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Novel By: Speedy Wells

DMX Jr. trys to deal with his father's death. But he goes back to where his father died, bringing his father back to life. View table of contents...



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The End of the World the

Ms snake series

Series seven and eight

By Montello and Ackerman

Chapter one

Speedy returns

Where we left off, Speedy returned to the village. He got knocked on unconscious, when he and DMX Jr. had their battle. Speedy returned to the Resistance with the rest of his friends that were left.

Speedy told Kid Crazy to come with him for a mission. Kid Crazy and Speedy went to the Dark Castle. It was protected by Dark Minions and Meekme's. Speedy transported himself inside the castle. Kid Crazy stayed out and destroyed all of the minions and meekmes and went in inside the castle. Ms. Snakes was sitting in the biggest chair. She said I was expecting you, Speedy. I knew you wasn't dead! She called her son. DMX Jr. came and went at Speedy with all his power.

Speedy moved out of the way and grabbed Ms. Snakes and said: "You will let all of my friends go that you put in mind control."

Chapter Two

The Fight is On!

Speedy ran at DMX Jr. with a sword. DMX ran at Speedy with a sword. They both cut each other. They had cuts everywhere. Ms. Snakes said "Lets go." DMX Jr. said "no." Ms. Snakes said "You are just like your father. Arrogant and overconfident. That's how he died. DMX Jr. said: "Don't say that about my Dad. Your husband wasn't arrogant or overconfident. It was Speedy's fault that made him die. So, I am going to finish what my Dad started by killing Speedy."

Speedy said "Your Dad was stupid and overconfident because he thought he could kill me. Do you really think you can think about it?" Speedy turned around and walked away.

DMX Jr. ran at Speedy then a image of DMX Sr. appeared. And it said: "Do not make the same mistake I did. You will fight to live another day."

Kid Crazy ran towards DMX with his twin bladed sword. Speedy said "Stop Lets go!"



The arena where D.M.X was killed DMX Jr. went up there to visit his Dads grave. He touched DMX Sr. grave, looked at his hand, and repeated these words: "Usa, Rhitoto, Komatose… awaken the dead and make them as strong as he was alive."

DMX Sr. came crashing to the ground. His hand was a little bit out off the ground. Then his hand went limp. DMX Jr. said: "Come on, Dad. Get out of the ground," and he repeated the same words: "Usa, Rhitoto, Komatose…awaken!"His Dad's hand woke up like a viper and DMX Jr. grabbed his Dad's hand and pulled him out with the strength of ten men. DMX Jr. hugged his Dad manfully. DMX Sr. pushed him off of him, and said: "I'M ALIVE!" DMX Sr. said to his son: "Thank you."

DMX Jr. said: "You are welcome, father. Look at the world I made for us. A world where a darkness rules. DMX Jr. said: "lets start a war."


The Beginning of the War

DMX Sr. went to the castle. Ms. Snakes said you are alive. DMX jr. said I brought him back to life with this powerful relic. Ms. Snakes said OK. DMX Sr. said "lets begin a war."

DMX Jr., DMX Sr. and Ms. Snakes gathered the Dark Army and the Meekmi's and headed towards the village underground where Speedy and his friends was. Speedy said what is that coming towards our village?" Speedy said "is that Ms. Snakes ,DMX Jr., and who is that with them?"

Ms. Snakes said:"You don't recognize him?"

DMX Sr. said: "It's me! The king of the Darkness."

Speedy said: "It can't be. You are dead. I killed you in the coliseum In our match!"

DMX Jr. said: "I brought him back with this relic. You might know what it is."

Speedy said: "Is that the relic that was carved by the souls of the forbidden stone?"

DMX Jr. said: "Yes, it is."

DMX Sr. jumped in the air at Speedy with all his might. Speedy moved out of the way.


The Re-match between Speedy and DMX Sr.

