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Torn Between Two

Novel By: Starr Rosett

This story revolves around a college student who honestly doesn't know her own beauty. She has always thought she would be alone so she never really cared about trying to dress to impress. when one day while playing a game at a party the most wanted guy in school, Vincent, Kisses her. She begins to notice all kinds of changes. Some bad and some good.


This story is not some college love story! There will be all kind of drama, violence and fantasy. It may not seem this way in the first chapter however I plan on making this a rather dark sided story! Thank you for reading!
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Starr took a deep breath before putting her hand in the blue plastic bowl set on the ground full of other's belongings. She was at one of the college house parties and somehow got talked into playing 7 minutes in heaven by one of her friends, Vanessa . Starr's hand scuffled around many unknown things in the bowl. Finally she clenched her hand around an object and pulled it up and out of the bowl to see what it was. It was a blood red tie. She looked up to see who was going to claim it. Her eyes grew wide when Vincent stood and walked her way. He was only the most desired man in the whole school!

When Vincent approached her he held out his hand to her. She looked up at him before nodding slowly then placing his tie in the palm of his hand. Vincent's piercing sky blue eyes caught hers causing her looked away. He smiled softly as he brushed his light brown hair out of his face. Everything about him seemed perfect, his smile, his muscular body, even his casual style in clothing. No wonder this man was wanted by almost every girl here.

"I meant your hand, but this will do too. That is if you don't wish to join me." Vincent let out a chuckle followed with a crooked smirk. His words came across his lips so smooth like butter. The way he held himself was amazing. Who didn't want him? She never had a crush on him before but that didn't mean she didn't think about how cute and amazing he seemed at the moment.

Starr's cheeks burned bright red of embarrassment. "No, I mean! okay…" She heard a few giggles come from around her and knew they were laughing at her stupidity. If she were able to blush any brighter she would but it was impossible. This was probably her most embarrassing moment. It totally beats the time she slipped in the cafeteria and spilt food on her clothes. A breathtaking chuckle caught her wandering mind as she looked up at Vincent who was looking down at her. "You're too cute, I like you. This will be fun" He said as he took her hand now and helped her up then walked to the closet before opening the door, walking in with her and closing it behind her.

She just stared down at the light coming through the cracks of the door. Starr usually wasn't a nervous wreck around boys but for some reason he was making her quite shy. After all she is with the most wanted man in school; he's practically a celebrity! her thoughts got interrupted by Vincent's fingers placed upon her chin causing her to look up at him. He had a soft smile upon his gorgeous lips. "It's Starr, Right?" He asked. she only nodded. 'How did he know my name??' she thought to herself.

"I'm Vincent. I'm sorry we had to meet in these terms but, I'm not going to complain…" He smirked softly "Now, if you don't mind…" He paused as he quickly pulled her closer to him and wrapped his free arm around her waist. "I owe you a kiss." His lips curved into a dangerously enchanting smile as his hand moved from her chin to intertwine with the locks of her hair. her lips met his. She felt butterflies fluttering around in her stomach. Was this really happening? She was so shocked at this moment she didn't know what to do. She didn't even kiss him back. He felt this and pulled back while looking down at her. "Now that wasn't that bad, was it?" he teased. She looked up at him finally getting a bit of control in Her body back. She smirked and shook her head. "Nope, It was horrible." she teased with a smirk. "Lemme show you how it's done." she said as she pressed her body against his and slowly moved closer and closer.

He seemed a bit surprised by this but regained his composure quickly followed by his own smirk. "Oh? Okay then. I would love to see what you got."

Starr didn't reply, only stood on her toes and kissed his lips with a heated passion. Her heart started pounding through her chest with excitement. she could only hope that he couldn't feel the harsh thumps beating through her chest and onto his since. Then, he seemed to get more into it, so full of want and need for this kiss. Was he enjoying it more than she was? No, that couldn't be.

"TIME'S UP!!!" Suddenly the door flung open and she quickly jumped back from the kiss and away from Vincent. She had almost forgotten that she only had Seven minutes in there with him. It was kind of disappointing really. What could really happen in Seven minutes? But she was just happy she got the time she did with him. A sweet sound of a soft laugh coming from Vincent broke her from her thoughts causing her to look up at him. Everyone had left to pick the next pairing by now and she was alone with him again but only this time with the door open.

"I had fun. Thank you for this moment with you." He smiled softly down at her "Don't be a stranger Starr okay?" She smiled with a nod "Okay." She then walked out of the closet with him and to her best friend Alex. He was her dorm mate and best friend and she wanted to head home due to she had class in the early morning so she needed to get some shut eye. Plus, she couldn't wait to tell him about everything that happened tonight.

"Hey Alex, are you about ready to go? I need to get up early." Starr said when she approached Alex. He looked back at her and nodded. "Okay, let's go then."

Alex was Starr's best friend for as long as she could remember. They have always been together so it wasn't weird when they decided to dorm together. Alex was rather cute. Most girls wanted him but for some reason he seemed to reject them. He stood 6'2 feet tall with scruffy black hair that fell over his vibrant green eyes imperfectly perfectly. He was slim but nicely toned and had a large tattoo of folded up black wings on his back. She couldn't remember when he got it due to it has always been there since she could recall. He was a mysterious and caring man. Well at least caring to Starr.

When the two of them got to the dorm they called home Starr looked up at Alex with a smile then bluntly spoke. "Me and Vincent kissed tonight during seven minutes in heaven." Alex froze deathly still in middle of unbuttoning his shirt. Once he regained his composure he finally finished and took off this shirt before turning his back on her allowing her to get dressed in privacy, it was their routine. "Is that why you seem so happy…" His voice seemed dull and emotionless. She looked at him feeling slightly hurt by this, she thought he would be happy for her that she had a good time.

Starr slowly turned around and picked out a long black and lacy nightgown before stripping and redressing. Starr was rather pretty but the problem was she didn't know how to fix herself up. She stood 5'3" tall. Rather short but she always said she was fun sized. She had light hazel eyes that seemed to turn green with her moods. Her long natural light burgundy red hair fell down her lower back like waves of the ocean. She was slender but curvy with wide hips, full breasts, and amazing legs.

"Okay, I'm dressed and yes that why I've been happy. I had a good time; I thought you would be happy for me." She said as she sat on his bed. Alex finally turned around to look at her. He seemed a bit shocked and seemed to just stare at her.

"What? Why are you looking at me like that?" Starr asked.

"Why don't you dress like that more often? That definitely fits you better than your baggy clothes wardrobe." He answered.

Her face burned a bright red before she spoke. "Focus on the topic not me! Why are you acting like that about Vincent?"

"Because he's no good for you Starr." He responds looking away from you.

"How do you know? You don't even know him Alex. Besides it was just a kiss why would you care who I kiss or who I get involved with anyway?." She told him a with a bit of aggravation to her voice.

Alex looked down at her with sad eyes. He knelt down to her level before looking straight into her eyes. "Because…" His voice was soft almost vulnerable.

"Because, why Alex?" Starr asked again. "Why does it matter to you so much? Why would you----" Suddenly her words were cut off with Alex's lips against hers. Her eyes got wide out of shock. Where did this come from? When he pulled back he just looked at her with soft eyes that seemed too look right through her. "Because, You don't know him either. He's not good for you. I am…" His words caused Starr to be speechless. He saw this and just smiled softly before sighing and turning around and sitting then laid down on his bed. "Just go to bed. You have a long day ahead of you."

Starr didn't know what to do, let alone say. So she obeyed him and got up before heading to her own bed and turning off the lamp. "Good night Starr." He said.

"Night.. Alex." Is all you could say back.


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