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A Thousand Years of Darkness

Novel By: Speedy Wells

The novel is about a boy named Speedy. When he was little, his parents had to give him to a Mr. Lee because he was the chosen one to save the world from darkness. View table of contents...



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The End of the World



Series one

Chapter one

There was 1,000 years of Darkness and people failed to kill the Evil spirits. They called on "The Chosen One", Speedy, who possessed the power of the Phoenix sun, Kid Crazy with the power of the Eagle Earth, T-Man, who had the power of the earth-dragon, and A.V. who had the power of the Blue Lion. Sara and the Red Rose had the power of the Red Hawk. G-ray had the power of blue rhino. When Speedy was a baby, his mom and dad had to give their son to Old Man Lee. He said: "When your son is 17 he will return to the village surrounded by darkness". Speed's mom and dad said to Mr. Lee: "O.K." Mr. Lee said that they were his friends. It had been three months since Speedy is 17 years old, and Old Man Lee told Speedy that he had parents. Mr. Lee said "I know where your mom and dad are." They are in the nearby village surrounded by darkness." The old man gave Speedy a sword. There sword enhances Phoenix' powers to kill the darkness a.k.a. DMX. You must pierce the darkness in the heart to kill him. Speedy met a girl with red hair and a girl with black hair. Their names were Red Rose and Sara. Speedy asked Red Rose, "Do you want to come with me on an adventure?" Rose and Sara said yes. The three of them went to the village surrounded by darkness, so Speedy called DMX out, but when the DMX was ready to kill Speedy, Kid Crazy jumped in the way, but was deflected to the darkness. They got away, so Speedy, Kid Crazy, and Red Rose went to a house. All of Speed's friends were there in the village of Darkness so it was not time to go to kill the Darkness. Speedy and his friends went in the house to get away from the Darkness. They wanted to wait until the Darkness got weak, so Speedy went to the middle of the village so he could call out the Darkness. When the Darkness came to kill Speedy, Mr. Lee came out and got killed by the Darkness. Mr. Lee had said; "Your friends will miss you but can give you power to make you stronger than you are now, so do not die in vain. Keep getting stronger so you can kill the Darkness." And that's what Speedy did. It was ten years since Mr. Lee died .

Chapter Two

The died of Mr. lee

Speedy and his friends were stronger then they were at first. Mr. Lee died, so DMX sent his dark minions to kill Speedy and his friend. Then they got together to defeat the Darkness. Speedy was better than the Darkness with his sword. The Darkness minions attacked Kid Crazy. Kid crazy killed one of the minions, but the minions got Red Rose. Speedy said, "Where is Red Rose?". T-Man said that the evil dark minions get her when they were fighting with the dark minions. Speedy was in the forest looking for Red Rose. Speedy heard a sound so he pulled out sword. Speedy said who is there ?" it's me ," Sara said. Where are you going ? would you like to go with me you going to find my sister or not? You can come with me to find Red Rose ,Sara said Yes. So Speedy and Sara Went on to find Rose so

Chapter Three

Finding Red Rose

Miss. Snake is the Darkness's second in command. Miss. Snake said "I will get Speedy". Sara went to find Red Rose so they went to Darkness's castle. There were a lot of dark minions. So Speedy and Sara tossed a rock in the Direction of the minions who looked in that direction. Speedy went to find Red Rose. Once Speedy got to the top [1]of the castle she was there in that room, so Speedy untied Red Rose. She was asleep in a deep sleep so speedy kissed Red Rose on the lip. She did not wake up. A person came in the room. It's was Miss. Snake, the Darkness' second in command of the Darkness army. Speedy came. "What did you do to red rose?"

"I gave her the poison of sleep, so you will never wake her up."

"Yes I'M so I know it's going to work on you. You are never going to save her." Miss. Snake jumped at speedy who pulled out his sword but Miss. Snake Knocked speedy's sword from his hand.

Chapter four

Miss. Snake vs. speedy

Speedy went at Miss Snake with all of his strength. He was stronger than Miss. Snake. She dodged out of the way of the blast. Speedy deflected to the wall and put a hole in it. Speedy jumped for his sword but Miss Snake turned into a snake and bit speedy's arm. Speedy grabbed Miss Snake and tossed her toward the wall. Miss Snake turned back into a person and jumped towards Speedy's sword and swung it at Miss Snake. She slithered out of her scales, and went a different direction and bit Speedy on the neck. Speedy grabbed miss Snake again and threw her toward the wall once again. He ran toward Red Rose and called Sara. Sara answered Speedy. Speedy said "Catch Red Rose and run as fast as you can back to the camp." So Speedy threw Red Rose down to Sara. Sara caught Red Rose and ran back to the camp so Speedy fixed his direction to Miss Snake. The fight continued. The fight was interrupted by DMX. Speedy once again fixed his direction towards DMX and jumped at him.



Once we left off Speedy jumped at DMX with his sword and tossed it toward DMX. DMX moved. Speedy fell towards a building and went right through it. Speedy didn't see Miss Snake come towards him. Miss Snake once again bit Speedy. Speedy once again tossed her toward DMX. Speedy jumped into the air with his sword and threw it toward DMX and Miss Snake. DMX turned into a dark cloud and moved. Miss Snake slithered out of her skin and came towards Speedy, and so did DMX.

Kid Crazy came really fast at the aid of Speedy, so the battle was on. Kid Crazy versus Miss Snake, DMX versus Speedy.

(To be continued…)



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