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The Fifth Element

Novel By: SlytherinAndProud

This is is a story of four kids and their two magical friends. There is people, words, food, and betrayal. If you don't like books, get off this site. This is made especially for people, animals, houses, trees, my BFF Tuvani, and a piece of paper. Thanks to Nyan Cat for making this possible. View table of contents...



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The four teens, Cooper, Danas, Jasmine, and Charlotte , were on their way to Cooper's apartment to hang out when Jasmine's eyes lit up, making them look like emeralds. "Remember when I said I found a really cool spot to hang out?" Jasmine inquired. Everyone nodded. "You've told us about a million times! How can we forget?" Danas asked. They question must have been hurtful because some of the emerald green sparkle in Jasmine's eyes disappeared. "Well I couldn't quite remember where it was, but I think I found it!!" Jasmine's eyes lit up again. She flipped some of her long chocolate brown hair and spoke again. "Of course when I searched here yesterday, it wasn't here!" "Maybe you didn't look hard enough." Charlotte said. "Look, Charlotte , you've been in Maine for nearly a year, it's time you get rid of that stupid French accent!" "But it takes more than a year. I've been speaking French for all my life! I can't get rid of my accent in less than a year, " "Don't talk to me until you don't have that accent!" Jasmine said snottily. "Anyway, follow me," Charlotte, Danas, and Cooper followed Jasmine into to hollow tree. They immediately lost their footing and slide down the tree, way farther than they should've. They fell painfully on rocks at the bottom. They heard Jasmine squeal and instantly jumped up to find her. When they found her, she wasn't hurt at all. "Look at this!" Jasmine said piercingly. The three teens looked away from her and into what seemed like a huge cave. Onto the left was a waterfall that trickled into a stream, the water sparkling with greens, blues, purples, pinks, and different shades of gold. There was elegant furniture on the other side of the stream, far away from the waterfall. There was a bed, table and chairs, a couch, and a small table, all gold and white. The scene was too much to take in, and all the teenagers gasped at the sight. After the long sigh given by Jasmine, Cooper spoke. "There's someone in here," The others looked at him until Jasmine jumped and looked down. She went down to pick something up. When she stood up, she had a kitten in her arms. "He's right! Some- cutesy is in here!" Jasmine's eyes were as green as spring grass. "Her name tag says 'Cleo'. She has a cute name. I wonder why she's all alone here." Jasmine asked. The kitten was a white Persian cat with huge, gold eyes. Her eyes were naturally rimmed black. The only thing else that wasn't white or gold on her was the tip of her tail. Her tail had black, but the four friends could debate that they saw different colors on her tail, but they blamed it on the reflection from the waterfall. Suddenly there was an enormous explosion, so enormous it could've counted as a sonic boom. The four shrugged it off, thinking it was just a fallen rock or a car crash echoing down below. The kitten, Cleo jumped out of Jasmine's arms and walked over to the stream. When she stepped in, she was suddenly surrounded by a gold and white mist. When Cleo stepped out she was, to the kids' surprise, human. She looked almost photo shopped, really. She had bright red lips and her black hair was cut short in the back and the front went along her jawbone. She still had her gold eyes rimmed with black kohl, but her high cheek bones were dusted with light pink blush. She was dressed in Egyptian attire. She ran out of the cave without a word. "Why does she look better than me?" Jasmine asked. "All I have are green eyes and brown hair. That's last fall's look!" "I personally don't mind my blonde hair and blue eyes," Charlotte said. "Though I need to cut my hair. My mom said that waist- length is too long." "I agree with you, Jasmine, I don't want brown hair!" Danas complained. "Brown eyes and glasses are last summer, sweetie!" Jasmine nonchalantly explained. "Maybe if you got your hair died… Oh! I know! You can get colored contacts. I will get rid of you're eye color and your glasses!"< /span> "Perfect idea, Jasmine my sweet!" Danas beamed. "You are totally right!" "Of course I am…" Jasmine said quietly. "I swear, sometimes I could tell you to jump of a bridge and you would." "Who yah talking to, Jasmine?" Charlotte said with a sneer. "So Cooper! What would you change about yourself?" Jasmine said quickly. "Nothing." Cooper said. "We should all accept what we look like. In the long run, it doesn't matter; we're all going to die any way! Charlotte has more since that you and Danas combined and multiplied by two, Jasmine." Carefully and slowly, Jasmine walked up to him and paused. Then, she smacked him in the face. "Shut… .. up….." She hissed. The other three stared at her. She looked confused for a second. "What's wrong with you guys? And Cooper, why is your face red?" "You smacked me!" Cooper said, still in shock. ""You, you…" Charlotte stammered. She swallowed and spoke again. "You're eyes where red!" When the two boys looked at her, she had some red that slowly turned to green until all the red was gone. "This is not good," Someone said from behind