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The Edge Chapter 3

Novel By: skydarkangel26

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Chapter 3

By: Sheldon Hoffman

We were all silent for a few minutes; we were

so shocked we couldn't speak. Then at last the

shock of what had just happened wore off and I

spoke up, "So what do we do now?" I asked.

"Well, we've been here longer than you have

and Arcanus got a chance to tell us a little

more than he told you, so we found out more

about where we are not a whole lot more but a

bit." Mystik said. I could tell by what she

just said that she was our new leader.

"So tell me what he told you that he didn't

tell me then?" I asked her.

"That we have to complete the mission as

quick as we can and that the edge is the

actually edge of the universe not just a place

of mind boggling rooms." explained Mystik.

"How are we going to find out what our

mission is then?" Asrar asked.

"I don't know." she said ashamedly.

"Well, I think that we should go out side of

this strange tower and see if there are any

clues to lead us to where we have to go." I

said slowly.

"Seems like as good an idea as any." Asrar


"Ok but if we don't find anything then we

should come back inside okay?" Mystik asked.

So we left the tower in agreement and

decided to look for any clues of where to go

next. While we walked out I tried to figure

out where all the mist was coming from in this

place. I came to the conclusion it was come

from outside. Where the outside mist was

coming from I'll never know. So we walked out

into the misty world of the edge again (well

actually it was entrance I don't think any of

us were prepared for the real edge.)

The building truly was a magnificent bit of

architecture it almost looks some giant took a

straight tower and twisted it like paper. The

tower was made from grey bricks and was the

tallest structure I had ever seen.

We walked through the mist and searched

around the tower. As we searched for some sign

we heard a chorus of musical laughter. It

sounded deep and jolly like the Father

Christmas laugh you here on television around

Christmas. We all looked around us to see

where the voice was coming from. The laugh

soon became very haunting almost evil. We

continued to look around us and couldn't see

where the voice was coming from.

"Where is that terrible laugh coming from,"

Mystik cried out.

"I don't know but we have to find it and

make it stop or I fear that we will all go

mad," Asrar replied.

It was true the sound was beginning to take

my senses away. I kept searching but all I

could see was the silvery mist. My vision was

beginning to go fuzzy when I looked up and saw

what looked like a joker on a playing card.

The clothes he was wearing where half black

half white. He was high up on the tower just

sitting on a ledge about half way up,


"He's up there on the ledge," I shouted to

the others.

They both whirled around instantly. I could

see the contorted look of anguish on there

faces. I tried not to concentrate on the

horrendous laughing as I thought of something

to say to the joker. But before I could say

something to the joker Asrar spoke.

"Who are you and why are you torturing us?"

The laughing stopped and the silence was

beautiful. I looked up waiting for the joker

to reply but, he was gone.

"Where'd he go?" I asked

"Right behind you." A voice calmly replied.

I quickly turned around and to my surprise the

joker was standing right behind me.

"What …how… "I stuttered.

"Don't think how just know that it happened.

When you are in the Edge you will go crazy if

you think about how. Know it happened and

believe it." The joker replied.

"Who are you?" Mystik asked.

"Me, why I'm your guide!" the Joker said in



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