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Silver Cords.

Novel By: Spoonman

300 years ago, back in 1711, a pact was made between two organizations. The Royal Fyr Family and a group of demons called Fairytale. The agreement was that in the year 2011, the first child of the Fyr family to turn sixteen was to be given to the demons in exchange for eternal life. Now it is 2011, and Morgan Fyr has just turned sixteen. The first child of the Fyr family to have been born since 1996. Morgan thinks she is a regular girl, aside from her pitch-white hair that is so long that when she sits it brushes the floor. But what she doesn't know is the truth behind the beauty mark that is by the corner of each of her eyes. The truth that it is what brands her as a supernatural. She doesn't know this...Until she meets Caspian Wrane. View table of contents...


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My small, light-grey kitten, who I named Arthur, padded into the room and curled around my legs.
I reached down to scratch him behind the ears and he purred.
My big oak desk gleamed from its place underneath the far windowsill.
Arthur walked away and climbed onto my bed.
I sat down at my desk and looked up into the oval mirror that hung above it.
I looked like a doll.
My straight, white hair framed my face and hung to the middle of my thigh.
I'd never cut my hair before.
I loved it too much.
I pushed my bangs out of my eyes and grabbed a stick of black kohl eyeliner.
Once I had thickly ringed raccoon eyes, I brushed on mascara and glared at the blush that sat by my pens. I grabbed it.
"Five minutes, Morgan!"
I dropped the blush and quickly pulled on the knee-high black socks that hung across the edge of my bed, grabbed my shiny brown loafers, and ran down the stairs before Tammy could bust a lung.
She stood in the kitchen, one hand on her hip and the other with a plate of freshly buttered toast,
my favorite food in the world.
I smiled brightly when I saw it, but Tammy held her hand back to inspect my uniform.
I pouted, mouth watering for that goddamn toast.
"Where's your tie?" She said, frowning at me.
"Aw, shit." I mumbled, spinning around on my heel and running up the stairs.
"Language!" Tammy screeched from the kitchen.
I smiled to myself as I opened the door and ransacked the room for my tie.
I finally found it, hanging on the back of the bathroom door.
"Gotcha," I said, grinning at it, and went back down the stairs.
"The bus is going to be here in not even two minutes!"
Tammy yelled. I sighed.
I couldn't wait until I passed my driver's exam and wouldn't have to listen to that anymore.
I reached forward and snatched the plate of toast out of her hand.
She grabbed my tie from my other hand and put it over my head.
"Thanks," I said as she tightened it into place.
I shoved half a piece of toast into my mouth and chewed.
"Manners, Morgan." Tammy grimaced.
I rolled my eyes but smiled at her.
She glared at my white hair.
She wanted me to fit in, but we both knew it wasn't possible without some hair dye and a haircut.
Too bad I wasn't going to do either of those things.
Sun shone through the open windows and I watched as an orange school bus pulled up in front of our house. Tammy straightened my tie once more, smiled at me.
"It's only grade eleven, Morgan. Don't look so... heart broken."
I stuck my tongue out at her and grabbed my grey messenger bag, slinging it over my shoulder.
"The first day of hell, you mean." I said to her, opening the door.
She shook her head, but not before I caught the smirk on her face.
"Get out, Morgan." She said, tossing my keys to me.
I smiled at her and gave her a two-finger wave.
"Bye, TamTam."
And then I was out the door and making my way toward the wretched orange bus.


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