DMX Sr. ran at Speedy again. DMX Jr. ran from behind. Kid Crazy blocked DMX Jr's. sword. Speedy and DMX Sr. went at it like cats and dogs. Kid Crazy and DMX was fighting to Ms. Snakes and Red Rose was fighting Speedy's army and the Dark Army was fighting.

Ms. Snakes ran at Red Rose with all her powers. Red Rose blocked it and ran at Ms. Snakes with all her powers.

Kid Crazy ran at DMX with his sword. DMX blocked it and cut Kid Crazy on the arm. Kid Crazy did the same thing to DMX Sr.

Speedy and DMX Jr. were going at it. Speedy was doing his special ability twin swords.

DMX Jr. was doing his special ability-darkness falls.


Speedy's Ultimate Form

Speedy got so mad all of his anger came out. He started to get red marks all over his body. Wings started coming out of his back. He grew a tail. His teeth started getting long. Kid Crazy had never seen his brother so angry. The seal debt Kid Crazy put on him awhile ago, started to fade away. Kid Crazy ran at his brother and tried to put a symbol on him again. Speedy knocked Kid Crazy out of the way.

DMX Jr. ran at Speedy. Speedy hit him hard, and knocked him to the Darkness Castle.

Kid Crazy tried it again. This time Speedy's dad, Hephaestus told his son Kid Crazy to stop. Then, Hephaestus started talking to Speedy and tried to calm him down. It worked. Speedy's ultimate identity went away. Hepheastus knocked DMX Sr. away. He also hit the Dark Castle.


DMX Defeat

After DMX defeat, he said 'I am not going to let this boy keep on defeating me. I'm not done with him.'

Ms. Snakes said 'Do you want to go back?'

'No," said DMX. "We can wait for another chance." DMX Jr. said: "I am not done with him. So I will go and fight him again. DMX Sr. said: "No, wait until the next time."

DMX Jr. said "OK."

He went on a adventure to find another symbol. He found two twin bladed swords. They were made a long time ago when a Japanese took over.



Speedy's nightmares kept making his ultimate ability come out. Everybody tried to help him, but they kept on getting hurt. So, Hephaestus, Speedy's Dad, went up in his room and put a protection shield around his bed with the relic that DMX Jr. used. He repeated the same words that DMX Jr. said. Speedy's power was too strong for the relic,and it got destroyed.

Hephaestus said: "Speedy's powers was out of control. Get me Chris. Chris said: "What Hephaestus I need you to seal Speedy's powers. That's what he did. But, it was hard to do. But he did it. Speedy was out for two months. He finally woke. Red Rose was laying next to him. He woke up and said: "Red Rose, are you OK?" Red Rose gave Speedy a hug. Speedy said: "What was that for?"

Red Rose said: "You finally woke up."



Speedy's training gear was woven with dragon skin. The dragon skin was red, white, and black. His sword was named 'Meteor-rock'. Speedy and his Dad, Hephaestus, worked on controlling Speedy's ultimate form. It took three years, two days, five hours, but Speedy's ultimate form was mastered and controlled. Now Speedy can control his special ultimate form whenever he wants to.

Back where we left off, DMX Sr. went to the depths of hell to master his technique. The Darkness Fang Tornado. DMX Jr. worked on his special ultimate technique: The Darkness Fall. This is how you do The Darkness Fall: Special Ultimate Technique-You take two Japanese swords, you make a waterfall with the swords, you conjure up darkness.



Everybody was ready to end everything. Speedy thought to himself: "Is this all over? This whole thing that I worked for my parents. I didn't even know them, I didn't l see them when I went to the village. Was Mr. Lee lying to me? Was this whole thing about the Darkness all a lie? Could he have defeated the Darkness himself? Or was this just a coincidence that I was born? "

"Hephaestus", Speedy said, "Is this all made up? Is this some book a boy made? Is this reality? Or just a made up fairy tale.

(To be Continued…)


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