them. When the teens turned around, it was just Cleo "She is… no. They're extinct! Cooper and Charlotte, come here!" The two walked gingerly over. "Take my hand." Cleo ordered. Cooper and Charlotte did as they were told. When they grabbed onto her hands, they felt themselves turn to mist. There where three mist clouds in all, a gold and white mist (Cleo), a yellow mist ( Charlotte ), and a green mist (Cooper). Then they speed forward. When they looked down the two realized that every human made thing was gone, replaced with forests and fields. There were no humans in sight. "There all gone," Cleo's voice was a mix of thunder and lighting, but they understood fine. "I'll explain in a minute. Right now just follow me." When they traveled nearly a mile, Cleo spoke again. "This is some my magic I'm using. I am not a human; that was just one of my many forms I can take place in. You've seen two," "The cat and you're you human form!" Charlotte interrupted. "Yes. Very clever, Charlotte !"t Cleo said sarcastically. "Anyways, I've turned us into nihg gjafepejh, or mist travelers. Mist travelers can literally freeze time and travel in mist forms. We are here. Land by the sphinx. Good, good. Charlotte , wrong way! Over here! There you go!" "Let me finish before we unfreeze time. The words I used for mist travelers are in my natural language. It's called Natix, or Magic. I've learned all the languages from the past, well… since a language was even invented! My appearance changes wherever I live, but I am still in my Egyptian outfit from when I killed myself with a snake. You see, I really just turned into a cat and ran away. "I haven't been human since then! The river called me, mind you, or I never would've turned back! Anyway, off to meet Ghe Epenemg, or The Element. She is my master and mentor, a bit of both. You can call her Creator, all Zines do!" "Does 'Zines' have an English translation? Or is it just what it is?" Cooper asked. "My, my Cooper! You should know!" "What?" "Hang on." Cleo put a finger on her forehead and said stuff in her language. "Well Cooper, you're a Dojw! Or a Word." "A word?" Cooper raised his eyebrows. "I'm a human, not a word." "Nope" Cleo laughed; "How clueless you all are! Ha! I haven't been this clueless until I learned the meaning of life! You two crack me up!" "You learned the meaning of life?" Charlotte asked. "I'm not human?" Cooper said at the same time. His green mist thundered and cracked loudly. "Yes and no. Watch you're language, Cooper." When Cleo saw that her answers didn't make since, she explained. "Yes I learned the meaning of life; no you're not a human. Look around! Remember the trip? Do you see ANY sign of humans?? No! They're dead. All of them. And better off, to! They where killing all the animals and forests!" As soon as she said this, Cooper followed up with an argument. After a while, the trio went back human form and Charlotte took this to her advantage. Soon later, Cleo and Cooper had to come find her. Charlotte didn'> t care when Cleo yelled at her for an hour or when Cooper smacked her on the head and said "stop acting stupid". Charlotte just rolled her eyes and kept quite. "What's wrong with her?" Cleo whispered to Cooper. "Is she always like this?" "I don't know. She's usually not like this…" "Shut up." Charlotte said. "I don't care about anything or anyone. I want to go home. NOW." "You can't run from this. No matter how fast you run, you can't outrun you're fate." Charlotte stormed off and the other two didn't bother to follow her. 'Glad to know they don't even make an effort at following me.' After a while Charlotte decided to stop and look at her environment. She noticed that instead of sand there was trees as far as the eye could see. She flashed back to the landing and remembered that there was a sand patch around the sphinx and the great pyramids. She used her tree climbing skills acquired in Maine and climbed up the best looking tree she could find. There was a thick branch (thicker than her) that Charlotte laid her coat on. She curled up on it and quickly cried herself to sleep. When she woke up, she stretched and looked around to find her phone. Then everything can back in a giant wave. Cleo, magic, hate, clouds, and storming. She jumped when she realized it was the middle of the night and she was in a tree. Tears swelled up in her eyes, Charlotte forced them away. 'I'm to old to cry.' Charlotte thought to herself. She started her way back down the tree when she heard huge thumping noises. She froze and slowly looked down. Nothing, nothing but loud thumps. As the thumps grew louder, the trees shook and birds flew away. 'If it's a robot, alien or monkey, I will scream.' Charlotte thought. There was a long silence. Charlotte looked down and nearly screamed. There were huge scorpion creatures made of sand, as if they used all of the deserts to come to life. When Charlotte dared to peer down, she counted twelve in all and their eyes where all made out of different stones. They're eyes glittered in the moonlight. Charlotte noticed that they're eyes where all the birthstones. As her eyes adjusted, she saw there were mini scorpions, too. She nimbly climbed down the tree and crawled her way out of the forest. When she made it back to the camp, she found three sleeping bags, two of them were occupied. She climbed in the third one and fell back asleep, trying to forget what happened.


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