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A Thousand Years of Darkness (series two)

Novel By: Speedy Wells

Speedy and Kid Crazy just found out they are brothers separated at birth. View table of contents...



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The End of the World

By Montello and Ackerman

Series two

The Truth about Kid Crazy

Chapter one

We all know Speedy as the Chosen One but you don't know the truth about Maurice, a.k.a Kid Crazy.

The truth about Kid Crazy is that he is Speedy's brother.

When Speedy was a little baby the day when Speedy's Mom and Dad gave him to Mr. Lee, Kid Crazy was not there he was playing with is firend .

, so Kid Crazy never knew his brother. Kid Crazy's Mom and Dad told him that he had a brother, but Kid Crazy didn't believe that he had a brother, so when they were fighting DMX and Miss S. he looked in Speedy's eyes; he had the same eye color as Kid Crazy. That's the truth about Kid Crazy.

Chapter Two

Speedy Vs. DMX vs. kid crazy vs. Miss Snake

"Yes. That's my mom and Dad's name," Speedy replied.

"Do you know if you have a brother?"

"No, I do not have a brother that I know of-why?" asked Speedy.

"Because I am your oldest brother that you didn't know of."

"You are? Are you sure you are my brother?" asked Speedy.

"Yes I am your brother."

Then, when Speedy was about to speak, DMX came and blasted Speedy into oblivion. Kid Crazy said "you monster! How dare you do that to my brother!"

A big, glowing eagle surrounded Kid Crazy. Kid Crazy said: "What's going on? What is this green, glowing mist around me?"

A glowing image of Mr. Lee said: "This is your spirit animal. You and your friends have this power." Mr. Lee's spirit disappeared.

Speedy jumped out of the building. Kid Crazy told him what Mr. Lee said.

Speedy said: "Let me try that. So, Speedy did that. But, Speedy's power overwhelmed him. With his great power, Speedy destroyed everything in his path. Kid Crazy was blasted backwards, and so was DMX and Miss Snake.

Speedy's Rampage of Destruction

Speedy told Kid Crazy not to jump at him because he couldn't control his powers. Kid Crazy could not hear him.

Kid Crazy Controls the Beast

Mean while the darkness was rebuilding his castle and got his army of minions started for war.

The Army Begun

Speedy and his friends didn't know that the dark army was coming. The dark army came and to attack Speedy and his friends Kid Crazy ,T-Man, A.V ,Sara and ,Red Rose G-ray in the village surrounded by darkness a big war happened. It was a lot of people going at it Speedy ran at DMX aka the Darkness, a person came in his name was the sorcerer aka Chris. The Chris was Speedy's protector Chris blasted the darkness with his powers Speedy jumped on Chris neck and slashed the darkness mis snakes blasted Speedy out of the sky, Chris blocked the blast and put a hole in the ground.

Chapter Three

Speedy jumped at DMX with his sword, Miss Snake jumped in the way. Kid Crazy jumped at Miss Snake and the fight was on. Speedy and Kid Crazy put their power together with a huge attack. While they were fighting, Kid Crazy asked Speedy a question. Kid Crazy asked: "Do you know Hephaestus

and Aphrodite

Chapter Four

Kid Crazy grabbed onto a pole. DMX and Miss Snake tried to but their grip failed. Then, a glowing image of Mr. Lee came again, and told Kid Crazy that you have to stop Speedy, so Mr. Lee told Kid Crazy how to stop Speedy. Mr. Lee gave Kid Crazy a symbol. He told Kid Crazy to put it on Speedy's stomach. It will compress his powers. So that's what kid Crazy did, but he didn't know that Speedy couldn't control this power.

Chapter Five

Kid Crazy finally got the symbol on Speedy. It was a lot of damage to the Darkness Castle. All the minions were everywhere. Speedy was weak when he changed back into normal. Kid Crazy and Speedy went back to the camp where everyone was. It took three years when Speedy's Beast when out of control. Speedy was outside training to control his beast. Kid Crazy they start training.


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