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Sandman's Game

Novel By: StrangeMind

[To be edited] The Sandman is real, and he wants to play a game.
After a bout of insomnia, Riley finds herself in a dream like world she never would have wished for. Now, she has to move through nightmares and dreams, playing along to the Sandman's game in order to win her right to sleep, as well as her life. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 29, 2012    Reads: 58    Comments: 22    Likes: 6   

Authors note: Okay, so I've written the second chapter, but that needs editing, and I'm looking for more interest before it's posted :)

For the third night in the row, I stared at the mug of hot chocolate in front of me. It had always sent me straight to sleep when I was a little girl, but now… Now it did nothing.
For the past three nights I had tried anything to try and defeat the insomnia which gripped me, with no result.

Twenty minutes later I was as awake as always, and I was getting sick of it. My friend had recommended me something to try and help, but I wasn't sure. There was no proof behind it, and all I had was his word. Still though, this was going to be the fourth night in a row with no sleep, and it was starting to wear on me.
I rolled the paper around the weed the same way I'd been shown, and took a look at my handy work. Well, here goes nothing.
I placed the joint to my lips and lit it, breathing the odd tasting smoke into my lungs, and spluttering it back out again.
"Please, please, let me sleep tonight. I don't know who I'm supposed to be asking for sleep, but please, just let me," I moaned, before taking another few drags and stubbing it out on the ashtray on my low coffee table.
I caught my reflection in the mirror as I stood up, and cringed at the site of the dark circles underneath my bloodshot blue eyes. Once again, I prayed for some sleep that night and trudged along my narrow apartment halls to my bedroom, tying up my platinum blonde hair as I did.
Despite not yet being tired, I snuggled under my large duvet, and stared up at the dark ceiling, my mouth still tasting of the drug.

I hadn't realised that I'd even fallen asleep until I woke up halfway through the night. I sat up, slightly out of it, and leant against the headboard of my bed. Something didn't feel right. I felt uncomfortable. Too energetic. Too constrained.
Flinging my duvet onto the floor, I exited my room and walked briskly to the front door of my apartment. I needed fresh air. And it was the middle of the night; who would even see me in my pyjamas?
Pulling open the door, the colder air of the apartment building hit my almost bare legs, but it was good. It woke me up even more. For some reason, I felt like I needed it.
I started to walk briskly down the hallway on the way to outside, but without realising it I must have started to run, because the next thing I knew doors and door numbers were blurring past me.
I didn't stop running until I had burst out into the grassy area at the back of the apartment building, and I bent over double, finally catching my breath.
Now I was out here, I couldn't remember why I was. I stared at the wooded area which the apartment building back onto, and all of a sudden I wished I hadn't left my home. I wished I was back inside. It was strange; almost like intuition. Just like the intuition which brought me out here!
I was about the turn around and walk back in when something caught my eye, and I paused. There had been a flash of white in the trees… But no. I was tired, it must've been my imagination.
I turned around again and took a step forwards. But what if it hadn't been my imagination?

Looking all around, I turned back to the woods and started to creep towards it, the grass cold and wet on my bare feet, and the moon shining down and radiating the pth towards the trees.
It didn't seem like I'd been walking for two seconds when I felt the change from grass to twigs under foot. Luckily, it has been raining, and the twigs and leaves were soft and squidgy.
I stopped, scanning my surroundings. I was barely four metres from the tree line, so of course I was safe. Still though, I couldn't help but feel I was being watched.
"What are you doing, Riley?" I asked myself. I was being dumb, acting on the mystery of the night. Acting stupid through a lack of sleep. I shook my head and turned to walk back and a scream caught in my throat.
I had found the source of the white blur.
In front of me was a person, no… It was more like a shadow than anything. Dark, inhuman, just… Strange. On what I assumed was the face sat an ornate, bone like rabbit mask, complete with ears. The mask was the one thing which seemed to radiate light in the wood.
The figure stepped forward.
Without thinking I turned and ran. I didn't know where I was running, I just knew I had to get as far from the figure as possible.
I looked back, and with triumph realised that I had lost the figure.
"Take that bitch," I muttered, and turned to face the way I was running again. The figure was about two metres in front of me, staring at me with the two black holes in the mask, catching me off guard.
I skidded to a halt, barely able to feel my legs or feet anymore, and started to run to my right. I ran for perhaps thirty seconds when the figure was there again. No, not the figure… A figure. It was a stupid thing to notice, but the mask was different. The decoration was a different colour. There were multiple of them in here.
I bit my lip and ran straight past it, surprised that it made no move either to or away from me. Creepy bastard.
I didn't know if it was the drug which was messing with me, or the lack of sleep, but I was sure I was running past the same trees, the same logs. It was like being in a labyrinth.

I finally had to stop and catch my breath, doubling over in an empty clearing. Gulping ice cold air into my lungs I straightened up, and almost laughed despite myself.
The clearing I was in was surrounded on all sides by the creepy masked figures. I didn't know how many of them there were; every time I tried to count them the number seemed to change. I was too tired. What now?
Standing there, a cold breeze ruffled my hair and pulled at the baggy t-shirt I was wearing as part of my pyjamas. Without even appearing to move the figures came closer, the dark holes that were there eyes staring at me; staring into my soul; chilling me to the bone.
They were all about four feet away from me, and I shook my head. I had no idea what was happening, but this had to be the end.
Suddenly, hands were stretched towards me. The shadowed figures appeared to be wearing white gloves, and I stood there unable to move as they came closer to me. The last thing I knew, the hands were placing themselves on my eyes, ears, over my mouth. They smelt like earth.


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