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destiny of a grim reaper

Novel By: Sophia Love

17 year old Desiree Kenley wakes up to discover she has died and she cant remember why! and to make matters worse the grim reaper has come to collect her soul!what will Desiree do, and who is mysterious grim reaper that seems to be a bit crazy?
sorry i'm not very good at writing. i'm more the type who likes to read other peoples stories but i thought i'd give it a shot :) tell me what you guys think! if its bad then let me know ^_^ thanks! View table of contents...



Submitted:Feb 26, 2012    Reads: 33    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

By: Sophia Love



The first thing i noticed when I woke up was the feeling of weightlessness. It felt as if I didn't exist in any shape or form, yet at the same time I could feel my numb motionless body locking me in place. How was it possible to feel so free and yet so trapped at the same time. My thoughts raced through my head like an out of control tornado.

What had happened? Where was I? I wondered. My fear began to rise, suffocating me from the inside out. Anger flared inside of me as the fear and confusion threatened to consume me. I hated being scared and more then anything I had always hated not knowing what was going on. I quickly calmed myself and focused on my numb motionless body. The shape of my curves, the feeling of my golden blond hair surrounding my neck and shoulders, and the heaviness of my eyelids covering my blue eyes. The numbness started to disappear and I could feel the pain begin to surface. The sharp pain almost made me want to cry out in agony. What the hell had happened to me?

All of a sudden the weightlessness was gone, and I could feel gravity pushing against my body . I could feel the pain of it crushing me to the earths surface. The ground stabbing into my skin like sharp rocks. It was cold and wet from the rain that had most likely fallen moments before. I could still smell the moisture in the air. The rain had most likely erased all trace to who I was or what had happened to me. Figures, just my luck to have mother nature against me. the thought made me laugh. Life had always been against me when I was alive, and it looked like it intended to keep it that way even in death. It probably always thought hey lets screw with Desiree today, she wont mind.

I took a deep breath and attempted to force my eyes to open. My lids felt as if they had been permanently glued shut but the more I pushed myself to open them the lighter they began to feel, till finally they slowly began to move. It was dark. I could see the stars glowing brightly above me as well as feel the cool night air blowing passed my face, numbing me from the pain that echoed through my body. the only light visible was a small lamp about a thirty feet away. It gave off an eery light that dimly lit the ground below, as if it hide a deadly secret it wanted no one to know. I tried to look around me but it was useless. My body was unresponsive to my mental commands as I tried to make myself move. I sighed and gave up, I'd move eventually I just needed to give my body some time to wake up.

I laid there in the dark and tried to remember what had happened, but nothing. Why couldn't I remember? A dull pain began to manifest itself in the back of my head as I tried to recall my past. It felt as if there was something blocking my memories and the more I attempted to push at it the more the pain in my head began to grow. Just great, another damn pain to add to my list of what hurt.

"careful, or you might end up remembering something you don't want to" my eye flew open and there in front of me was a a guy that looked like he was in his early twenty's. For some reason I was able to see him clearly in the pitch black night. His hair was dark brown with a bit of a curl to it, and his eyes glowed with a sparkling green that sent shivers down my spin. I looked up at him as he hovered above my motionless body. I opened my mouth to ask who he was but nothing came out, no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get a sound to come out of my mouth. I glared up at him as I heard him chuckle at my pathetic attempts at speech. 'Asshole' I looked away rolling my eyes. "would you like me to help you speak?" he said, all hummer gone from his voice. I looked back up at him, And saw him staring down at me with a devilish grin on his face. " I could release you with just a single touch and free your soul from this motionless body of yours, if you'd like." I looked at him hesitantly. What did he mean by 'free my soul'. His grin grew wider as he saw the confusing rise in my eye's. "don't worry it won't hurt, I'll just cut the last few strings binding you to this body of yours, and you'll just simply move on to the other side" shock filled my eye's as he knelt down to me. This guy wasn't making any sense? I frantically tried to move my arms and legs, desperately wishing they would listen to my mental commands to get up and run, but nothing. The numbness consumed my body to the core. "it's pointless to try and move" he laughed, "your body is already dead. I've come to release your soul" he leaned even closer to my face, " you see, I am what you people call the grim reaper, so its best if you just relax and let me do my job" he whispered into my ear.

Dead? I was dead? no...How could that be? This man was crazy! How could he expect me to believe he was the effing grim reaper! Anger began to feel my mind at the thought of some stranger trying to mess with me while i was obviously hurt. I glared at the man before me, as he rose to his feet. Who did he think he was trying to pull one over on me; well, obviously, the grim reaper, but that's not the point. This man was a lunatic!

"what? You don't believe me?" he asked, the hummer obviously present in his voice. "hmmmmm... well then, should I show you something cool" the grin on his face widened, and he began to stretch his right hand out. To my amazement, a scythe materialized in his hand. He began to laugh as he saw the surprise fill my eye's. What the hell? "it's moments like these when I'm really glad I have this job" he laughed "the looks on peoples faces are priceless!"

I stared up at him in panic. OK... I may have been wrong about the whole grim reaper thing. Fear filled my mind, if this was true then that meant I really was dead. But I didn't want to be dead! I still needed to figure out what had happened to me. why did i have to die! The reaper looked down at me and stopped laughing when he saw the panic and fear in my eye's. His expression softened and almost looked a bit compassionate, " don't worry, it'll be quick" he said as his face became serious.

The man razed the scythe in his hand and I watched as it hovered above me. In moments I would be gone. I squeezed my eye's shut at the blade began to fall towards me. No, no, no"...No" I whispered.


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