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The Edge Chapter 2

Novel By: skydarkangel26

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Chapter 2

By: Sheldon Hoffman

I decided to test the boundaries of this new

world. I jumped up; to my utter surprise I

flew up in the air and hovered up there for a

few seconds before gently coming back down.

That was interesting I thought. I did that a

few more times before the novelty wore out.

I had a few theories of where or when I

might be. All of them as unlikely as the

other. I finally thought it would be best if

I wandered around maybe I might find a sign of

life. So I walked and walked and walked some

more, it seemed like I had been walking

forever in the "place of shadows" (a name I

had thought up for the place).

I stopped to take a rest; I was worried what

if I starved to death or went insane in this

desolate place of death? But just as things

started to look grim, I looked up and saw a

circle of red, it wasn't very far. I ran

towards it and bent down to examine the red

circle, as I did this black and yellow light

shot up from it. This time I was smart and

jumped back so I didn't fall through. It was a

good thing I did this because when I opened my

eyes there standing in front of me was a hole

in the shape of a circle. It stood where the

red circle once was. I walked up to it

cautiously and looked into it, it was like a

window to another world, my stomach lurched it

was really far below which meant I really far

up. I had a big fear of heights. I took one

last look at the world below, before slowly

backing away. The world was like earth, mostly

water and a little bit of green earth. I was

really high up! I kept walking leaving the red

circle behind. I was very confused and

slightly scared. I must have been in this

place for at least half a day since I came

here. I sat down trying to figure out what to

do next. I couldn't go back because I didn't

know where to go and besides I don't think it

would have helped even if I did. For all I

knew I was walking in circles. There was only

one thing to do for the moment and that was

sleep. I curled up on the wispy black and

white ground and closed my eyes within a few

minutes I was sleeping.

When I woke up I noticed two things, one I was

not in the place of shadows any more and if I

was, I was I was not in the same place. Two I

was in a building. Everything was still black

and white. The room looked a lot like an

apartment. I began to get up and realized I

was lying on a strange bed; the bed was made

of the same wispy fog that covered the ground

outside. I stood up and noticed the room was

filled with books, very old looking books on

wispy fog shelves. None had their name on the

spine like on most books. As I began to wake

up more it finally hit me besides the books

the whole room was made of the wispy fog. I

slowly walked to the door (I was really

tired). The door opened and felt like nothing

I have every felt before, kind of like pushing

water and wind in a solid form. I walked

through it and as I suspected the hall way was

like the room (more wispy fog of black and

white). I walked down several flights of

stairs. Until I came to a place looking like a

lobby. There were five doors I looked into

three of them they all had rooms identical to


But, the forth door was different when I

opened it I nearly fell over because inside

there were three people at a circular table

and on the table there was food. I was just

about to back up unsure if I should talk to

these people. When one of the people an old

man maybe fifty with a grizzled looking face

and grey hair called out "look here is the

wanderer. Awake at last." I walked in feeling

I had no other choice. I choose one chair of

fog in between the old man who had called me

and a girl maybe twenty or younger she had

blonde hair, brown eyes and she had a circular

face (not a fat face, just a round bone

structure). There was one other person at the

table, the other girl she had pure black hair

like me, green eyes like me except, mine have

speckles of yellow too. I guessed she was my

age. The man then spoke once I got seated he

said "you should have stood in one spot once

you came through the daasly hole". He said

that more out of kindness then anger.

"I am guessing the daasly hole is the glowing

tree thing I came through". He nodded in

agreement. I decided these people knew why I

was here. I immediately asked the question

that had been on my mind since I had gotten here,

"Why am I here and where is here?"

"You three are here because you are the only

humans left on earth who have the needed

traits and here is the entrance Edge."

"What traits?" asked the girl with the black

hair. I noticed she had a very soft voice. Not

weak, soft.

"The traits you three have are ability to

take action, caring, understanding and

questioning everything once. I know that some

of those aren't traits but you all have them I

hope that answers your question Asrar." So

that was her name Asrar (sounded Arabic) but,

what were the other two people's names?

"What are you're names?"

The old man spoke and he said,

"My name is Arcanus and this is Mystik."

Strange names I thought.

"What is the Edge?" I asked.

"The Edge is an indescribable place of

emotions. If a person who does not have the

needed traits goes in they will go insane.

That is why you three are needed. What I mean

by place of emotions is there is rooms, rooms

of emotions these rooms are many. This is a

place where who ever goes into them feels only

one emotion until they leave. This may not

seem that bad or hard to over come but do not

underestimate their power of control and


We were silent. I was worried and it showed.

"Why are you worried I have not told you your

mission yet?" Arcanus asked me.

"I am worried that I may be the wrong person

for the job and I am scared." I hated to admit

this around the girls and this man.

"It is good to worry about the unknown that is

why knowledge is the greatest power and fear

is the bases for not knowing, this is human

nature. So try to kill your fears and worries

by asking the right questions." This seemed

like a good enough answer.

"What mission do you have for us and how do we

know it is for good not evil?" Mystic spoke

for the first time. Again Arcanus answered.

"The mission is for you to discover but, it is

for the sake of humanity that it is completed.

So I think you can tell that it is for the

causes of good." And again it seemed wise.

A new thought came into my mind, "Arcanus how

old are you." He looked at me and smiled

I looked into his eyes and some how I knew he

had left. So with smile he vanished into the

very mist that these walls are made of. I then

knew we had a long and mysterious road ahead

of us.


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