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Jin's War

Novel By: sqjpure

Three weeks ago powerful magic fingers of every kind of creature rose out of the ground and abducted over 200 million people all of the world...
...A week later everyone returned but most have no knowledge of what happened but not everyone came back.

Three weeks later Jin returned...

Follow follow four young Japanese adults(Jin, Page, Naya, Drake) as they are thrown into a world that lives beyond their wildest dreams. And dying is easier than you think. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 4, 2008    Reads: 219    Comments: 4    Likes: 0   

Page woke up to the sound of her alarm clock and stretched and cringed under her sheets. She was still tired and wanted nothing more than to stay in bed but she knew she had to go to school right now.
Page looked around her room to adjust to the light that was pouring constantly into her bedroom. Her eyes traveled from the window to the door then to Jin, sitting in a chair next to her bed, and back to the window. She looked at the window again when something pulled on her mind. Jin?
Page let out a half a scream before she ducked back under her blanket. Jin was sitting out her bed! Page was freaking out. There was no way Jin was there. He was supposed to be dead!
"How'd you get in here!" Page asked under still panicing her blanket in a frightened and meek voice. Wondering if Jin was planning on, or already had taken advantage of her.
"You let me in!" Jin yelled sounding shocked and confused at Page's reaction. Jin cocked his head the side and raised his eye brow as if Page had just made some ridiculous comment about him. Though his confusion only served to add to Page's confusion.
"I did? When? How?" Page stammered out. Page was having difficulty absorbing this information. She just had no idea what he was talking about. She had gone to bed and she hadn't gotten up for the whole night. And yet there Jin was, standing next to her bed.
Page struggled to work it out in her head. It would have been almost impossible for Jin to get into the apartment. It was locked and Jin didn't know the code to get inside from the bottom. Someone could have let him in Page mused but crossed it off her mind. It was unlikely, no one was allowed to let unknown people into the apartment. The landlord was quite strict on this. Page looked up and saw Jin staring at her. Jin shook his head and stood up from his chair
"Look Page there's no time for this, just get ready for school. I'll meet you outside." Jin said leaving.
Page waited a while until her blood pressure finally went down to normal. When it did she decided to sneak out of bed. She checked herself to see if there was any evidence of him on her. No she thought Jin was her friend even if he had disappeared for a month. She was ashamed to think such bad thoughts about him. They been close friends and they still were but still checked herself anyway. Afterwards she took a shower.
After 30 minutes Page popped out of her apartment to see Jin waiting outside.
"So why were you really inside my house and outside my bed?" Page asked almost accusingly. She hadn't decided if she believed Jin or not. It was too weird for Page to ignore. The shock of seeing him was still frightening her. She was glad to see Jin…
but she was too weirded out to say anything not even a welcome back. Or a where were you. As far as Page knew the answer to that was in your room.
"I'll explain what you SUDDENLY don't understand when we find Drake." Jin said looking unusually annoyed. Jin wasn't the type who let anything phase him. He had the best poker face in the world Was somethng Drake always said whenever they were waiting for Jin in the mornings. But…
That was over a month ago.
Jin started walking ahead of Page, clearly judging by his blank staring he was too preoccupied to wait for Page. Page just speed-walked behind him unable to say anything to one of her best friends
Finding Drake , as it turned out, was easier said than done. At school Jin was met by people she knew hadn't talked to Jin throughout most of the year, the people who greeted Jin grew until they became a crowd. All of whom were curious as to what had happened to him. Page understood why though it was a shock for everyone. No one who disappeared here for longer than a week was ever found alive. They were normaly found in gutters.
Even the police, who had filed a missing person's report, they thought Jin was dead and in some gutter. Now the only people not talking about Jin's return or even curious were Drake and Naya as far as Page could tell. Where was he? Naya gave Jin a scathing look and Jin returned it when they crossed each other in the hall. Page could hear one of Naya's friends mention Jin but from what Page could see Naya speaking in disdain it was written all over her face.
Page knew something about Jin and that was that Jin wasn't the type who craved attention at all. If anything he avoided it.
Even now Jin didn't care about all the commotion his arrival had caused. He only wanted to talk to his best friend Drake.
School went past suprisingly slowly for Page. Quitely Page played the role of 'friend to the long lost Jin'. The whole time neather of them saw Drake.


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