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A Thousand Years of Darkness(Series four )

Novel By: Speedy Wells

The S.O.S.P (Secret Organization of Sorcerer Protection) is introduced. Speedy finds his father. View table of contents...



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The End of the World

Series four

By Montello andAckerman

S.O.S.P (Secret organization of Sorcerer Protection)

Chapter one

The Beginning of S.O.S.P (Secret organization of Sorcerer Protection)

Mario is the leader of S.O.S.P (Secret Organization of Sorcerer Protection). The secret protection started years ago, before we all knew Speedy. Speedy's Dad was one of the leaders of the SOSP. He and Mario were there after Speedy's father disappeared, and Mario took the position as the leader. A big, white cloud came out of the sky. It was Mario. Mario came and blasted Miss Snake. DT blocked Mario's blast and sent it back to him.

DT said "the Darkness power is in me and the DT you now and love is gone he is on more so get rate to die speedy's."

Speedy said "you will never bet me DT you have solve your sold to the mode evil people in The World and you will never be the same a gaining."

Speedy said to DT "fight as we were when we were little kids".

Chapter two

Speedy VS DT

Speedy unleashed his power but this time he controlled it. DT did the same thing, and the battle was on.

Speedy said: "I will save you and stop you from giving your soul to the darkness."

DT said: "I don't care about you and your little friends. Me and you were friends but we was little. My brother killed my mom and dad and the day we met again, he said I was weak. He told me to let go of my bond with my friend. So I did. The day that me and you was little, we fought and the result is that I won."

Speedy said "This time I'm going to win". Chris said "let's get everybody out of the village". Miss snakes blasted Chris in the face. Mario said "Chris go evacuate"! Chris said "No! I'm not going to leave you or Mario here to die by yourselves, you're the commander and speedy is the chosen one without both of you I'm nothing"!

Chapter three

The village burnt down

Everybody was evacuated from the village, but the village had many damage to it.

Chris said "I will go but when everything is done I want Speedy back to our second village, Now do you understand me?

Mario said "Yes! Now go evacuate.

Speedy and Mario stayed while Chris got everybody out of the village.

When Chris was done he went back to the village that was burnt, but speedy and Mario were passed out on the ground. Chris picked up both of them and put them on his shoulders. It took awhile for Chris to reach the village until he finally got there, about five hours passed until Mario and Speedy woke up. They both saw Chris around a fire watching for the darkness. A big blast that was an image of the D.M.X came out of the fire.

Chapter four

D.M.X challenge

D.M.X said "in three weeks I would finish rebuilding the dark arena, you will get your team nine people to challenge my seven warriors so do you accept my challenge"?

Speedy said "you are on, what's the catch"?

D.M.X said "A catch is whoever wins gets one person from the other side".

Speedy said "you dirty monster"!

D.M.X laughed "ha ha ha ha" and the fire disappears.

Speedy said "we have to find seven strong we already got five, but we need two more

Mario said "I know two others that can help"

Then Speedy's father Hephaestus came out.

Chapter Five

The anger of Hephaestus

Hephaestus came and said "how dare you keep demigods in the base after I left I told you Mario to set them free, you went against my orders now feel my wrath! Speedy jumped in a way of Hephaestus's blast

Hephaestus said "how dare you mortal jump in the way of my wrath"!

Hephaestus said "wait the mark on your arm that is a symbol of the gods" then he looked at kid crazy "you have the same symbol".

kid crazy said "father? Is that you"?

Speedy said "FATHER! This is my FATHER"? Hephaestus "son"? He tried to hug speedy.

Speedy said how dare you tray to hag me I don't care


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