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A Thousand Years of Darkness(Series five )

Novel By: Speedy Wells

this sernes is all about The Tournaments beteen team Liege of Evil vs team Chosen-One View table of contents...



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The End of the World
Series five
By Montello and Ackerman
Chapter one
Speedy didn't want to become a god
Hephaestus said: "my son why don't you want to be a god?"
"Because you gave me away," Speedy said.
Hephaestus said "I am sorry, but I didn't want you to get hurt."
Speedy said Give Me a minute
Hephaestus said to Mario "how dare you keep demigods?"
"The bosses over me said if I don't do won't they say, I will be fired," Mario said.
Hephaestus said "OK".
Mario said "he would let them go".
So Mario did. DJ and Shaun were free.
DJ and Shaun said "think you for letting us go".
Speedy and Chris said "can you be on our team"?
DJ and Shaun said yes.
Chapter two
The Tournaments Begin
It was team Liege of Evil -DMX ,Miss Snake, DT ,Dr.fog,Drusilla ,Elvira, Fang ,VSteam Chosen-One-Speedy, Chris, Kid Crazy, A.V, Mario, DJ, Shaun and T-Man , settled their differences and traveled together to the arena. Took all the weapons and armor they could manifest from the villages and started their long walk. Took them five days until they final saw it in a distance they knew it was the arena because they saw the darkness's energy levitating above it. It looked more than perhaps twenty miles tall and fifty miles long big enough to fit 10,000,000,000,000 people. The top of the arena was still over going construction nearly finished. They decided to camp out for tonight.
As they surrounded the camp fire they all were quiet and until D.M.X's face came from the fire. They glanced and he said "the arena is now finished"
D.M.X Said: there are eight contests they are one on one the first match takes place in the dark forest it consists of self awareness and fast reflexes, the next match takes place in the sky where you must be fast and have magic, the third is in a blank arena you must be strong and diligent, fourth is in the water some must breath under water and have magic, the next is on a high levitating platform you must be strong and aware, sixth is a big cave with dragons you must be quiet and quick with your powers the seventh is in a ring of fire you have to consist of the hot heat and have good moves, and the final last one is with you and me Speedy. Come to the main entrance at dawn.
Chapter Three
Miss Snake VS, Red Rose
A.V,, VSDrusilla
T-Man VS, Elvira
Dr.fog VS Kid Crazy
Mario VS Fang
DMX VS, Speedy
Chapter four
When Speedy heard of all the events that they had to go through they were shocked. Even the racket made them scared, Speedy said "Well you heard him we must get ready" Mario confessed "Speedy you can't be serious?" "We have no chance for those contests!" Speedy yelled "Yes we do!" "All of us contain the right powers for our arenas D.M.X gave us" Mario said "yes but…" "But what?" "Mario said "I don't know" "Out of all the chances we have of survival its 10'000'000'000'000'000'000'000 out of 8. Well? "Are you in or not?" Speedy said yes I'm in Mario said I'm in too said Kid Crazy Me too all of us are in. Good men… Lady were going to the Games. Find all of the weapons you can manifest
Chapter five
Let the games begin!
At dawn all of them were equipped with their magic and weapons they had found. They got to the arena at dawn like D.M.X wanted them to. The door was more than a mile high and had the Darkness's emblem on it a deep voice told them to enter. Hearts beating faster than ever they entered and before they knew it all of their weapons were taken from them and they were frozen and couldn't move. D.M.X came and said "your weapons will be confiscated and will be given back to you when the game begin. Speedy with great disappointment yelled and said "This was not part of the deal you never mentioned this!" Ha-ha well not everyone gets the way they want just live with it you'll be put in holding cells till then" Ten hours passed and they were sent out to the games, they all said good-bye to each other and were separated Speedy saw his weapons in his room he was put in. Speedy heard a loud voice from D.M.X "Ladies and gentlemen he have been waiting for this moment we've all been waiting for. Speedy just ignored him the speech he made was more than 20 minutes long the noise of the crowd was so loud it heart Speedy's ears. And then finally D.M.X said Let the games begin!

Chapter six

the deaf of D.M.X

The finally math begin it was DMX VS, Speedy .D.M.X ran at Speedy with a call darkness sword. Speedy blocked with his sword. D.M.X sided back. Speedy run at D.M.X then cut him on the arm. D.M.X was hart he bleeding form is arms, lags, chest, he was on his knees. Then Speedy hape him up D.M.X cut Speedy on his arm. Speedy take has sword in killed D.M.X

The win is Speedy the math


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