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A Thousand Years of Darkness(Ms snake series)

Novel By: Speedy Wells

Now leader of the darkness army After D.M.X Died is Miss Snake View table of contents...



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The End of the World

The Ms Snake series

Series six By Montello and Ackerman

Chapter one

Now leader of the darkness army is Miss Snake.

Miss. Snake was mad that Speedy kill D.M.X

So she made a rode that people with power.

Will be kill in become one of darkness war arm.

So one of speedy friends got out of the under gown in the person Eve.

Speedy said were Eve.

G-ray said I don't know

Kid said she was out in the village.

Hephaestus said to speedy miss Snake get her

Chapter two

Getting Eve Back

Ms. Snakes came on TV and said that she got Eve.

Speedy said "I'm coming to get her back."

Ms. Snakes said "Come on."

Then Ms. Snakes went off the TV.

So Speedy got his stuff.

Speedy's friends said can we go with you?

Speedy said "no."

Kid said "I'm coming with you if you like it or not."

Speedy said OK.

He said OK to G Ray, too.

Speedy powered up.



Chapter Three

Speedy vs. Ms. Snakes

Ms. Snakes said "You brought your friends. I brought my son DMX Jr."

DMX Jr. said " I am going to kill you for killing my father."

Speedy said, "your father was given a second chance, but he tried to attack me from behind."
Speedy said to Ms. Snakes: "Lets fight!"

Ms. Snakes and Speedy went at it like cats and dogs.

DMX Jr. was fighting Kid Crazy and G Ray.

Speedy and Ms. Snakes were bleeding.

DMX Jr. jumped in the way of Speedy's sword. Speedy and DMX Jr. went at it and a big blast knocked Speedy and DMX Jr. out cold.

Chapter Four

The Darkness Future

Speedy woke up in the year 2113.

"Where am I?" Asked Speedy.

There was a billboard with Ms. Snakes picture on it. It said 'a snakes future slithers.'

Speedy got up and started walking. A robot came and tried to grab Speedy. Kid Crazy destroyed the robot. Speedy said "Who was that?"

Kid Crazy said it was me. Speedy gave Kid Crazy a hand shake. Speedy asked Kid Crazy what happened. Kid Crazy said I will explain it to you when we get back to the village on the ground. So, Speedy and Kid Crazy teleported to the village on the ground where all of Speedy's friends were.

Red Rose walked up to Speedy and gave him a kiss. Everybody said they thought Speedy was dead.

Chapter Five

How the Dark Army Took Over

Kid Crazy said we are called The Resistance. But we go by 3310. We have kept your legacy going on forever. When we thought you died, Ms, Snakes and her son took over everything, made us wear uniforms that said 'snake rules all.' But, in her efforts, nobody wore her uniform. Most of our soldiers have been taken and been mind-controlled. We are all who are left in this are the name of the people who are left. Speedy, , Kid Crazy ,T-Man, A.V, Sara ,Red Rose, G-ray ,Mario, Hephaestus, Chris, BAAKO , DJ , Shaun, and Mark Star beam. Most of the people who was on our team died or got taken over by Ms. Snakes dark control and dark army or by the deadly glowing Meekme creatures who kill just by looking at them.


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