ariel?" He came through the tree, his sandy blond hair and blue eyes so different from my own brown hair and eyes. "I thought you had run away." He whispered to me. "I woke, and you were gone."

"No need to think that, Sephen. I wouldn't leave without. We've been dependent on each other for far too long." I looked to him, the steam from the rain fading away, the weeds spreading their flowers out wider, to catch what was left. Sephen wasn't nearly as soaked as I was, which lead me to believe, he woke up only a few minutes ago. "How did you know to look here?" I asked.

He kicked at the mud with his scuffed up sneakers, never taking his eyes off of me. "I don't know, I guess because this is where I use to take you when Mom would get in her moods." Moods. Such a tame word for the beatings that would insue if Mom couldn't find a man to shack up with. She could come home, angry because no man wanted to touch her. She would take her frusterations out on me and Sephen, grabbed us and throwing us about, screaming profanties about how it's our fault because we destoryed her beach perfect body, making it riddle with stretch marks and saggy.

I use to cry when she hit Sephen, before she started on the both of us. She would stop long enough to scream at me to shut up, then grab a hold of Sephen again. From there, Sephen would take a beating, then take us to this very spot. I ignored him, and went back to staring at the sky. "What are you thinking about?" He asked, coming to stand beside me. Sephen was a good deal taller than my five two and one hundred twelve frame. He just surpassed six foot, and weight one hundred eighty-three. He was narrow like a swimmer, but he never touched water outside of bathing.

"Nothing." I murmured, closing my eyes. "I just want to run away." I didn't feel it, but I knew he nodded beside me. We stayed like that awhile, Sephen staring at the sky, me looking up with my eyes closed. The maples shivered in the wind and dropped its rain upon us. I heard Sephen say.

"Can we go?"

"I don't want to. You can."

"Mom told me to come get you. She said she needs the house cleaned and food cooked before she gets home tonight. She has a 'friend' coming over." I looked at Sephen. He looked at me, knowing that I couldn't cook. I never learned, because I was always the one stuck cleaning.

Without saying a word, we both turned and walked through the woods to a field that our house squatted in.


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