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The Edge chapter 1

Novel By: skydarkangel26

He will soon be completly suprised... View table of contents...



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The Edge By: Sheldon Hoffman

I would be turning 16 on March 29th this

year, but right now it was September. So that

was a long way away right now. I lived in

England, Loughborough, 26 William Street to be

precise. It was a very small house that I

lived in (white with green trim). It was at

least 60 years old, maybe more. There was a

small group of trees in my backyard, around

fifty trees. Our yard was big even though the

house was small. The trees were clumped

together quite thickly. A hedge of blueberries

covered the entire right side of our small

forest. The forest was not that far from our


On this extremely humid day I was outside

trying to enjoy my last few weeks of summer. I

was wandering my back yard (my worst habit is

wandering it drives my parents nuts). I went

to the forest, there was a tree there that was

easy to climb I usually went there to rest or

read (I loved to read). It was so warm out, I

started to doze off then I finally fell

asleep. I dreamed, I always dream. I rarely

dream a new dream, not since I was twelve at


In this dream I dreamed of a tree (I know

sounds weird). This tree was oddly light up

kind of a yellow-black light. I stared at it

for a few minutes, in my dream. Then all of

the sudden I was staring at the moon, it was a

full moon and a clear sky I could see all the

stars. I then turned around and looked at my

house. It was not that far away.

Then with a start I was awake... on the

ground and hurting like crazy I must have

fallen out of the tree while I slept. It

really hurt I think I fell on my arm. I am

still alive though so no harm. I got up and

looked at my watch; it was 5:43 my parents

were probably home. I ran around front and

sure enough my parent's car was there. I

walked inside and my dad asked how my day was.

I told him I had fallen out of a tree that

seemed like that was enough to satisfy him.

I ate supper an hour later (it was tomato

soup. I watched a movie on TV for two hours.

Then read a book (real exciting night).

At about lunch time the next day I was

outside wandering the yard again. What a great

summer! I was in the forest again, looking

around, when all of the sudden I stopped and

starred at the tree in front of me, I'd seen

it before. My dream, I had seen it in my

dream. It was the exact same tree every branch

every leaf. How weird I never spent much time

out here, why would I dream about this tree?

Why was it glowing? Why did I look at the

moon? Maybe I was supposed to come out here

next full moon. That's what I'd do. I normally

wouldn't do what a dream told me but, this

dream was different somehow. I found out the

next full moon was tonight.

It was 11:30 I snuck out of my house I found

the tree it looked normal. That couldn't be

right. I decided to wait another half hour. It

was 11:59 I was practically counting down the

seconds.5,4,3,2,1 it was 12:00. I stood there

for another 30 seconds a million thoughts were

going through my head. Why was the tree not

glowing like in my dream and maybe it's not a

full moon? I turned around and started to walk

away (disappointed) when out of the corner of

my eye I saw a glow... my first thought stupid

watch, my second thought I can't believe this

is actually happening.

I took two steps towards it and the first

thing I noticed was the amount of heat coming

off of it. It was like hot wind on a cool

night. A really hot wind. It was exactly like

in my dream the yellow-black light and all. I

walked around the whole tree and I couldn't

figure out where the light was coming from. It

was the strangest thing I had ever seen! I

wondered what I should do now. I had only

thought about what to do up until now.

Should I touch it, what was it, was it safe

and how come it was here? But enough with

questions what happened next was more

important. I was blinded by a flash of

colorful light (I know strange).When I woke up

I hurt all over (again)! I defiantly did not

want to do that again. I opened my eyes and

there was nothing but white and black just

those two shades it made no sense. Where was

my house? What was I standing on? (I know I

ask a lot of questions).I felt like I was

dreaming but I was conscious so I knew it was

real some how. It just was, I guess here

things don't have to make sense they just are.

I still don't know to this day how I knew



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