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the people behd the screen- chapter 2

Novel By: sonia

second part to the people behind the screen View table of contents...


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Butterfly trails and glitter
Hannah got up to examine the closet. The closet which never intrigued her before as it did today. She moved her hands across the smooth mahogany board, nothing happened. There was no door handle; it was like a large wooden wall. There were five panels, she used her fingernails to attempt to rip a panel off, but it was securely glued. There was nothing to it, just wooden planks really, she thought.
Suddenly the doorbell rang, successfully interrupting her thoughts. she hastily opened her bedroom door to dash down the stairs to the front door. It was a pizza guy, he brought a box, it had the name "Mr. G's pizza place". He handed the box into her hands.
"I didn't order any-" she began but was cutoff by Haroon.
"Oi, that's mine!" he snatched the box from her, paid the guy and then went into the front room. The guy looked at Hannah, winked, and sped into the floor. He vanished. Puffs of green glitter sprouted upwards like a fountain at the place from which he had gone..
Hannah slowly walked up the stairs to return to her bedroom, her eyes fell on the banister; streaks of pink glitter covered it. Afraid to touch it she walked on. Her bedroom door had pink glitter in the form of an imprint of a hand gripping the side of he door. She opened her door expecting to find an intruder but there was nobody there. She turned to close the door and saw that the handle was also covered in pink glitter. If nobody was in her room that meant that it was….her she thought
She opened up her palms and looked down into them. Her heart skipped a beat. Her hands were full of pink glitter. She had no idea where it came from. She ran to the bathroom across the landing, attempted to wash it off. Fortunately it washed away; the sink was twinkling and shining. Hannah returned to her bedroom to test her theory. She touched the closet wall with one finger and examined it. It had a pink glitter on it. There was no glitter on the closet wall; however, whenever she touched it, she would get glitter on her hands.
"I thought you'd be more like a mauve Colour, but you're surprisingly a pink…" the voice came from a little….thing sat on Hannah's bed. "What? Don't act like u haven't seen a Flitsie before" the Flitsie got up and walked to the door rather humorously "you do make a mess don't u? You've covered all the handle, you should be more careful u know"
"er Who...who are you?" Hannah stammered, she turned abruptly to see the thing sitting on her bed, talking of its own accord. It had the face of beautiful lady with blond hair, and bright blue twinkling eyes. She wore a very grand golden dress and golden wings protruded from her back. Her voice however, was that of a leprechaun, naughty, mischievous and sinister.
"my name is Glistenhoot Helerinia, part of the glitter track squad detection of beginners dust" she boldly said.
"o….k…. then, erm how did u get in my room? What are you? Where have you come from?"
" I told you I am a Flitsie, name is Glistenhoot Helerinia and come from the place"
"what place?"
"That one of course, there aren't that many you know" she pointed towards the mahogany closet wall.
Hannah stared at it, waiting for something to happen. Nothing happened. She turned her attention back to the Flitsie "what?"
"dear child u must use your glittersence, follow the glitter trail and you shall find what your sister once found" with that last word, she too, like the mysterious pizza guy whizzed into the ground and this time a fountain of golden glitter arose from the spot she disappeared.
The doorbell rang again, Hannah advanced down the stairs deep in thought. As she turned the latch another thought occurred to her, what if it was that strange pizza guy? She opened the door, but only a crack just to be safe.
"Erm, r u gona let us in?" it was Becky and Sarah looking a bit surprised at Hannah's reaction. She opened the door and let them in.
"Oh my god why are you wearing that big plaster on your face?" asked Sarah, shocked by the huge plaster on Hannah's face.
"Lo-long story, tell you in a bit, cum up" she replied. They followed her to her bedroom. She wasn't afraid of telling them anything, she told them everything. They were best friends and had known one another since first school.
"It is a bit strange but you know, you might have imagined it? Could have, maybe that cut of yours, you should really get it looked at" said Becky, as she was looking into the cut, peeling away the plaster. Becky was one of those people who didn't flinch at the sight of blood; she didn't get grossed out either. She liked things like that, Noorie always used to say to her "you would make a good doctor would u".
"Listen, what shall we do for your birthday next week?" Sarah asked Hannah, whilst absent mindedly flicking through a magazine on her bed
"Her face is cut open and you're thinking about her birthday'? Becky said half annoyed half amused.
"Oh my god, I'd totally forgotten, what is the point anyway because……." Her voice trailed off. Hannah was thinking of her birthday without Noorie, she was going to be sixteen, her sweet sixteen was coming and it didn't really matter to her.
"You know what, we should try an open that closet, because what just happened is really weird, we might even find narnia or summat!" laughed Sarah, whom had made an attempt to steer away everyone's thoughts from Noorie. "If we see what has inside, we'll know what has been happening to Hannah" she looked at the other two for their approval. Becky wasn't all for fantasy and adventure but went with it anyway.
the three friends attempted to budge or smudge between the five mahogany panels on the wall but were found to be unsuccessful. Sarah knocked on the middle panel and revealed a heavy thud which indicated that this really was just five large boards on the glued to a wall. The three friends looked at one another rather dismally knowing that there really was nothing special about this.
"I think, you're demented" said Becky with a humorous pause " and….. lets jus go shopping" Sarah and Hannah laughed and the three friends gave up and went out. Although Hannah didn't show it, she knew something was up and it was solely for her to discover what it was. Even though Sarah and Hannah, Best friends though they were, there's still some things that everyone can't share. The entre day she was absent minded and nobody noticed. She had an idea, and when she returned home she wanted to implement it.
She got home at six-thirty. She found Her brother was watching TV in the living room, and her mother sat cross-legged on the floor staring into the blank wall with a solemn look of misery across her face. She advanced to her room thinking again about her mother's situation, and her sinister Noor. She didn't even notice what had happened as she stepped in.
The room had been transformed, the door was a glitter mass, so was the floor and the walls, and the beds and practically everything in the room was alive with pink glitter. She sat on the bed and the glitter scattered apart to leave a space for her seat. At this moment she looked up, and saw what had become of everything. Unsure of what was to happen next, she slowly stood up. However strange and scary everything looked, it was beautiful and artistic. The way the glitter weaved and spun around the straightener cord, was clearly talent. She liked the way the embroidery like pattern had formed around the computer tower, it was magical.
"Be gone" she said strictly and suddenly, and so it was. Startled by her own response to the pink mess she became confused. Why did I say that? She thought, what is this? Then she remembered the idea she had earlier. She went to the closet wall. She tapped once on the first panel, twice on the second, thrice on the third and so on. With each knock she received a harmonious melody with a bell like hollowness. She moved back, she had done something right, now she must wait and see she thought. Surely enough, a thick, silken ribbon slipped out the first crack between panel one and two. It read:
"may you be free
to glitter and flee
to freely see
the glitter in me
to finally see
the glitter of thee"
After she had read this, the ambiguity confused her; she looked up and saw a handle appear on the middle panel. She welled with excitement, if only Sarah knew this closet really does have a place like Narnia. Laughing at her own joke she turned the handle and the panel opened, like a door. She expected something magnificent and only saw a large black hole. A place of emptiness stood before her eyes. She blinked and looked again, still, nothing. Unsure of what to do next she simply closed the door and sat back down. The desk pushed itself back into place; it had voluntarily moved itself when the handle appeared. She lay back and closed her eyes momentarily. When she opened them she almost jumped as she found the door wide open and a long twisting pink glitter trail was ahead of her.
She stood up, and attempted to step along it, I didn't fall. She put her hands out o catch the back air, but found it was solid wall. It was a black tunnel with a pink glitter trail.


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