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The Curse of Cronus

Novel By: SmileValentine

Nathan is a guy who believes so much in Greek mythology. Although he's turning twenty, he still believes that Greek Gods and Goddesses are real. But what if it is real?
He and his sister, together with some of their friends decided to have a trip in Athens, Greece for one week. There they found an old game board. They played it, but they had a very strange playmate and there the curse started again. Find out how can they survive inside the cursed time. Will they survive the "Curse of Cronus?" View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 4, 2011    Reads: 135    Comments: 30    Likes: 7   

Consecutive flashes of lightning are crossing over the dark grey skies, accompanied by thunders roaring beneath the clouds. The strong wind violently hits everything above the earth which almost uprooted the giant trees and swaying bamboos in the forest. There is a silent cry of fear everywhere. The oceans and seas almost reach the lands. One strike of lightning hit the forest. The wild fire scattered all over the green woods which appears to be red in blood. Then the heavy rain poured down the thirsty land. The cry of nature appears to be a chaos as if there is a great duel between Gods and Gods.

Inside a hidden dark room from somewhere, there came a man in black cloak with its hood covering his face. The room has ancient symbols written in every corners of the wall. He is holding a sand clock on one of his hand, while the other is holding a huge, triangular wood. The mysterious man puts down the sand clock on the table. Then the sand started to fall continuously on the other half side of the ancient clock. Every single drop of the sand changes the amount of the sand on both sides of the clock. The one side decreases; the other side increases.

From the darkness of a cold midnight, a soft murmur of oration can be heard through the silence of the night. It is in other language. It seems to be in Greek. The single flash of lightning revealed a symbol like this "μέχρι να συναντηθούμε και πάλι" followed by a shaking voice calling "Nathan."

"Nathan, wake up!" said Hannah as she awakens her sleeping older brother who fall asleep while reading a book.

"Oh, sissy, why are you still up this late? It's already quarter past twelve." Nathan said to her sister standing next to him. Hannah gets a chair and sat beside her brother as she grabbed the book which her brother reads when he falls asleep.

"Greek Mythology again, huh?" Hannah said as she turned every pages of the book. "O-oh, brother, you almost, fall asleep in the table while reading this? C'mon, do you still believe in Greek Gods and Goddesses? You're turning twenty by this year, aren't you?" Hannah added and tries her brother to be convinced to stop believing in Greek mythology. Hannah looked at her brother wondering what he's thinking about. Then, Nathan wore his eyeglasses and cleansed up his sleepy eyes. The two sat in silence but the sound of silence breaks when Nathan spoke.

"I dreamt of it again. Now is the fourth time." Nathan softly said to himself.

"Huh? What did you say?" asked his sister shaking the shoulder of her brother.

"You're naughty as before, Hannah." Nathan said with a sigh and looked up the wall clock that continues ticking.

"N-naughty? What did I do?" Hannah asked again with curiosity.

"Alright, alright." Nathan replied straightly as if he has no choice but to answer Hannah's question.

"Now is the fourth time, Hannah. I dreamt of that strange creature again. And, and, and I still don't know if that is a human, a male or a female, I don't know but, it's a kind of a weird dream." Nathan stated his full dreams so that Hannah would stop asking him about his dream anymore. Nathan looks a bit worried and thinking of it somehow. Hannah just sighed and said, "Brother, you better go to your bed and have some sleep. Just take some rest and sleep. Tomorrow will be our flight. Maybe that dream is only caused by some pressure and nervous." Said Hannah as she stood up and looked at the window. She opened the window to gasp some fresh air. She looked at her brother once again, which seems to be thinking something deeply.

"Brother!" Hannah shouted so loudly which makes Nathan so aghast. Nathan got shocked. His shoulders rise up and his eyes opened widely and lost his sleepy mood.

"Hahaha!" Hannah laughed and giggled naughtily.

"What's that look again?! You got really shocked, aren't you? Look at your face!" she continued laughing and giggling as she claps her hands.

Nathan stood up and pushed her sister gently out of his room.

"Maybe you are the one who should go to your bed and have some rest. Then sleep. You seemed to be stressed, sissy." Nathan told Hannah.

"I'm going to sleep for you, sissy. Sleep now. Good night." Nathan added as he closed his door and locked it.

"Make sure of that Nathan! Sleep now! Good night brother!" said Hannah as she knocked the door thrice.

"Oh, he's really asleep; he didn't answer me at all." Hannah said as she went to her room.

On his room, Nathan lied to his bed as he removed his eyeglasses, trying to catch some sleepy moods but he totally lost it. He sat up and turned on the lamp shade.

"Oh, Hannah always forgets to close the window." He stood up and closes the window and turned on the light in his room. He turned off the lamp shade and he wears his eyeglasses again.

As the clock continues to tick, his eyes continue to read his book, the Greek Mythology. He turned on his laptop and browse through the internet.

"So this is the place where we are going by tomorrow." He said to himself as he looked at the picture in the internet. It is place in Athens, Greece. He zoomed in the picture. He revolved the mouse from left to right, from light to left, and then zoomed in the picture once again. There, he visualized a symbol in the picture. There is a small figure of thunderbolt, which is very alike to what he has dreamt of inside the dark room, where he sees the man in the black cloak with hood covering its face.


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